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Enjoy fighting and meeting others who like to fight for the challenge and the determination of who is the alpha man. Want to meet you if your up for the challenge. Enjoy both boxing and wrestling so hit me up for either.



  1. USA - Indiana, Jamestown
    (I'm here from 10/19/2017)
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Age: 64-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 250 lbs (113 kg)

Languages spoken: German, Italian

Gear: Shorts or nothing

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jcripe03 is recommended by TheHoosierBoxer

Nice guy and we boxed some to give him some experience doing some boxing. We boxed about three or four rounds so he had a chance to experience what it was like to glove and hit another guy. He did pretty good, but still had a lot to learn about the sport. Would love to glove up with him again. We had a nice conversation before and after the fight.



TheHoosierBoxer is recommended by ChiBox

HoosierBoxer is the real deal when it comes to boxing. We are geographically challenged (and HoosierBoxer works far too many hours) so we've only been able to box a few times. He can punch hard, and take a hard punch and he likes to mix it up on the inside too. Looking forward to the next time we can meet up and box, it's always a good fight and a lot of fun.



TheHoosierBoxer is recommended by BulldogOhio

Great fella on and off the mats, very respectful and intelligent. One of my favorites of all time. I took on this tough fella awhile back, and his strength was overwhelming. I managed one submission on him, but spent the rest of the time on my back, nearly helpless. Low center of gravity and a LOT of power in those arms of his. Looking forward to a rematch, and already prepared to ache for the entire week afterward, just like last time.



BulldogOhio is recommended by TheHoosierBoxer

Bulldog and I fought a long and hard fight. Being to teachers we definitely want another battle and hopefully we will have our rematch soon, so I can wear him out again and beat him for our second time meeting. Well respected guy and great humor, I know when meet up again it will truly be another great battle between warriors. We both have our school honors to hold up and our need to keep it.. All I can say is that he is a worthy opponent and I’m looking forward to the next challenge and then my victory over him.



TheHoosierBoxer is recommended by FigureFour7

Great guy and a very fun match. Very strong!



FigureFour7 is recommended by TheHoosierBoxer

Great match and tough wrestler, will give you a good hard match. Nice guy but tough on the mat for his size and just as strong.



punchmeout is recommended by TheHoosierBoxer

We boxed a 10 round match and it was an enjoyable fight. Tough opponent who I look forward to stepping into the ring again with at some point.



TheHoosierBoxer is recommended by BOXERMAN

Dave is a great fighter with a real good right hook that I have met many times. He's also a superb guy with a great set up. I heartily recommend him as a worthy opponent to anyone in here who boxes

Bob Butts