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Greek guy, new to wrestling that wants to try new things!!



  1. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
  2. United Kingdom, London
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Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (177 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Gear: Singlets, shorts, speedos, naked

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SuperBioGr is recommended by finest

Cocky, confident and never say die - such a great attitude always lifts a match to another level. SuperBioGr was up against 3 of us (all bigger and more experienced) in round robin 1:1s; tenacious and a quick learner with stamina this is definitely someone to challenge.



SuperBioGr is recommended by Biff

Nikos introduced me to the London Matroom at Hackney. I really enjoyed our wrestle. He is energetic, strong and determined, knows some neat moves and is definitely shaping up to be a formidable sub wrestler. He is also a lovely guy off the mats and I really appreciated him taking the time to meet an older inexperienced fella like me! Catch him while you can!



SuperBioGr is recommended by Perseus

Although this guy is relatively new to wrestling his appetite for wrestling is infectious. Super fit very handsome and super stamina make him an ideal opponent if u like a good workout with your wrestling. His use of his legs is awesome and he's got loads of natural ability and will only get better with experience. On top of this off the mats a super cool guy whose chilled and you can share a good beer with. Totally recommended I want round 2.



Perseus is recommended by SuperBioGr

I met Perseus at his place.
Although I am new, he was willing to have a wrestle despite him being experienced.
All along the evening he was showing me holds and moves which I got to try.
Perseus has got a great physique with his biceps giving some really inescapable holds!
We really worked out some good sweat and the whole experience was really worth it.
Very friendly and cool guy off the mats as well, we finished the evening with a beer nearby talking about anything and everything.
Looking forward to a second round some time soon.



SuperBioGr is recommended by hardfitsub

Friendly reliable guy. SBG is fit and handsome with lots of enthusiasm and stamina for wrestling which he is new to. Will no doubt quickly pick up technique so do meet him if you get the chance.



hardfitsub is recommended by SuperBioGr

I had a great time with hardfitsub.
It was half competitive half coaching type of evening.
He's a very friendly guy with a very good physique and some strong legs....his scissors were killing me.
Definitely want a second round.



SuperBioGr is recommended by Scrapmerchant 1

I met Nick at Stockwell mat room last night and what a pleasure it was - this guy is new to the wrestling scene but as his other opponents have said, he has tons of energy and stamina - he just keeps coming back for more. He has great upper body strength and likes a competitive bout. He had me in some difficulty a couple of times - it was a great match. This young man is the real deal - he is handsome, he has a great personality and looks great in his navy singlet. Roll on round 2!!!



Scrapmerchant 1 is recommended by SuperBioGr

After having met Alan a first time for a coffee I had realised how crazy of a man he is.
It took us a while but finally arranged a match in Stockwell.
He came prepared and proved his profile name right.
Sneaky and cheeky, he's very verbal and a very strong man and skilled wrestler.
He always says that he's only got 5 moves but his experience makes it easy for him to get away from difficult holds.
We had great fun a,d he's a very friendly man in and out of the mats.

Looking forward to wrestling him again as soon as I get some more experience.