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Hi, just looking for some fun matches. Nothing too technical! I’m not really interested in keeping score. But it’s a cool way to get a sweat on and keep fit! Sorry, I don’t usually talk to headless profiles unless I’ve had too much to drink.



  1. United Kingdom, Edinburgh
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Age: 47-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 161 lbs (73 kg)

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Tiree is recommended by davey123

What a totally charming guy! We had a great match for a couple of hours. He is in physical condition which would shame many thirty year-olds. Very well balanced symmetrical physique replete with clearly defined abs. Though he has not had much experience (...yet!) I would say he is a natural wrestler. Loads of stamina and energy and fiesty....only when I really started to wear him down with sequences of submissions did he become a little more easy to control. But he has great balance and once on top is quite difficult to shift. With a few more holds and techniques learned he will become a real challenge for anyone. Yes...of course I put him through a whole load of moves and holds, but he soaked it all up (....even after he was out for a couple of seconds from my Sleeper!) and was coming back for more the whole time. He doesn't give up easily or quickly but keeps on fighting back and struggling even when wrapped up tight. I got my legs around him several times (both body and neck versions) and had to use a fair amount of power before he would quit. Very impressive indeed! Also a very easy guy to chat with before and after the mat action. Recommended without hesitation! I very much hope that his experience with me won't have put him off...he seemed boyishly enthusiastic about how extraordinary it all was.



davey123 is recommended by Tiree

Gosh what can I say? I didn’t know what hit me! (In a good way....I think!) This man is a machine. Relentless. I had a match with Davey that took me to the edge...and possibly beyond. He was completely in control, and knew what he was doing.
During the match I just thought: this has to end!! -however, he just kept on going! Only afterwards did I realise I’d just experienced something quite unique - and very challenging! But I realised I’d been in safe hands all along.
A complete gentleman off the mat, and a rhino on it!
I would love to challenge him again - but might just wait until I get some experience and can be more of a challenge. In the meantime, challenge this man! And work him over for me! 😉