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Interested in open minded interactions. Fun, sexy, erotic wrestling. (Strip, underwear, and naked wrestling around). Not interested in boxing. You can email me at



  1. USA - Virginia, Lynchburg City
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  2. USA - Virginia, Lynchburg City
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 31-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 145 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Sexy underwear, thongs, jock strap, nude etc.

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Tman is recommended by Phillip

T-man just relocated to Virginia and finally connected we had a match and was fun it was limited because of space. He is a nice guy!



Phillip is recommended by Tman

This guy is good ;). I hope to get a rematch and show him what I really can do ;).



Tman is recommended by manwrestler

What a great suprise Tman is. A very chilled guy who has some great wrestling moved both sub and erotic. Makes me wanna come back for more. Fun off the mats as well. He is a double thumbs up!!



Tman is recommended by suig

I had a great time with Tman; he's the perfect size to throw over a shoulder and toss around, and he can take control as well. He's also skilled at some rather specific wiles. I've got long facepins and about twenty body slams and tombstones waiting for him when we wrestle next.



suig is recommended by Tman

I'm recommending suig but I'm not saying anything else because I want em all to myself 😂. No but really I had soo much fun wrestling and rolling around I wanted to drive back over that night. More good times! More!



Tman is recommended by Phxwrstlr

A great match! In addition to being a great wrestler, Tman is great at communicating and kept things fun, safe and sane. Definitely hit him up if you're in the area. You can thank me later! We need a rematch soon!



Phxwrstlr is recommended by Tman

For sure a good sign that u wanna keep wrestling Phxwrstlr. Great combination of fun and a great work out. I definitely need that rematch.



Tman is recommended by liketopin

Sup Studs!

I enjoyed a fantastic weekend with Tman! He's an awesome person to wrestle with. He's a great guy on and off the mats. I loved wrestling with him become he comes with many surprises. He kept me on my toes. He is just as cute as he can be! We chilled the entire weekend and it was great. He's a Man's Man!!! Do not pass up the chance to meet, wrestle and make friends with this Young Cutie! HE IS AWESOME!! ;-)



liketopin is recommended by Tman

Liketopin kept me thoroughly entertained for the weekend, from conversation, lots of laughs, to some awesome wrestling. He definitely was full of pleasant surprises. We had a blast trying different styles and undies to wrestle in. Get in line people 👍.



longlimbs16 is recommended by Tman

Great chemistry, easy to get along with and knows how to have a great time. Picked me up and carried me quite a bit, and I loved it. For sure there's gonna be a round 3 😉. Don't mind playing jobber to this guy, gave me a good work out and vice versa 😁.



Tman is recommended by heterosp

Great wrestler, deceptively strong. May look like a jobber, but excels in mind games- great at getting into your head, using erotic torture to weaken and ultimately defeat you... hot match!