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UPDATE October, 2018:
It looks like I was a bit premature with my earlier announcement trgarding my wrestling career ending due to health concerns. My situation is not as dire as originally diagnosed by my doctors.

Thankfully, the heart condition looks like it was a false alarm. Initially, my cardiologist erred on the side of caution but after numerous tests I have his blessing to resume normal activities—and I consider wrestling to be one of those normal activities. Some people are born with a slightly irregular heartbeat and can lead a perfectly normal life. Looks like I am one of the lucky winners in the irregular heartbeat lottery.

The only remaining problem is my knee. It looks like I wore it out and it needs to be replaced. January 14th is the date I go bionic. Guess it was all that headscissoring I did getting you guys to submit. Looking back, I have to say it’s quite an impressive line of broken/battered wrestlers behind me. :-)

Surprisingly, I can still wrestle to a degree as long as I don’t land on my bad knee and I can continue to use a scissors without injuring it further. That’s great news for me so I can still enjoy hearing you guys gasp out “I give.” :-) Please try and not to scream too loud when I get you to submit. The neighbors get alarmed, the police come and things get, well, awkward.

S-o-o-o-o-o, my wrestling buds, I’m still on the card for future bouts—at least until mid-January. With that being said, I suggest you guys go out and buy Bengay in the economical 55-gallon drum size so you have it on hand to soothe your aching bodies after tangling with me. :-)

UPDATE August 2018:
Well, I never thought I'd have to say this but heart issues and knee injuries have forced me to throw in the towel and end my wrestling personna. Thanks to all the great guys I have wrestled over the years. Ir's been a kick.

Looking for jobbers who want a slow, dominating, methodical workover. Not out to cause injury but just enough pain to feel good. Love to scissor my opponents and feel them squirm. All limits respected.

Trading holds is cool, too.



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Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 198 lbs (90 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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SqueezeUGood is recommended by DEjobberman

Absolutely a great time with this man. Multiple headlock submissions with him. Got him to tap out a few times but it took all my effort to do so.
Lots of fun. Well worth the meeting.



SqueezeUGood is recommended by checcio

Been wrestling Wally for years today we had a really great match started of with him catching me and taking control for a while then towards the end I took the match over and had my way with him. Real lot of fun great guy on and off the mat He is a gentleman and respects all limits too



checcio is recommended by SqueezeUGood

Frank is really a good wrestler and a cool guy. He totally respects your limits. I like wrestling him because our matches go back and forth. Sometimes he pins me and sometimes I get to return the favor. He instinctively knows how much pressure to put into a hold to keep you under control without injury so I always feel comfortable wrestling him. Off the mats he's a great guy and has become a very good friend.



SqueezeUGood is recommended by alpinisto

When I had visited Trenton in New Jersey in 2015 it had not been possible for me to wrestle Wally, but this year we succeeded in having a good motel wrestle, for like me he didn't have the place to wrestle. Wally is a friendly and sociable guy, knows a bit about scissors, my favorite hold, and I was happy that I could return the favor and finally put him in a headscissor! I can easily recommend him to any other wrestling visitor to New Jersey!



alpinisto is recommended by SqueezeUGood

Really enjoyed wrestling alpinisto. Quite a personable guy. I liked wrestling him because he respects your limits and took his time wrestling–I like long matches. He's got a great set of legs and can squeeze you really hard in a scissors. It's not often I submit from a head scissors but alpinisto wore me down and did get a submission from me. If you ever have the opportunity to meet/wrestle him it will be a great experience. Can't wait until he's back in my area again.



hunwrest is recommended by SqueezeUGood

Karl is a great guy. He was most accommodating to match our styles and I spent several hours with him on the mats. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to wrestle.



leopard trunks is recommended by SqueezeUGood

Had a great time wrestling leopard_trunks. Worked him over for almost two hours and he knows how to take punishment and, at times, returned the favor. He respects your limits and knows a lot wrestling holds. Incredibly strong, too. Looking forward to wrestling him many times.