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Looking for guys for regular wrestle. I like submissive wrestling. Staying in Bangalore. If anyone interested they can contact me.



  1. India, Bengaluru
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I am willing to travel 20 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 143 lbs (65 kg)

Languages spoken: Bangla, English, Hindi

Gear: Brief, singlet, speedo

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NivinJaykar is not recommended by WrestleMania 88

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WrestleMania 88 is recommended by NorthPole

When WrestleMania88 and I started chatting about meeting up, I soon discovered that this (handsome) young man was not fazed or put off by the difference in our sizes. In fact, he looked forward to it as a challenge. He even stated that his agility and stamina would negate any weight advantage I possessed.

As it turned out, he wasn’t wrong at all. WM88 is more experienced than I was/ am currently. He was able to use his skills to slip out of the holds I put him, and then reverse the tables on me, all in all making for a really fun, sweaty and enjoyable match.

Limits were respected (as they should be!) and I had a truly wonderful time and an enjoyable experience. I was quite sore the next day, but that just is proof that we had a fabulous time rolling on the mat.

As a host, WrestleMania 88 is very gracious and friendly. The level of comfort I felt was so good that it was hard for me to believe that we were meeting for the very first time.

Thank you buddy for a great time, and I look forward to meeting you again in the future.

If YOU are in the area, don’t forget to send him a message to see if he is available. I am sure you will have just as great a time wrestling him as I did.
Thanks for reading.



NorthPole is recommended by WrestleMania 88

David is my heaviest opponent till date and meeting him and having Wrestling is extremely fun. He is motivated, challenging and ready to try new things in Wrestling. Though we met in very restricted time frames still we have great sweaty bout which we both enjoyed. He has strong leg and big arm which can make opponent worried. I had a great time with this big boy. As a person, he is very warm & friendly and talkative too. If u get chance don't miss him to meet.



WrestleMania 88 is recommended by Pinkee1963

I had a good match with him. He is a strong person and has good stamina. Very friendly person off the mat. He took care of me Very well as host. Look forward to meeting him again. I highly recommend him as a good wrestling partner.



Pinkee1963 is recommended by WrestleMania 88

Got the chance to meet this Gentleman. I must say he is strong enough in his age which probably most of us will not going to have in future on his age. He travelled far to meet me and I am honoured for that. Off the mat he is a soft spoken person. Once again thank you to meet me and will definitely meet you in future.



WrestleMania 88 is recommended by Kolkata fght

What a match we were and what a match we had! Undoubtedly my best match it was till date. It was a perfect combination of competition, aggression and yet friendly. The sweaty, long holds are cherry on top. Pritam is a awesome guy off mat. Would definitely a great recommendation from me and looking forward to meet again asap.



Kolkata fght is recommended by WrestleMania 88

Finally had the pleasure to meet him after a long chat :) and yes it's worth meeting. Never thought the match would be so intense between us but it was, where we both gave hard time to each other during fight. We literally had competitive fight which was awesome. A cool host , friendly chap off the mat. See you buddy love to meet you again soon.



WrestleMania 88 is recommended by saarth

Thanks man ..
same here... before coming to your place, I was under impression how hard it could be with someone without any training but soon realized how much techniques are important to go further ...
More than that, had a pleasant game as host was supportive and comforter :) :)



saarth is recommended by WrestleMania 88

We had a nice and very sweaty match. He is new on Wrestling but eager to learn. Tried to push hard himself. I am sure next time the bout will be more tough and challenging with him.Looking to meet u soon bro and thanks for coming. Hope to meet you soon.



WrestleMania 88 is recommended by rehann13

Gracious host. Met him after long chat. Though I had less time, we had a 3 round match. Our fight was head to head with no clear winner. But it was fun to get our heads locked to test our strength. Pulling each other down to pin. Post match, Pritam was hospitable n talks kept us engaged. Will definitely meet him again for sure for better bout.



rehann13 is recommended by WrestleMania 88

Finally met him after a long chat..very friendly guy with good attitude..we met for a quick Wrestling and the match was undecided , so looking to meet him soon to get know who is strong :) we spend good time together....he is a good fellow on and off the mat.. recommened to meet him if u r in Bangalore



WrestleMania 88 is recommended by Rohith Kumar

cool guy with novice skills but learns well...a good host and friendly talk after the match kept us engaged fr long...eager to meet again..



Rohith Kumar is recommended by WrestleMania 88

Awesome guy to be with on and off the his friendly nature and wrestling skills..though he considered me as beginer and play softly but enjoyed every moment of it..thank u dude..wants to meet u soon again.



WrestleMania 88 is recommended by theventure

This dude is a beginner but eager to learn. He’s pretty quick, and we had a few matches before endurance wore off. He’s friendly, easy going and fun. Til next time man



theventure is recommended by WrestleMania 88

Finally we met after a long chat..he is very good host...very friendly on and off the mat..know how to wrestle and dominate his opponent over the mat...a very good wrestler...he teaches me few moves..due to time limit didn't had long wrestling...willing to meet him again soon:)