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Pro, sub, erotic - all cool with me. Jobber, heel, give and take, pretty open minded.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Online chatting
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Pool wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Relationship
Fetishes: Jackoff, Spandex, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Face sitting


  1. USA - Virginia, Manassas
  2. USA - Washington D.C.
  3. USA - Utah, Salt Lake City (I'm here between 1/16/2018 and 1/17/2018)
  4. USA - Florida, Miami (I'm here between 1/17/2018 and 1/18/2018)
    Hotel near MIA airport
  5. USA - Washington, Seattle (I'm here between 1/18/2018 and 1/19/2018)
    Hotel near SeaTac
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Age: 38-year-old Gay Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 191 lbs (87 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlet, square cut, speedo

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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VegasWrestler79 is recommended by ThunderStrikeVersNYC

I have wanted to get together with VegasWrestler79 for a while. So glad was finally able to make it happen. He is a good guy to take on, and can adjust to meet your skill level. Don't miss a chance to take him on :)



ThunderStrikeVersNYC is recommended by VegasWrestler79

Finally able to meet ThunderStrikeVersNYC. Super nice and friendly opponent. Very easy to set up a match with and looks just like his pictures. Thanks for the last minute, fun match.



VegasWrestler79 is recommended by CRedfield

Great guy that definitely knows how to work pro holds and abs. Will definitely keep you working on the mats.

Has some great gear and was really easy to set up a match with. Definitely one of my favorite matches.



CRedfield is recommended by VegasWrestler79

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with CRedfield. Easy to set up a match with, friendly, and easy on the eyes ;-)

He'll give you a great match, and he looks great in his gear. I hope it's not too long before we lock up again.



VegasWrestler79 is recommended by AME757

Met up with this guy for an impromptu match and I totally recommend him. Had some really good give and take with him, and he can really lay on the punishment as a heel. Very creative with holds. We wrestled for a few good hours. Safe, sane and a lot of fun to roll with.



AME757 is recommended by VegasWrestler79

Definitely a positive experience with AME757. After a few email exchanges, we were able to meet up within an hour and a half. A genuine nice guy on and off the mats. Strong legs and upper body, and can last a good while during give and take action. 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆



VegasWrestler79 is recommended by SpeedoFighterAdam

Great guy, had a fun lunch time match with him and would definitely be up for a rematch.



SpeedoFighterAdam is recommended by VegasWrestler79

Able to meet for an impromptu mid day match. Great back and forth action. Adam is strong, competitive, and fun to roll with.



VegasWrestler79 is recommended by FeistyLilGuy

My kind of wrestler right here. Vegas Wrestler is a strong, creative, and respectful wrestler. He's very open to most kind of matches and is all about having a fun match. Also very easy to communicate with and set up a match. Just a great guy overall who I'd be happy to wrestle again and again.



FeistyLilGuy is recommended by VegasWrestler79

What a great experience with Zach. Easy to set up a match and a very well rounded wrestler. I will be definitely looking him up again next time I make it to Portland.



VegasWrestler79 is recommended by philliwrestler

Meet up again with my long-time buddy for one of the hottest matches to date. We keep getting better with experience. Can't wait til next time.

Great guy who knows what he is doing. Love getting the message that he is coming to town. If he is near you make sure you make time for him.



philliwrestler is recommended by VegasWrestler79

Totally a fun guy to wrestle. Every meeting has been a great experience. Don't let his small build fool you, he can be very creative in getting the upper hand in a match!



VegasWrestler79 is recommended by vicj81

Absolute pleasure to wrestle with! Big strong man, durable, and great humor! Hope we can cross paths again!



vicj81 is recommended by VegasWrestler79

Definitely a 10 out of 10. Super nice guy, great personality, and easy to meet with on such short notice. I really enjoyed going back and forth with Vic. I hope we get to meet up again real soon.



VegasWrestler79 is recommended by SlimScrapper

Great guy to wrestle. Easy to set up a match with and a great host that had the hotel room ready to go. Knows a ton of holds and can take the punishment too. Went for hours with this stud and was an awesome time!

Hit him up if he ventures to your town!



SlimScrapper is recommended by VegasWrestler79

What can I say that has not already been said about this guy?

Very fun to wrestle. Easy to set up a match. Shows up on time and can last for hours.

Looking forward to another match.



miznew201 is recommended by VegasWrestler79

Quite possibly the best trash talking jobber I have ever dominated.

Nice body, and definitely very easy on the eyes. But he doesn't give up too easily, but once he does, he is all yours.

Can't wait for the next meet up.



VegasWrestler79 is recommended by sleepercub

Had a great match with this guy. He's very strong and knows a lot of holds, which I loved tying to struggle out from. Very recommended for any kind of match.



sleepercub is recommended by VegasWrestler79

Super nice guy and funny too! He showed up on time and was definitely a fun guy to wrestle. I will definitely look him up next time I am down under!



VegasWrestler79 is recommended by Mr Brightside

Met this guy tonight and all I can say is WOW! Great guy, lots of fun, seriously good at what he does. Highly recommended if he's passing through your city, just awesome fun! Hope to lock up again with him the next time he's around.



Mr Brightside is recommended by VegasWrestler79

Mr Brightside is a great guy. Showed up on time, and a lot of fun to wrestle. Definitely looking forward to our next match.