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Interested in most styles of wrestling.
Prefer Masculine blokes over 40 no upper age limit
Brighton (UK) 2nd to 8th Jan
Message me on here if you want to catch up



  1. Austria, Vienna
    (I'm here from 1/02/2019)
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I am willing to travel 5000 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 243 lbs (110 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: trunks, boots,singlets or tights

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Taigun2017 is recommended by dadwrestle

Delighted to be able to meet again this legend of the Australian mat world! As ever, strong, tough with a nice safely aggressive edge! I hope the rematch comes soon! PLATINUM STAR RECOMMENDATION
I wrestled this Aussie star years back in the Rochdale ring. Strong, tough, and well into submission style, he was a joy to wrestle. Tough and intense on the mats, good conversation and fun off them. Only wish we were nearer to fight again! 100% Recommended!



dadwrestle is recommended by Taigun2017

Dadwrestle is a tough competitor you will need to keep your wits about you and never turn your back on him. lovely guy off the mats. Do yourself a favor .
Met up with this gentleman grappler again after 10 years .had a great time . A real tough customer and he is always a move ahead . Knows how to apply the hurt and to handle it with a never say Die attitude . Hope to get on the mats again with him at the end of the year.thoroughly recommended.



Taigun2017 is recommended by JNNSWWJJ

Great Man with loads of experience!!!



JNNSWWJJ is recommended by Taigun2017

Met this young fellow several years ago now . Quick,strong and calculating . great take downs . He was a force to recon with then . Hope to meet up again soon . thoroughly recommended.



Taigun2017 is recommended by Long for this

A great meeting with one of the Godfathers in this country! We had a great sweaty match & man he is strong ! Very generous in showing me lots of tips which we practised. So glad for the opportunity to meet up with such great bloke & really hope we can have another crack before long! 100% RECOMMEND
Thanks Mate. Loved it !!



Long for this is recommended by Taigun2017

Look out for this fella . Fit as bull. never say die attitude .very eager to learn more .definitely a handful on the mats .An aggressive wrestler/ brawler but a great guy off the mat fun to be with .hope to meet up again soon . Thoroughly recommended .



Taigun2017 is recommended by Ironbull

I wrestled Pete several times. You only need to look at his (awesome) pics to know he's a strong man. A skilled wrestler. A totally decent laid back guy. Come to London bud. Round x awaits



Ironbull is recommended by Taigun2017

On the mat Ironbull is my true nemesis . He is a very skilled and technical wrestler. We have had some great aggressive and enjoyable bouts . I must admit the submission tally definitely goes in his favor. Off the mat he is a complete bastard. lol No I jest. he is great company a real lovely guy. I look forward to the next round .