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I Want to wrestler with you ? Contact me Now.. I am a MACHO latino



  1. Costa Rica, Patalillo
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I am willing to travel 5 kilometers


Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

Languages spoken: Spanish

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Ticowrestler is recommended by Carl1806

Good fighter



Carl1806 is recommended by Ticowrestler

Great wrestler & a rough & friendly

He is a real gladiator with a lot of experience and technique .. excellent fighter and friendly man.

Hope to lock up again soon



Ticowrestler is recommended by dag

Tuve el gran placer de encontrar a Ticowrestler en San José. Es una persona muy amable, humilde y generosa. Tiene un gran entusiasmo para luchar. Aunque es neófito pero conoce algunas técnicas y especialmente tiene brazos fuertes. Es respetuoso en la lucha. No se somete facilmente y tiene bastante resistencia. En breve, es una persona y un luchador de gran calidad. ¡Adelante!
I had a very enjoyable meeting with Ticowrestler. He is a very fine person and an enthusiastic wrestler. He is a newbie but knows some moves. He has strong arms and does not submit easily. He is a tough guy. Highly recommended as a person and a wrestler.



dag is recommended by Ticowrestler

Dag is definitely a intresting and hard wrestler. His many years of experience is evident in his professional techniques and fight executions, and I submitted many rounds to him. He is very friendly and tall gentlemen. Highly recommended!



Ticowrestler is recommended by aawrstlman

What an awesome time! Tico and I had hours of hot sweaty wrestling action. I'm a bit bigger, but he is strong and tough. He's a natural athlete and all around great guy. Overall it was one of the best wrestling experiences I've had. I highly recommend him and regret that I am leaving Costa Rica in a few days. Enjoyed chilling and chatting as well.

By the way, I highly recommend Costa Rica, too. Beautiful country, nice and good looking people!



aawrstlman is recommended by Ticowrestler

I had a great match! Aawstlman is strong and knows how to apply many holds. His body is powerful and he knows how to dominate his opponent ... also looks so hot in singlet! Wrestle this guy if you have the chance to!



Ticowrestler is recommended by LiQiang

The intense combination of pain and ecstasy were but two elements to the outdoor battle royale with this silent hunk of masculinity. Four years ago we attempted a tangle but couldn’t meet up. This time was definitely different and Ticowrestler proved to be very accommodating, super friendly and ready to wrestle. We agreed on an outdoor venue overlooking the Pacific Ocean, sun beating down on our respective anatomies. He is strong, determined, focused and a real animal rolled into one. Best wrestle ever. Put him on your list you’ll be glad as well. I anxiously await our next encounter.



LiQiang is recommended by Ticowrestler

I had the pleausure of meeting with this wrestler ... he is strong opponent and skilled .. he is the King of the mountain .. we had a fight outdoor hard over the grass very intense and pleasant



chinito is recommended by Ticowrestler

What a great combination of gentleman and fighter! This man is too modest, recargable skill, toughness and strength, while still being strong and kind. And didn't mind teaching and rolling over the floor. I want to wrestle him again.



Ticowrestler is recommended by dominatorcr

todo un caballero guerrero. muy amable pero tambien bastante fuerte. tuvimos una muy buena sesion.



dominatorcr is recommended by Ticowrestler

Intenso y con mucha técnica .. Maestro en varias disciplinas lo que permite tener un combate de alto rendimiento