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I'm going to try to make some weekend trips around the U.S. to wrestle. If you are interested and have a place to wrestle, let me know. Right now, no specific places - just gonna see who wants to wrestle.

Looking for local guys and visitors to wrestle. Looking forward to meeting guys and seeing what they can take and dish out on them. I stay busy so best if you can, give me at least one day advanced notice. Tell me what you have in mind and LET'S WRESTLE! Denver guys - BRING IT ON!

Auf der Suche nach Männer in Deutschland.

If you are a TOTAL jobber or TOTAL heel then you better be bringing a LOT to the mats. I'm really not into wrestling a wet towel or playing the role of a wet towel. I want some good exchange or its just too boring.



  1. USA - Colorado, Denver
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Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Wrestle5280 is recommended by JayXMuscle

Great to wrestle w this dude. He's bigger, more powerful and overpowered me, so yah, I got into trouble and got dominated... took quite a few hits to the groin...Was great fun... will do it again.



JayXMuscle is recommended by Wrestle5280

Fun to wrestle! You need to make a match with this guy happen. He is strong as hell and can go the distance! Definitely looking forward to another match with this guy! A great person on and off the mats.



Wrestle5280 is recommended by rsl4fun

Best physique, strongest, toughest opponent I've met in a long time, and really good guy to boot. Has an arsenal of holds to work you in, and confident enough to give you some tips on your moves as well. Easy to set up with, and right on time. Highly recommend!



rsl4fun is recommended by Wrestle5280

Fun to wrestle! You can throw the kitchen sink at this guy, make him submit, and he STILL comes back! Strong as an ox and an all around great guy to wrestle and a gentleman.

Definitely looking forward to more matches with him!



Wrestle5280 is recommended by Zwrestle1

Had a great time with Wrestle5280! If you are an experienced wrestler, he will be great competition. He’s strong and definitely knows his submissions. He will not be easy to beat. If you don’t have much experience, he is still definitely someone to wrestle. He will not go easy on you, but he did take the time to teach me some submissions & escapes. Nice guy & good company off the mats.



Zwrestle1 is recommended by Wrestle5280

You absolutely want to wrestle this man! I made him submit time after time and he kept coming back!! Fast, strong, and resilient as hell! I will wrestle this man over and over!!! You want to wrestle this guy! Great guy on and off the mats!



Wrestle5280 is recommended by Slater Jackson

Awesome and great wrestler. Did a great job working his sub holds into our pro match. Great punk look and attitude in the ring. Friendly and nice out of it.



Slater Jackson is recommended by Wrestle5280

Definitely a great on and off the mats! Highly recommend meeting this guy. Hope to wrestle him again...and again...and again...



Wrestle5280 is recommended by CRX67

OK this wrestler is hard-core, intense, but also playful with give-and-take. He knows his moves and enjoys using his knowledge and power to take advantage when you least expect it. I plan on wrestling him again next time he's around. He's also fun and nice off the mats as well.



CRX67 is recommended by Wrestle5280

What a match! This guy is strong, fast, and can take punishment! He can also dish it out! One of the best matches I've ever had. You WANT to wrestle this guy! Great time with a really impressive guy on and off the mats. Looking forward to wrestling him again and again!



Wrestle5280 is recommended by nightstranger

Fun match with a cool guy. 5280 is a tough, aggressive stud on the mats and has a withering bear hug!

Hopefully a rivalry (however lopsided) is born.



nightstranger is recommended by Wrestle5280

A great guy on and off the mats! Def gonna wrestle him again!



Wrestle5280 is recommended by WrestleChub

He is a really solid opponent and great guy to wrestle. :)



colorado35 is recommended by Wrestle5280

Great guy on and off the mats! Definitely going to have a lot more matches with this man!



Wrestle5280 is recommended by DenverWrestler

I wrestled this strong, solid sexy hairy guy a few times and we always had fun. I have recommended him to out-of-town visitors in the past and will continue to do so, and I'm planning another match with him soon.



DenverWrestler is recommended by Wrestle5280

An awesome wrestler and great guy! I have wrestled him a few times and each time just gets better! Looking forward to our next match!