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Hi guys,

I'm most interested in submission wrestling, but also enjoy some pro stuff as long as it's mixed with submission.

I really enjoy being a jobber for a good heel, but am equally happy to have a bit more of a competitive match if we have fairly similar stats. Give/take and swapping holds is good too. I'm not particularly strong and not muscular, but am very feisty, resilient and determined!



  1. United Kingdom, North Warwickshire
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Age: 25-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 130 lbs (59 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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DomWrstlrUK K-Extreme Mike721 xxxpuppet



WrestleJobber94 is recommended by xxxpuppet

Nice lad with an innocence about him that he hides with a slight cocky attitude. For his size his legs are very strong and watch out for those head scissors. All round great lad who I would have no problems recommending. I only hope I get the opportunity to take him down again.



xxxpuppet is recommended by WrestleJobber94

Had a great match with xxxpuppet, with me predominantly being the jobber, although I did manage to sneak a few submissions in myself!
He is a skilled heel with great knowledge of wrestling moves, but very safe and considerate at all times. Would highly recommend this lovely gentleman to anyone, especially if you like to receive a bit of punishment!



WrestleJobber94 is recommended by Mike721

When I first met this attractive guy I didn't even realise he was a jobber at all as he was so cheeky and cocky but I made sure to beat it out of him in a variety of holds and thoroughly crush him in sleepers and scissors. He was incredibly good for resisting everything I threw at him and could take a LOT of punishment despite his size! He was an awesome jobber who passed out in my sleeperhold but still kept coming back for more! A great guy to spend time with off the mats too and I wish I could have spent a lot more time with him! Recommended for everyone and especially brutal heels!



Mike721 is recommended by WrestleJobber94

Had a truly fantastic meet with Mike yesterday - he really lives up to the amazing recommendations. Before the match he was friendly and down to earth and made me feel at ease, especially as I've not met many people off here. Unfortunately for me, the size and skill difference meant that I stood no chance when wrestling and this resulted in me getting absolutely destroyed! This guy was a phenomenal heel and knew exactly how to punish me like the cocky jobber I am ;) It's also worth mentioning that he was completely safe and sane, and respected limits. I'm gonna need some recovery time but can't wait to meet again some time soon.



WrestleJobber94 is recommended by DomWrstlrUK

Had a great first match with WrestleJobber94. Soaked up the punishment, great pain threshold and took Bostons, Camels, Racks, Surfboards, overknee breakers and gut punches like a pro! Wonderful lad on and off the mats and definitely looking to wrestle him again soon. If you are lucky enough to meet and wrestle him, you'll find a young lad eager to learn and enjoy a wrestle with. Definitely recommended.



DomWrstlrUK is recommended by WrestleJobber94

Genuine, friendly and safe - had a great first meet with this guy. I'm feeling some of the effects a day later but it was very enjoyable. He knows how to punish, that's for sure! Would recommend him to anyone, especially if you enjoy the jobber role.