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Looking to meet fit guys in uk. I love to wrestle & cock fight but find it hard to meet genuine guys here in the uk. Most would rather talk about it than do it or that in love with the pretty boy looks are scared shitless. I'm a Masculine guy looking for other masculine men to lock bodies with me in long sweaty endurance frottage bearhug duels. A pure masculine mercy test of strength slightly apart cocks entwinned arms out wide pecs raised nips hard on each other. The more sweat and skin to skin frottage grinding the better. Really love the idea of two men battling in bearhugs or long held tests of strength to ultimate destruction (exhaustion submission) Love arm wrestling & a bit of verbal as we grunt & groan. Love test of strength stuff so come on lets see who is alpha male All the guys in my favs I have met & wrestled & some went on to be great friends. Love to be in a wrestling dvd.

Just had shoulder surgery December 2016 . thigh surgery July 2017 .so only after cock fights at the moment guys . Be in sitges this September 2017



Match structure: Even match, Play wrestling, Outdoors fights
Specific wrestling styles: Arm wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage
Fetishes: Want sex, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Muscle worship


  1. United Kingdom, Bury
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host.


Age: 51-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 213 lbs (97 kg)

Gear: Less is best

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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tenispt is recommended by TheBusiness1234

Met up today after a long time chatting . Really enjoyed our bout . Nice guy with a nice solid build to hold on too . Definitely like a rematch



TheBusiness1234 is recommended by Ben skull stephens

I met many years ago during my early days of wrestling . Strong, muscular guy safe and sane



TheBusiness1234 is recommended by wresnipgym

Met TheBusiness1234 at end of March. we immediately connected as we share the same interests in wrestling. Easy to communicate with and a perfect host. He is very strong put me through me paces while adding the elements, working my pecs and nips. Very charming & pec which kept distracting me. Don't miss out on this guy...Am looking forward to round 2. Nice conversationalist some good stories plus sense of humour



wresnipgym is recommended by TheBusiness1234

Met up earlier this year . Had a great time . Great body pecs & nipples . Very similar strength wise . Definitely cant wait to have round 2 . Easy to plan meet . Totally safe all round nice guy



TheBusiness1234 is recommended by RogueWarrior

Met in July 2012 right before the Olympics. TheBusiness is strong, handsome, aggressive and knows his moves. Will definitely look him up when I get back to the UK and it will be a US v. UK grudge match.



RogueWarrior is recommended by TheBusiness1234

We met up around 2012 I think . Lovely guy & had a fantastic time . Big strong guy & love to take him on again one day



TheBusiness1234 is recommended by Redscope

It was ages back and I can't remember the exact date
He's a top bloke and well wort meeting



Redscope is recommended by TheBusiness1234

Great guy need a rematch once my shoulder has recovered from surgery



TheBusiness1234 is recommended by Blackuk

Nice friendly beefy guy who enjoys a good old grapple and arm wrestle with lots of sweat and verbal. Definitely worth getting to grips with him if you're in the Manchester area.



Blackuk is recommended by TheBusiness1234

Thought I'd done this ages ago . Love to take this guy on again & remember having a great & very enjoyable time . Bring it on big man



TheBusiness1234 is recommended by maw1667

Paul is a great guy. Very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. He is a solid guy. Strong and a lot of fun. Shame he isn't a bit closer



maw1667 is recommended by TheBusiness1234

After talking for more years than I remember finally got to wrestle Marc today . We wrestled for around an hour got extremely sweaty . Had a really enjoyable time & have to say Marc had a very strong grip . Nice guy & would definitely recommend him . Cheers Marc



TheBusiness1234 is recommended by toetotoe

Been talking for a few weeks. Managed to meet up with Paul at his on Friday night. Really strong opponent. Had a few different matches and we're all tough and closely fought. Off the mats Paul is a great host and enjoy chatting with him. Can not recommend enough. Will definitely meet up again.



toetotoe is recommended by TheBusiness1234

Met Luke yesterday after a chatting a few weeks . Managed to wrestle & cock fight most of the night . Then today been out & about in the local area . Very strong young man with a lovely cock & great legs too . Very easy going & friendly guy . Hope to see him again in the near future



TheBusiness1234 is recommended by legflexxxer

Met again for the 4 th time over a few years. The business was my first ever meet on here back then. He's a huge power house of a man. Plenty of strength to match mine, was great trading bear hugs etc. Was great to squeeze such a big strong lad. Just had the edge on him I think!
A true gentle giant though, great to talk to, and very sane. Only big strong guys need apply!



TheBusiness1234 is recommended by razkal

Many thanks for the fun wrestle! Reliable, good fella, def recommendable when you're in the Manchester area.



razkal is recommended by TheBusiness1234

Great to meet you today , you did good considering you had ran 21k . Really nice guy & easy to get along with definitely worth a meet



TheBusiness1234 is recommended by toonarmy

4 hours sleep - and the excuses kept coming! Big bloke - good fun - good company. Recommended.



toonarmy is recommended by TheBusiness1234

Hot & sweaty just how I like it. Nice guy too. I was hungover & only had 4 hours sleep btw so next time you are warned buddy