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I also can get into pro and submission. I like locking up with my weight class or above. Preference is alpha black men, but not exclusively.



  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
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I am willing to travel 2000 kilometers


Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

Gear: Trunks, boots, anything

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Supermoose is recommended by onthesly

Had the pleasure of spending a short afternoon with this burly brawler. Surprised by his stamina - down time between rounds was brief, hangover be damned. He put up a great defense over the few hours we were together and trying to maneuver him around was no simple task. Held up pretty well while being bent this way and that too. ;) Think he still had a few rounds in him once we'd finished up, even. Yes, at the tail end of our match I apparently snagged a hangnail. Not quite a mortal wound, but splotches of blood aren't something you want to see while someone's grabbing at you, so we elected to wrap it up.

Aside from skills, he's an interesting guy with a warm personality. Conversation came easy and even prior to meeting up, communication was clear and timely. Glad I had the opportunity to meet him and wholeheartedly recommend doing so should you have the chance.



onthesly is recommended by Supermoose

The guy is THE REAL DEAL. Much more muscular and in shape than his pictures on MF. Big dude and POWERFUL with stamina that doesn't quit. We went two hours wrestling. I sadly underestimated him and came to the match with a hangover. Bad move. I had my work cut out for me going up against this train. You better be ready for a hard submission match full steam. He'll give it to you and he knows plenty of holds and moves. That said, he is extremely nice, smart, well mannered, safe and sane. He knows tap out. Just be prepared to lock up right after the tap out, lol. What brought the match to a screeching halt is he cut his finger on something while wrestling and started bleeding. The match was over, so I told him I was going to tell everyone I made him bleed. Not really the case but it pumps my ego just a bit after the work over this guy put me through. Watch out for his bearhug. It's lethal. You and your rips will be sore the following day and the day after that. I would like to think I got him on few holds but he was a good 60 pounds heavier than me and taller. Still, I'd wrestle him again because he's that much fun to wrestle. Great workout. Don't miss this opportunity.



Supermoose is recommended by Barriobruiser

Supermoose gave me a tough match, he's learned a few things since we last tangled and we both put each other through our paces.
Safe and sane but if you want a good promission match, he's your man.
I look forward to stepping through the ropes again to take care of some unfinished business. Beefy and good classic pro look, no doubt we will tangle again and again.



Barriobruiser is recommended by Supermoose

If you love pro mission matches Barriobruiser is your man. Tough, thick and skilled. He knows his holds and is a lot of fun to wrestle. He has that classic pro wrestlers build and demeanor similar to the greats we all grew up watching on TV. Our match was a good give and take with pressure holds to the point of tap out. Don't let his age fool you. He's extremely strong and tough, but safe and sane also. This was our second match in a ring and by the time we were finished there was a pool of water in the middle from us working each other over. Fun match and a great workout. I'd wrestle him anytime.



Supermoose is recommended by slandon23

Let me start by saying Supermoose you are the best I'm glad to call you a friend, you was the best host making my LA trip a wonderful experience, and it was a pleasure to finally meet after communicating for over a year through email, talk and text glad we got to meet, you are quite a handful on the mats as well thank you for going above and beyond of being a great host, so if you ever get to the LA area, please reach out to this man he is the best!



slandon23 is recommended by Supermoose

I had a great time with slandon23 when he came to Los Angeles. He may look intimidating in his pictures, but don't let that fool you. He's level headed, responsible and a lot of fun. The driest sense of humor. He's a tough wrestler but he respects rules. Extremely generous as a person, you'll have a good match with him. One note: While he was here in Hollywood I thought I would introduce him to a classic Hollywood film he had never seen before that was being shown around the country for a special screening. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT take this man to see THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Big mistake on my part. Not only did he immediately shut down after the opening song but he walked out of the theatre after 25 minutes and didn't come back. He couldn't take that movie. That was the only glitch. He's also a man who likes electric car locks. Other than that I had a great time with slandon23 while he was here and I look forward to him returning. He's welcomed at anytime.



Supermoose is recommended by DCJobber

I have been wanting to meet SuperMoose for a long time. When we finally got the chance, it turned out even better than I hoped.The pictures don't lie. He is All Man. He looks great, wrestles great, and is a really,really
nice guy. My only complaint would be that
we had a hotel match. Then again, if we had wrestled in a ring or on mats, I would have woken up. That would have been too perfect.
I hope to have those dream matches someday, but a dreamy opponent like SuperMoose will have me smiling for weeks...



DCJobber is recommended by Supermoose

Great experience wrestling this guy for me. It was just fun all-round. He encompasses the persona of an authentic pro wrestler from the classic era. It was like wrestling a big teddy bear and that pro wrestler you grew up watching on TV. Days after our match I find myself still thinking about it. Can't say enough good things about Zultac. He's smart, big and warm. Cut from the best cloth.



Atlfight is recommended by Supermoose

Skilled and serious. Loves to be punched and give out punches. Can be a worthwhile instructor during the match. Overall, I enjoyed myself and the match. Watch out for those heart punches. That's his speciality.