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Young looking European born athlete, ex military, former Police Officer here seeking other fit, athletic types for friends, work out / training and wrestling buddies. Have had experience in martial arts, MMA and BJJ but now primarily interested in guys for nude erotic oil submission matches.
Wrestling is a " turn on " for me, always has since i was young. Enjoy nude oil matches, nude wrestling in water, outdoors nude wrestling and nude tag team. Looking for guys who also enjoy other sports, working out and nude sports as well.



  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
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Age: 66-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedos, Jocks, Nude

Submission Submission

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Viking Warrior is recommended by KidBeast

We had a hot erotic oil match lots of back and forth action it was so hot fun guy easily communicated times and place look forward to a hot rematch



Viking Warrior is recommended by Leaf15

Viking Warrior is a great and nice guy to fight with. We fought each other approximately 20 months ago. We had a submission match and I won the match. Viking Warrior has some pretty good chokeholds. Don’t miss a chance to fight him if you are visiting Los Angeles. I definitely recommend him!



Viking Warrior is recommended by Zephyr

What can I say that others haven’t said already? Doug is a gracious host, easy to talk to, and then completely all over and on top of me just like that once the match began. It was my first experience with oil, and I’ve gotta say it was hella fun and absolutely amazing. I recommend that you reach out to him ASAP!



Zephyr is recommended by Viking Warrior

Met Zephyr after as few chats here. Met and thought he was quite handsome with a tight lean build. Planned on a nude oil match and it was worth the wait. A strong fit beginner that learned and adapted well to a total nude muscle on muscle combat. Never backed down and kept up the onslaught. Hope for a future round 2. A really great guy to meet.



Viking Warrior is recommended by ncusa0313

Met with this guy a few days ago for an oil match and had an absolute blast. 100% recommend him.



ncusa0313 is recommended by Viking Warrior

Had an awesome Greek style oil match with this guy and it was amazing. Somewhat short of time, but still well worth it. An incredible handsome young man, blonde Nordic looks, and great build. Wrestling was pretty evenly matched, lots of hard muscle on muscle body contact.
Certainly look forward to our next meeting,



Viking Warrior is recommended by ocmuscle

I had an awesome match with Doug, he is a great host and is in incredible shape. I really enjoyed our oil match, testing our strength and doing some good back and forth, it was all very hot. I hope to do some more matches with this guy.



ocmuscle is recommended by Viking Warrior

I had an awesome time meeting Nick and an amazing match. He is first of all a great looking guy, in superb shape and quite friendly. His biceps, quads and glutes were all quite impressive. He was quite a strong and agile opponent, well skilled and had good stamina. I felt we were both compatible when it came to skill, strengths and masculinity. We both enjoyed a totally sexually charged submission match. We were both nude, oiled up and totally hard throughout our match.
I highly recommend OCMUSCLE to anyone seeking similar matches.



Viking Warrior is recommended by supertramp19

Strong, handsome. It was an intense fight. He's got oil you know what I mean? Naked oil wrestling. Fucking amazing.



supertramp19 is recommended by Viking Warrior

Supertramp19 and i had an awesome nude man to man hard cocked battle
last week. We started off massaging each other with oil to cover every muscle group, especially our ever hard mantools. We then got down to the mat for some great muscle to muscle gladiator like combat as our ever growing oily cocks engaged in their own battle for dominance.
He is a quick learner,. , an aggressive young man, with some super quads and muscled butt. We hope to set up some nude tag team matches in the future if we can meet other fit, compatible warriors here.