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Broke my pro sub wrestling cherry today in the FTL wrestling ring (btw fucking awesome venu.. go there. It's awesome!) Got my ass handed to me from a skilled and mean as hell fucker of a heel. Fucking awesome time. I was totally his play toy making me submit like a bitch all afternoon .
Want lots more experience! LETS WRESTLE!
Rough sex and wrestling- more into jobber/heel and pro squash scenes but as I get more experience w def wanna get more into competitive matches.
Love to roll around and have been told over the years that sex with me is like wrestling... Lol but true.
Not any formal training. Looking for guys to show me the ropes. Loved pro wrestling since a little kid (first nut was through my jeans watching The Iron Shiek)
Love to be slapped around and pro style senes sound good. But wanna really learn to kick ass, so Florida wrestlers and guys vacation g in ftl to the front of line. Very into punishment dom/sub sex scenes which is where I come to this from.



  1. USA - Florida, Sabal Palms Estates
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Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 189 lbs (86 kg)

Gear: Trunks, Speedos, jocks, singlets

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Tuffenough is recommended by vocaljock

So Tuff really makes you work for that past opponent status. He's not for the faint of heart. Go big or go home with this sexy beast of a wrestler...he's not for the faint of heart. Don't let his pics fool you. Tuff is a gentleman off the mats/ bed and goes 90 MPH on the mats. If you've ever wondered about him, give him a shout. He doesn't bite......TOO hard.



vocaljock is recommended by Tuffenough

Vocal is a sexy hot and ruff wrestler spent a sweatty afternoon grappling this ruff stud.
Started out trading holds and body blows and turned into a sexy tag team beat down, and that was when the big fun started. Great at grinding and up for a ruff n tumble session.
The man is mad sexy and has some great equipment for when the trunks come off, (I can say that right? Lol)... A sexy muthafuckka for sure and ruff tuff wrassler.
Get it!



Tuffenough is recommended by 4fun

This guy is tough the name fits.... A lot of fun Definately recommend..



4fun is recommended by Tuffenough

"4fun and serious mayhem" his name should read.
Big strong ginger bull of a man, passionate and ruff. Def can take as well as dish out some serious body blows. Started out as a good ruff session turned into a two on one tag team w the two of them working me over with lots of sweaty grappeling and cheap shots and low blows.
One hell of a good time and not to be missed.



Tuffenough is recommended by Florida Beast

Damn hot match! He is the perfect opponent for me Gets into being rough and definitely tuff enough No non-sense all man Best work out I've had I look forward to additional meetings We have similar interests when it comes to one on one brawling Tuff will make you tap when he wants Finally a man who delivers and gets the job done



Florida Beast is recommended by Tuffenough

My matchup with Beast was so much ruff n tumble fun. From the moment I walked in he let me know he was way into going toe to toe and being out muscled and manhandled by me. Lots of forced subs and muscle worship, and the man can take a lot of punishment. The man is tuff and can take a lot of body blows and sure can throw a solid punch with his boxing experience.
A super nice guy and definitely looking forward to knocking him around again, and Being bound for some human boxing bag play



Tuffenough is recommended by Italwrestler

This guy is a formidable opponent. Very muscular and strong and likes a good rough tussle. We quickly sized each other up and went at it hard and sweaty. I look forward to a rematch with this hot and sexy beast who brings his A game to the mats for sure. I recommend him highly to anyone who wants a great hard fought sweaty encounter! Look forward to our next match for sure!



Italwrestler is recommended by Tuffenough

This man is the fucking hottest fuzzy studly muscled up fireplug of a man you'll ever have the pleasure of wrestling.
We sized each other up and before you know it we were locked up in some very fun tussling and rough housing around. Sexy rasslin around but we were both too turned on to stop and try to set up a match. Which is prob a blessing as this guy has mad competitive wrestling and MMA skills.
So much sweaty fun and he promised to give me some lessons. A+++ sex beast



Tuffenough is recommended by BDsubmit

Had a ring match with Tuffenough in FTL. What a blast. This guy is a monster.....all muscle and not afraid to use it. He is safe/sane and a gentleman in and out of the ring. I can't wait for a rematch and many more matches after that. If you are into pro mission rough housing do not miss an opportunity to lock up with this guy, you won't regret it.



BDsubmit is recommended by Tuffenough

Met with BDsubmit today for my first pro sub match here at the ring in ftl.
I'm a newbie and we planned on him showing me moves while taking me to the cleaners and punishing this jobber.
The man is super strong, hot and knows his technique. We both enjoyed him slamming me around and cranking on multiple pins and submissions, enjoying humiliation of me never getting upper hand. I did my best but the man kicked my muscular ass, laughing at my distress.
The man is a heels heel, while making sure to be safe and careful. Learned a bit and by the end I was able to block some holds.
I am SO planning on tangling up with this fucker again and again.
A perfect cherry breaking for this jobber



Tuffenough is recommended by Matty Bearhug

Rough housing with this muscled stud was a blast!! Gut punching back and forth, chest slaps, bear hugs, body splashes , all the good makings for a fun match. Can't wait to do it again!



Matty Bearhug is recommended by Tuffenough

Fucking hot time with this sexy wrestler. Trading gut punches and low blows for lots of rough housing action. Lots of hardcore grunting body splashes and slams, and can this boy take a lot of hard hits! Very tough guy. My fav part was using my bulk n muscle to keep him pinned beneath my cock as I went to town with gut n pec punches and some brutal cock n ball beating. Fun as hell rough sex. Want to tap that again.