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Guess I should update this as my priority has not been on finding matches for quite awhile. If you happen to be in or near my area, can shoot me a message to see but really not actively seeking any matches or looking to go too much out of my way to set something up. When looking, I'm looking primarily for fights, mainly boxing/sparring but get into some other styles as well.



  1. USA - New York, Town of DeWitt
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Age: 37-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

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SyracuseBoxer is recommended by FightKnight

Great guy to box and grapple with. He got me more than once with his uppercut and believe me I felt them. Strong and sexy opponent I hope to meet up with again!



FightKnight is recommended by SyracuseBoxer

Tough guy who can take punches and throw em back. Very fun and a good fight. Definitely recommend for whatever intensity you're looking for.



SyracuseBoxer is recommended by scubawrestler

We have chatted for a number of years about getting together for some boxing and wrestling. The opportunity never rose until just recently for me to get there. When I finally had a chance for a layover I jumped at it and believe me I'm glad I took that chance. We boxed for a good 8 rounds; he is tough he has a good left work and a strong jaw. Don't let him fool you he knows what he's doing. He could take any shot I threw at him and he had some really good shots for me. We had a great time after the boxing we wrestled around more or less just for roughhousing type funny but we also threw some punches with rolling around too. You bet, we had a great time . I can't wait to square off with him again. If you pass through upstate New York give him a call.



scubawrestler is recommended by SyracuseBoxer

Met with this guy for a few hours of fun. After 8 rounds of sparring and some time rolling on the 'mats' would recommend him for anyone looking for a safe, sane, tough opponent with a good head on his shoulders. Look forward to meeting again sometime down the road. Definitely recommend.



SyracuseBoxer is recommended by upstatefighter

Great guy - hard fighter - good form - looking forward to boxing more and trying other types of fights.Can take and dish out some power! Highly recommend meeting him



upstatefighter is recommended by SyracuseBoxer

Went several good rounds with upstatefighter. Tough man and very willing to throw some punches. Looking forward to our next bout.



SyracuseBoxer is recommended by VTBoxer

Tough kid. we've fought several times and both like to go all out but take some shots too. fighting all out to KO this friday. Syracuse is videoing the fight.



VTBoxer is recommended by SyracuseBoxer

Good, skilled boxer who knows what he's doing. Have had several encounters/fights in the past. Definitely recommend.