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I love to cockfight.
Looking to meet others to have nasty hard cockfights
My type of cockfights include
-head 2 head ramming and jousting
-single condom jacking duels
-mutual fleshlight fucking duels
-balls vs balls ramming
-nude sexfighting

Here is my cockfight.. I also have many other cockfights there!



  1. South Korea, Gunsan-si
    Place of residence
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I am willing to travel 150 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 157 lbs (71 kg)

Sumo Sumo
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BeTrayedBetrayal Lightweight_champ



Lightweight champ is recommended by Swordfighter1991

Easily my favorite rival for cockfighting I have ever had.
We cockfought many different ways throughout the years with wins going back and forth. He is very nice and plays safe, hope we can fight more again soon!



Swordfighter1991 is recommended by BeTrayedBetrayal

SUPERB experience without a doubt!

I have been having some kind of sword fight fetish for a while by viewing the URL he posted in his profile, and I am always hoping to try it out with someone, especially him. I am so glad that I grabbed this chance for his layover before he gets to work overseas for a year. He worked on me so well on the first round and I had to forfeit, but for the rounds after, I got him, and I am hoping to do this more with other guys who would like to give a go.

Can't wait for the Rematch!