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Lean muscle (40/32/15.) into lite submission/pin/fun/hot matches with SIMILAR, or SMALLER guys with a hot, fun, competitive attitude. Can you dominate me? Can you lift and carry me? Enjoy arm wrestling, basic holds and moves, trash talk, bearhugs, muscle worship ...a good workout, safe, sane, competitive but all for fun. Dominate (IF you can!), or be dominated! NY and New England mostly, but travel some.



  1. USA - New York, Albany
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Age: 70-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 163 lbs (74 kg)

Gear: Singlets, speedos, bikeshorts

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TommyNY is recommended by Mainewrsl

In a word, Tommy is a blast. His psychological warfare is backed up with his muscle, and he delivers on both counts. He outmuscled me, and when I dished it back, he just kept coming for more. Our back and forth matches are among the most fun I've had, and the fact that we are evenly matched means that we never know who will be the victor. With an opponent this much fun, who cares? Highest recommendation.



Mainewrsl is recommended by TommyNY

I knew from a too long exchange of on-line trash talk that Mainewrsl was going to be a formidable challenge on the mat. I was right! After a couple of encounters, he has proven to have the muscle to back up his attitude after he's gotten in your head. Taking him on, I had to be at my best, even if it wasn't always good enough. A gentleman and scholar off the mat, watch out when he gets you ON the mat. For a hot, fun time, Mainewrsl is definitely your man!



TommyNY is recommended by Wresjohn

He is everything that he says he is in his profile. He is remarkably strong and skilled as a wrestler. He is also a great guy to spend time with. Highly recommended.



Wresjohn is recommended by TommyNY

I had waited a long time to take on this incredible (look at his pics!) wrestler and he did not disappoint in any way. Our mat time was awesome, and he is as smart and fun off the mat as he is on it. Rematch? ANY time!



TommyNY is recommended by hardonthemat

Tommy is a great wrestling opponent. He has technique, and is strong/fast on the mat. He will make you work. Give it all you got against Tommy - you are in for a great match., Good guy - on and off the mat. Definitely lock up with him!



hardonthemat is recommended by TommyNY

This awesome wrestler is one of the first I ever met, and over the years he just got tougher and tougher. Every match was a lesson: you have to be at your very best even to stand a chance. Lots of fun and a smart man to boot....the real thing!



TommyNY is recommended by EdFor

TommyNY is all that these recommendations suggest that he is!



EdFor is recommended by TommyNY

I've met Ed a few times now and he is a real gentleman, through and through. But if you accept a challenge from him to rassle, be sure you are 100% ready!



TommyNY is recommended by NYguy

TommyNY is a great guy, both to wrestle and personally. We met for a hot hotel match, he in a singlet, me in running shorts, and had a pretty wild and sweaty match that saw him get punished by me–working on those sexy arm muscles of his–and then he turned the tables, trash-talking me and getting me to submit in his formidable scissors and other ruthless moves. As well as his wrestling skills, he's erudite, charming, and super company–so there was excellent conversation too, especially as we are two theatre nuts. Highly recommended.



NYguy is recommended by TommyNY

NYguy is a great combination of sweet and hot, a charming gentleman off the mats and a relentless tuff guy in gear. We could have talked "theatre" all night, but the wrestling couldn't wait. And the matches were slow, sweaty, sensuous and super fun. NYguy gets a 4-star review from me…and that's my highest rating!



TommyNY is recommended by LeanInSpeedos

This is an over due recommendation. I have wrestled TommyNY often for a number of years. Although I no longer do submission wrestling due to an injury, he is one tough man on the mat. I have quite often been able to submit him but he sure did gave me one heck off a fight! He will not disappoint you. If you're into muscles, which he sure has, and want a good time on or off the mat, he's your man.