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  1. Czech Republic, Prague
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I am willing to travel 300 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 39-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: Czech, English

Gear: Singlet

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Vlasta is recommended by AlexBER

It was my pleasure to meet Vlasta in Prague. Strong and talented wrestler and absolutely amazing guy in conversation. Highly recommended!



Vlasta is recommended by Marcofighter

Words are not enough to describe the match i had with Vlasta...
Strong, trained body, and good moves with a lot of sweat and fun. He prepared the place very well with tatami mats. It is not easy to make him submit works😉 besides the mats he is such a guy who becomes a friend very quickly. His hospitality is amazing. Dont miss the chance to meet him! I look forward to our next match!



Vlasta is recommended by B2Bomber

Vlasta was a fantastic opponent to wrestle; he has a power, endurance, and intensity that saw him dominating me for the majority of the match. We both had roughly the same strength, but once he started employing his dangerous submission moves and grappling holds, I quickly found myself at his mercy. He bested me several times early on with a series of painful arm-bars and arm-locks that had me trapped and desperate. Stubborn as I am, I refused to give-in until it became clear that my arm and shoulder were his to play with. After getting on the defensive, I tried to use my speed and get out-from-under him several times, but he would always find a way to reverse my escape attempts and quickly get on top of me again. After wrestling continuously for the first hour, I was shocked at how much energy he still had and his stamina clearly matched my own as he continued to dominate me with cruel and torturous holds. He had me on my back trapped with my legs-in-the air for a good chuck of time, bent over like a pretzel and at other times he had my legs bent backward and wrapped up in his arms like toy. By the end of our marathon match, we were both covered in sweat and so exhausted that it was a struggle for me just to keep moving and resisting his bear hugs, body holds, and schoolboy pins. The final 20 or so minutes had him comfortably on top of me, controlling my body and the fight as I desperately refused to submit. In the end, his devious tactics worked me over to the point that was forced to give-in to his domination and submitted in a final humiliating gasp. Vlasta is a fun and awesome guy off the mat and we talked about how much of a blast the match was. Even though I lost, it was a pleasure and a treat to lose to a wrestler as powerful and tough as he was. I highly recommend Vlasta to any wrestlers in Prague that enjoy a good, long and sweaty fight with a true warrior!



Vlasta is recommended by beginner92

Vlasta is a very reliable, friendly and strong fighter. I already had the pleasure to fight him twice and enjoyed both times! He is a very welcoming person and I hope to fight him soon again. Highly recommended!



Vlasta is recommended by Bestenough

Really strong and experienced competitor.

He is also able to provide a mat in a great location in Prague and have a good conversation!

Will definitely meet with him more often!



Vlasta is recommended by Damly

Vlasta is an excellent and secure wrestler. He likes to fight. His technique is very good. He is a friendly guy with whom I had a good time of wrestling. Of course, I lost. I highly recommend Vlasta !



Vlasta is recommended by teemu

Great sporty guy who organized a great space where to wrestle in city center.



Vlasta is recommended by radagast

I met Vlasta already twice and he is very determined wrestler. No matter of outcome of the match he always stands up and fight with nice smile again and again. Great stamina and enthusiasm to learn and improve. He has great place for wrestle in center of the Prague and I highly recommended this friendly and nice guy to anybody.



radagast is recommended by Vlasta

Radagast is a combination of impressive power, strong body and a very nice guy.

Don't wait if you have a chance to meet him and go for it! Amazing and powerful wrestler but knows how to use his power safely.



Vlasta is recommended by leanaussiemuscle

This man is a pocket rocket!

Great muscles and and skills and full of energy. He was the first one I wrestled and the last one too. He knows his moves and is a fun, determined wrestler. He has great endurance and fought the longest match against paulWhite.

A really great group wrestling match with gioroma80 and PaulWhite, one of the best matches for a while. I can't wait to come back and do it again! Thanks for arranging the space with the mats!



leanaussiemuscle is recommended by Vlasta

This guy is combination of strong skilled wrestler, little devil and great guy :)

I enjoyed the match to the fullest and i'm looking forward to next one.

Highly recommended!



Vlasta is recommended by Youngwrestler94

Can only repeat what's been said below. Vlasta is a very tough and skilled wrestler. Watch out for his choke holds! Great guy off the mats as well. Very glad we were able to meet during my short stay in Prague.



Vlasta is recommended by Thomdude

Vlasta was a great guy and we had a great match. He is a strong little package, and just kept going and going. He aput up a great fight. Can't wait to meet him again. I'd recommend him to anyone.



Vlasta is recommended by scrappyone

He's a very fun man to have a roll with, with lots of energy and strength. The match with him was long and physically exhausting. Friendly at all times and a nice host.



Vlasta is recommended by Wrestlerfun

Very quick, agile and ideally prepared opponent! Almost professional and at the same time more than likable. We had short 1-hour but intensive match and it was a great experience. Will have more. Definitely recommended!



Vlasta is recommended by paulwhite

We have met with Vlasta several times. Always it is a nice time we spend together and each meeting there is an improvement in his technique! I enjoy our matches a lot and can recommend to meet Vlasta too. He is a very nice and friendly guy of the mat also! :)