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wrestling.....gegenseitig durch lange schmerzsession geil fertigmachen..,gerne auch tagteam
Love brawls....tagteaming....Love to tortures and be tortured....Bodypunch..Kicks....also hardcore and tagteam

sorry..its a mistake in my age-state..i am 61 years old!!

Have had a good hard First time in Manchester May 18 and
Be very Happy to find new wrestle-friends!!
For the next i search a partner for tagteaming!!
Stay in MCR August, October and December 2018

contact : whatsapp +49-1578-7677796



  1. Germany, Bremen
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I am willing to travel 1000 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 53-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 214 lbs (97 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: Speedo String

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Bodie101 HARD ONE Squashlad Tynesider




TRexGERmany is recommended by Tynesider

Disco dancing indeed!

I had a good but too brief match with TRexGERmany at the meet at Pippa's. He had set off at 4am to get there so was tired at the meet but still gave me a good struggle and i found it difficult to take him down. Hopefully he will get back to a meet as I look forward to another round.



Tynesider is recommended by TRexGERmany

Tynesider Wish a dance with me on Mats and i agreed...WE Roll overr and overr and bow and Twist our bodies...we bring all our force in this Match.....between WE have dancefloor-session in Discostyle..Than we go back on was a very hard rolling...and i must say i give up If he buried me under His Body.....matside very friendly lovely new wrestle-friend......See you in ringside



Squashlad is recommended by TRexGERmany

May12,18: Squash and i do hard Match..First i handle him ,but after few moments he headlock me...and i let him See the ropes...Twist arms in ropes and tortured hin with kneekicks in Belly and Bodyside....lately i land on ground....pinned with his very hard painful armbar....He looks Lean but He very Strong..atlethic Body..want him ringeside...Squashtime in Ring : EVER!!



Bodie101 is recommended by TRexGERmany

May12,18: with bodie i have my longest Match ..very hard with punch.,slam,ropeplay and all other nice tortures....We fight a Longtime Take & Give and Roll on the end i must give up ..He bow my back over his 2 legs and i feel his Power and dont Take so hard i have had Great Match with him and want to do it again..outside Ring a very friendly bodie.see you!!



TRexGERmany is recommended by HARD ONE

Foi nossa primeira luta em um ringue. Ele da Alemanha e eu do Brasil, em Manchester.
Foi uma luta dura, com platéia. Socos e chão.
Grande lutador no ringue e um cavalheiro fora dele.
Espero nos encontrarmos em uma outra oportunidade.



HARD ONE is recommended by TRexGERmany

Fabio ITS a very beautiful muscled Adonis...i wrestle him in Manchester ...First i Punch him and can hold him in ropes and ringedge and give him tortures and he moan..but his returns let me see his bodypower and so he put me down to the ground and crush me it was a 10 minute Match..but i dont forget this hard wunderful match..Wish you come back