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Im into submission wrestling, an erotic tone works for me, but not required to fight, and I’ve recentl become interested in erotic pro fantasy. Love roleplay, age/size differences, etc. I like to wrestle all ages and all types. I’m grateful for this site that allows us to connect. Wrestling is a bond. Be kind to each other, except on the mats 😉. And a word to you younger wrestlers, (gay ones anyway). You have the freedom to be who you are because of my generation of gay men and the ones before us. Don’t disrespect the men you owe for fighting and sometimes dying, losing family and friends so we could all live an open life. Don’t make disparaging remarks. If you’re lucky enough to live a long life you’ll get to hear them directed at you. Just say you’re not interested and be respectful.



  1. USA - Florida, Brentwood Estates
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I am willing to travel 15 kilometers


Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

Gear: I love gear. Singlets, briefs, thongs, jock straps and nude.

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Tritonrising is recommended by FlDean2012

I always enjoy wrestling him when I get to see how. Our busy schedules do not give us much time to meet but we have a great time whenever we wrestle together.



FlDean2012 is recommended by Tritonrising

I’ve wrestled Dean a few times. He is always a good match, dependable and stronger than you would think. I look forward to some more matches with him.



Matty Bearhug is recommended by Tritonrising

Matt and I have had a number of awesome matches and they just keep getting better. Fun, aggressive wrestler, highly recommended.



Tritonrising is recommended by vocaljock

What a grat way to finish my long weekend in FTL! Triton is way to fun to not meet up with and spend some time together. Lots of trash talk, easy on the eyes, and damn fun to play and chat with if you get the chance. I WILL be challenging this hot ginger ever chance that I get.



vocaljock is recommended by Tritonrising

Long overdue recommendation for this awesome wrestler. Cocky, fun, totally focused on the match. Just the first match of many I hope.



Tritonrising is recommended by NZIndy

Matt is probably one of the most laid back guys you'd ever encounter but a true competitor when it comes to the act of wrestling. Our time together while quick – just due to it being a weeknight and all, was a great time. He is ultimately respectful both on and off the mat – or in our case – mattress. I definitely look forward to tangling with him again sometime soon.



NZIndy is recommended by Tritonrising

Great match with an awesome opponent. Neil is stronger than he admits, as he proved by crushing me in his body and head scissors when the opportunity presented itself. I hope to wrestle him again.



Tritonrising is recommended by WrestleBob

Had a big time with this big guy. He's quite flexible in styles and knows how to control his weight advantage so that he doesn't just squash (as in flatten) a ligher opponent. I worked him over for awhile then he suddenly turned on me and low punched me into a happy ending. Definitely recommended.



WrestleBob is recommended by Tritonrising

Great wrestling buddy! Not afraid to take on a bigger guy and he gave me a run for my money, 🔒 by on some seriously immobilizing holds so he could punch and show off. Hope to wrestle with him again.