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  • 6 June 2018 in Arlington VA Matroom ‒ Uploaded on 6/07/2018
  • December 21 (Winter Solstice) 2017, in Arlington VA Matroom ‒ Uploaded on 12/22/2017
  • Never mind the bare feet. You sure as hell don't want to get your gut or higher kicked with a booted foot. ‒ Uploaded on 1/08/2018
  • December 22, 2017--In one of those rare singlet moods ‒ Uploaded on 12/23/2017
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  • August 6, 2017 ‒ Uploaded on 8/06/2017
  • Winter Solstice 2017 in Matroom, Arlington, VA ‒ Uploaded on 12/22/2017
  • August 4, 2017 Outside the backyard wrestling area ‒ Uploaded on 8/05/2017
  • August 4, 2017 Outside the backyard wrestling area ‒ Uploaded on 8/05/2017
  • August 4, 2017 Outside the backyard wrestling area ‒ Uploaded on 8/05/2017
  • May 7, 2017 Trying out a bit of boxing; but wrestling/grappling/mma is my preference. ‒ Uploaded on 8/05/2017
  • June 18, 2017 In Matroom downstairs in Arlington VA ‒ Uploaded on 6/19/2017
  • June 18, 2017 In the Matroom at home ‒ Uploaded on 6/19/2017
  • June 18, 2017 ‒ Uploaded on 6/19/2017
  • Worn, worked over abs this Mayday (not m'aidez in this case) 2017 following a tuffening of the abs session with Gutpuncherva, who has returned to the site ‒ Uploaded on 5/01/2017
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  • Spruce the Rasslin' Yetiman in Arlington's Bon Air Park, Apr 28, 2017 ‒ Uploaded on 4/28/2017
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Seek some guys who want to get together here and wrestle/workout/martial arts. with each other – and be friends, socialize. Any referrals or other help in finding matches, training partners (especially locally), would be greatly appreciated

My recommendations say more than I can – Seven salient points being that (1) I am strong – stronger than most guys half my age – stronger than I look; (2) I have a nice matroom; (3) I welcome new guys and all other levels; (4) I respect limits and safety protocols [5] Am willing to coach, & be coached >

[6] Never have refused anyone who has requested to come here for a match if they really are into what this site is all about. [7] Competitive for those who want that; but I also like to be light 'n' playful for those into that – or even – into some BDSM – a natural adjunct to wrestling, for the "leather" action.

So I cover the spectrum. Add to that, I had some martial arts training in the past – and want guys to resume that with me.



  1. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
    8 Miles from home
  2. USA - Maryland, Bethesda
    Across the Potomac River
  3. USA - Virginia, Arlington, VA
    (I'm here from 6/15/2018)
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I am willing to travel 10 kilometers


Age: 76-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts, Speedos, Nude, Fully clothed for rip rasslin, judo/mma gi

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

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Spruceman is recommended by Wannawrestle

Hey Spruce. Nice meeting you tonight. Finally. Enjoyed our match, swapping sweat, tests of strength, and some good ab punishment. Your mild manner and pleasant demeanor allowed me to overtake you at one point. Liked our after match banter and conversation too and will work hard to dominate you completely next go around. Soon my friend.



Wannawrestle is recommended by Spruceman

Been messaging for quite some time; but life's events had precluded getting together. Then tonight, a bolt from the blue, saying 'What's our address? then "want to get together in an hour?" You bet! Sure thing. An hour later, faced this tough man on the mats.

Stronger at it than I was tonight, stronger than he believes he is, this handsome beefcake of a man controlled the match. Quite aggressive, but safe. Recommend for anyone, as he's sensible about things, erring on the side of caution when I asked him to test the hardness of my abs (his are solid also). Check him out, and take him on. He's had some good past opponents; and honored to be giving him his first written recommendation.



Spruceman is recommended by Ryaryab

What can I say, this guy may look nice but he’s SUPER strong. Really, don’t be fooled by his age, he is crazy. He taught me so much and I am excited to learn from him some more. Highly recommend.



Ryaryab is recommended by Spruceman

I was really happy to host this four-day newbie to the site and to (5/28/2018). "Try whatever you want below the head" (only after a detailed safety briefing). Like to find out what "nature/genetics" have conveyed to a newbie.

He sure did not disappoint me. Quick learner. Bills himself as a jobber; but will suddenly try to "turn the tables on you." I showed him a decent number of holds/tactics, and he was using every one against me, including counters to some of mine.

He's a really nice guy, quick learner–very quick ("Any move you teach, can and will be used against you."), and a strong desire to learn more.

Take him on; train with him. He's welcome back anytime; and he returned on Nov 9, 2018, and he seems to have remembered what I had shown him just over five months ago..



Spruceman is recommended by Dad fighter

I had the good fortune of spending an afternoon with Spruceman. Though our styles differ, I approached our encounter on 2 levels.
First, I wanted to know how a man his age was in such great shape. More powerful then many men I've wrestled including me.
Second, learn from his vast experience. Spruce is a great mentor and showed me how to elevate my ground game. He's an incredibly powerful man. He certainly controlled me on the mat but a great teaching opportunity. Looking forward to our next encounter when I return To DC area this spring. I'm inspired. Thanks Bud..



Dad fighter is recommended by Spruceman

Hosted Dad_Fight here in the matroom (11/4/2018), which broke a nearly four-week-long wrestling drought for me. His pics don't do him justice; as he is leaner, stronger, and more handsome in person. It was primarily an encounter for him to show me some of the pro moves he enjoys; and for me to show him a few things to make him more adroit in the competitive sphere. Things he picked up rather quickly – and used them against me competitively – and making me happy he appreciated what I showed him.

Though he's rather new to Meetfighters, his wrestling experience dates all the way back to that old New York Wrestling Club, of pre-Internet days primarily using a print newsletter and the US Mail. So he knows more than he believes he does, just as he is stronger than he believes he is.

I recommend him highly – very nice, friendly, safe 'n' sensible man. And I am looking forward to when he revisits the DC area come next Summer.



Spruceman is recommended by Muleman

Spruceman is one hell of a guy. He works out constantly and it shows. We met at the asylum open house and had a great time wrestling with him. Looking forward to visiting him on his home turf very soon



Muleman is recommended by Spruceman

Tangled on the mats with Muleman at the UCW open house event March 24, 2018. Had a great time taking on this skilled, tall, fit man. A chance of do it in a real ring – what a blast. I was impressed at his eagerness to learn pro from the training staff provided during the event. Hope to tangle with him next time–and if he adds my area to where he wants to travel, he's welcome to come visit me.



Spruceman is recommended by grove123

I caught Spruceman when he was recovering from surgery but you would never know it. Struggled for several hours to conquer the recovering Spruceman but to no avail. But we had a good time and best of all Sprueman was able to show me some moves and tactics that I will work on and turn on him when we next meet. Finally as others have said he is a perfect gentleman and very interested in making sure that we had a good (and safe) experience.



grove123 is recommended by Spruceman

Hosted Grove midday (10/09/2018) for a couple hours to give him a requested working over here in the matroom, resisting his attempts to 'conquer' me (all in good fun), and showing him some moves, tactics so he can turn the tables on his future opponents.

He arrived on time, ready for action at the get go, no wasting time – clean, safe, friendly, fun, and made efficient use of his time. He appreciates being shown wrestling moves. Recommended for a fun-time on the mats.



Spruceman is recommended by NorthnVa

Met with Spruceman and Just_Dan yesterday . Two great guys. It was my first meeting from the site so I was a little nervous. We had chatted a bit on the site and was impressed how genuine they were in person. Spruceman was a very welcoming host and took the time to go over safety issues first and how to get the most out of a match. He is also a strong and seasoned grappler willing to take time out of a match to teach about holds and positioning. He was not at 100% on the ground but he was still a challenging opponent. One the negative side he does seem to give out some overblown recommendations but that may be because he is just a nice guy.

I am too new here to rate people as best or better but I am glad I met with him as early as I did.



NorthnVa is recommended by Spruceman

NorthnVA visited today (9/24/18) to hit the mats with both Just_Dan and me. He's brand new to the site; but he is much stronger and more skilled than either of us – and more than he believes he is. He has a lot of that "natural ability" in the physics of manhandling and has experience wrestling in school; and has practiced judo, Tae Kwon Do, and other martial sport as well. I didn't have a chance against him; and likely would not have had, even if I had the full use of the left arm at this time.

If you are skilled and experience, he's already of the caliber to take you on.. He's also very safety conscious; so he' good for new guys as well. I want to meet him again when I'm back at 100 percent, although I suspect he'd still be owning me on the mats.. I venture that odds are good, that he can readily handle the vast majority of the men on this site. Nice guy, safe, skilled, not pretentious---Go for it!,



Spruceman is recommended by maryland pb

Newly relocated to DC area, met Spruceman on a different site. Invited me over for an introductory match.

New to wrestling, but he was tough, skilled, smart and encouraging. Wore ME out! Looking forward to getting more involved and getting more training! Grr



maryland pb is recommended by Spruceman

Proud to have met this man on 3/30-2018 on another site; tangled with him in the matroom; and recruited him to Meetfighters. He had never strictly "wrestled" in the past; but he has had "man handling" experience occupationally.. And he hit the mats with good solid-muscled "man handling" capability. Gave me a real run for the money to keep things about 50/50 in terms of the tapper/tapee ratio.

What a prize to meet. Strong, friendly, skilled from the get go. We 'clicked." I could tell from the first few seconds, "This man is material for Meetfighters." We plan to work together at mutual body building, mutual skill building. More to come; a he's going to be a stellar 'grandson.'

Update Sept 3, 2018: Great training session with him to toughen up his mid section, front to back. He's very eager to get tough Gave him a great workout, which he was eager to do.



Spruceman is recommended by Kruhn

A fun guy that can probably run circles around guys half his age. I had a great time with him. This is one guy you don't want to miss. Highly recommended



Kruhn is recommended by Spruceman

I reckon at 6' 8", most men whould instinctively address him as Sir. But when he was here on July 4, 2018, I'd rather think of him as the gentle, friendly giant, who has skill and mass which can control almost anyone in any fight sport. Had a great afternoon tangling in our judo gis doing some ab work together, and apprising him of the current state of my ab routine.. He demonstrated massively how he could own a guy my size (or just about any size) on the mats

WOW! What a friendly man, with wrestling and judo talents, a great disposition, and willingness to share what he knows. I hope to meet up with him again; and I highly recommend him. No wonder so many men here also recommend him.



Spruceman is recommended by jimmyterrific

As soon as I met him I knew we were going to have a great time. He has alot of workout out stuff to keep in shape, wish I was as muscular as he is in core, we wrestled very early to see where both stood, He got me down on the mat with his strength, if it was like in high school I would have been pinned early. He did get me in some moves with my arms and I would not tap out, he could have applied more pressure, but was fearing I could damage my arm, so he did not apply any more pressure, had such a great time, and I am still here and I am going to have a great time wrestling and learning from him.



jimmyterrific is recommended by Spruceman

Jimmy is here visiting for a spell starting a couple days ago. First match July 9 so this is preliminary. He is very strong –solid but even then stronger than he looks. He is very persistent at holding out from tapping–

Very friendly, tough, persistent in a match like an Energizer Bunny. Highly recommended, as he loves to roll. Bene note has a very high pain tolerance; so I had to gauge when to stop applying too much pressure to avoid injury



Spruceman is recommended by RasslinCub

Just got together with Spruceman and he is one strong, tough guy on the mats, and really knows his wrestling technique. He's also a great guy in general..

Just goes to show you. Age is only a number and doesn't always tell the true story. He'll hold his own against anyone, including guys 1/2 his age.

I'd recommend him.



RasslinCub is recommended by Spruceman

Update (7/7/2018) Great to wrestle with RasslinCub yet again – our fourth encounter since our first in May 2006. A really nice guy who kept at it with me for almost 3 hours this afternoon. I'd swear, his body has not aged a bit since that first meetup – and looks and is stronger now than back then – probably attributable to his labor intensive occupation; as today was his first wrestling since our last meetup in Feb. 2016.

He has good strong legs to be a living vise. Time well spent mixing spells of competitive, instructional trading holds & moves, and playful as well. Hope he returns very soon Wish he lived down the block, rather than more than two hours away. Really nice guy – one of my favorites. Highly recommended. Not many wrestlers live near him; so if you are travelling his way, try to take him on.



Spruceman is recommended by Condecon

Friendly teacher, encouraging, and generous with his advise! Really strong abs - he took over 300 punches, which gave me a good workout. I did diamond push-ups with my palms on his abs, and even stood on his abs (I am about 175 lbs). Good space for training the gut and wrestling. Will be training with him in future. If you are looking for a good wrestling session with lots of gut punching, look him up!



Condecon is recommended by Spruceman

He met with Condecon today (July 1, 2018) so we could work with each other in gut toughening, endurance and other items recommended by our common, over-the-phone, fighting trainer (site member, RadnerBearman). Wow. As he is quite new to the site, I also had the honor, to help intro him more to wrestling. He has great defensive instincts and was fun to take on.

He is much stronger, tougher, more skilled than I had expected. And better than he, himself, had expected. That surely showed up on the Bosu[tm] work and in throwing and taking gut-punches. I am so happy to be working with him on the mats, possibly on a monthly basis.. He's also a really nice guy – safe, wanting to improve, cheerful man. Very highly recommended.



Spruceman is recommended by wrestleinva1986

Well, I don't really know what else to say about spruce that hasn't been already said. Like the tree, spruce is solid, strong, and reliable. Unlike the tree is flexible, knowledgeable about wrestling, and very passionate about it. Do not prejudge his abilities based upon his age; he is in better shape than most people 25/30 years his junior. As he says, age is just a number! I had a very good time wrestling him today and giving him and his adorable husband hugs. Again, please do wrestle him if you find the chance. In addition to being fun to wrestle, he's affable, interesting, and very hilarious. He also has an amazing setup in his basement. Will hopefully see you again soon, spruce! Regards, Phillip



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by Spruceman

Hosted wrestleinva1986 today (6/21/2018); and wow!!! what strength in his legs and arms. Far stronger than he looks suggest – strong arms and the legs can attack with the speed of a striking rattler and the squeeze of an anaconda – get too close to those legs; and its crossing the event horizon of a black hole.

I had very little knowledge I could pass on to him as he is very skilled, more than his past opponent count would suggest; because he was absent from Meetfighters for awhile some years back. Really nice guy, very mindful of safety.

You will certainly want to meet up and tangle with him; but be mindful of where you are in respect to those legs at all times. Great, friendly, conversationalist, and gives great hugs afterwards



Spruceman is recommended by dcgrappler

Spruceman is a gracious host and spirited competitor. Very nice guy on and off the mats. Knowledgeable and fearless, he's a load of fun and is well-informed about our wrestling community. A keen and insightful grappler, he's also surprisingly strong. I highly recommend a trip to Spruceman's wrestling room when visiting the nation's capital.
Looking forward to future rematches with this guy.



dcgrappler is recommended by Spruceman

What a great time meeting and wrestling with this skilled, strong, sociable, man. All those good things already said about him are true. From the first few seconds meeting him at the Metro station, I knew I have a new friend. A perfect afternoon.

Friend or not, in the matroom, he can be ninety-nine, and forty-four one hundredths percent pure wrestling, making me tap quite a few times compared to his sole, solitary tap – Not bad, having thought the ratio would have been many-to-zero–and it took him some time and strong effort at that :). . But he can do it in a fun way There's a learning curve; and I think some of the tactics were to let me know where I need to improve.

Recommendation is: If you ever get the chance to take him on – DO IT!! He's among the very best in the DC area. You'll enjoy him, I did, even if you are tapping like a woodpecker.



Spruceman is recommended by ScrimmageJock

Wow! I feel so fortunate to have met Spruceman in the first place and then also to have him mentor me is truly amazing.

From the moment we started chatting to my first step onto his mats he has been supportive, friendly, wise, humorous, competitive and most of all, trustworthy.

We started off with just a few words of wisdom and a couple rules to keep us both safe...and then we went at it. There is no better learning situation than that!

Spruceman is an athlete (works out much harder than I do) and has nothing to prove making him the perfect mentor and coach!

His indoor mat setup is nice, very safe, well padded and Spruceman is the perfect host. We talked but it wasn't too much...just the right amount of learning and sweaty man on man action.

Spruceman is the type of guy that can offer something to almost anyone, no matter how long or little you might have wrestled, strong or fit you may be, young or old you are, etc.



ScrimmageJock is recommended by Spruceman

May 26, 2018 Update: WOW, Scrimmage has come a long way over the past seven months, stronger, far more skilled, and increasingly making me tap out at times in our training sessions. And he's garnered so many matches, enabling him to train with and handle men of all different sizes, shapes, weights, and skill levels.

He's moved out of the DC area; but I sure hope he can return from time to time so we can continue to work together. He's welcome anytime. Got to admit I'm envious of the rate he can attract the opponents, 3+ times mine – found many a guy who had to take me on as well to use my matroom (will miss that). Give him a couple years and he'll be on the site's top ten list.. I'm proud to have him as a friend, as a wrestling/fighting mate, as a protege. If you get the chance, take him on. You'd be a fool not to

----Original, which stands---

I have really lucked out having recruited Scrimmagejock to Meetfighters and his requesting me to mentor him. . We had a "light" introductory match Nov. 13, 2017, f ive days before our originally planned first heavy-duty training. Guess what, it was more than a lightweight intro. He is one tremendous man on and off the mats. He is big, well muscled-strong and a challenge in his own right, despite never having wrestled or any of the fight sports in his life.

He threw great punches; and his abs have gained strength since having joined up with my abs/back coach (RadnerBearman) recently. We hit the mats in real submissive wrestling right afterwards for the better part of our three-hour session. He is a quick learner in resisting some of my moves and executing some. Take how quickly he picks up moves, and his sheer strength, he is going to be one formidable opponent for most you very quickly. Guaranteed that this report will get some updates right quick. Looking forward to working with him on submission wrestling, body boxing, and together learning pro and other styles.



Spruceman is recommended by papin

Hey a great time with Spruceman, he was a great host, and super teacher. He is very fit and has a brutally strong grip. I wasn't much of a match for him he is too skilled. He has an awesome mat setup and encourage anyone to take advantage of it and him if they can travel there. In addition he is a very nice guy and has a strong appreciation and knowledge of the sport. Was mostly upper body match and he clearly had the strength, looking forward to rolling with him again.



papin is recommended by Spruceman

He is strong and large enough that I thought at first I would be tapping like a woodpecker; it quickly became a coaching (nonetheless competitive) session ensued to help him add to his basic instincts against more than arm bars, sleepers, full nelsons real good.

He quickly picked up and employed the need to keep the arms close in and two-handed gripping fingers tucked in, among other things, including breakaway escapes --- my passing along things which Redlandguy taught me months ago.. By the end of the session, he was a better wrestler than when he arrived. That made me proud.

Here are the recommendations. He has good instincts, strong enough body, and skills to give you a good match. Take him on, and do what everyone should do for every relatively new opponent – Tell him when he's making himself vulnerable. Take a few minutes to show him a couple holds, moves, escapes, or other pointers, (as everyone has something unique to pass on and unique needs to be addressed.) Let him try them on you. Go for it. As with every one of my past opponents, he's welcome to return for encores.



Spruceman is recommended by Rassling Ref

Nothing but positives for my match with Spruceman. Incredibly strong, very patient, very knowledgeable. I’m not trained...just pick up things by watching and I like wrestling men who test me but also know when to back off short of injury. Spruce is a gentleman and a great trainer. I’m sure we’ll wrestle again and again. And I’m looking forward to the day I can apply a hold from which he has to tap out....dream on, right Spruce?



Rassling Ref is recommended by Spruceman

Hosted him here in the matroom 4/6/2018 for the first time and he is a nice, fun, man. He is returning to the wrestling scene, and wants to regain and build upon his past skills. Was a fun time passing on a few things to avoid, some holds (including what Just_Dan had taught me and Ctrwash three days earlier about full nelsons). RR is stronger than hi loos, anxious to gain more experience, picks up moves rather quickly, and plans to return.

Give him a try; as he is a fun guy and wants to learn more. Reckon I'll need to revise things here as he advances.



Spruceman is recommended by Just Dan

Update from my original February 2016 post: So far nobody has taken me up on my $50.00 wager offer. That just shows me that the selfie generation guys on here are smarter than I thought. ;-)

Just Dan

Here's a tip for you. If you think Spruceman is too old or too frail for you, you are in for a surprise. If you are under 210#, and are not a trained MMA fighter or present or former collegiate wrestler, I have $50.00 that says he will kick your ass, and I don't care how old you are. This guy is a poster child for how to stay fit throughout your lifetime.

When I agreed to wrestle him I thought "i'm practically a decade younger, I'm in pretty good shape, he's old and gray, I'll probably have to go easy on him to keep from hurting him. Wrong, wrong, wrong. He's solid muscle, neck to toe. I had no chance against him. Let me tell you I am not a jobber. I like genuine competitive matches and I fully intended to control the match. It didn't take long to realize that wasn't going to happen.

If you are in the Washington DC area and want a real match look him up but be prepared. If you just want to explore a little or whatever tell him so. He's a gentleman and he will adjust his intensity to match your strength and ability.

If you are a cocky 20 or 30 something and think you are tough, I suggest you don't challenge him. I have $50 dollars that says he sends you home with your tail between your legs. If you want to take me up on the wager get in touch with me and I'll tell you how we will set it up so that it keeps us all honest.

Just Dan



Just Dan is recommended by Spruceman

April 2018 Supplemental. Have hosted Just Dan at least a dozen times times; and have seen how his has improved in strength, aggro, and skill. Always enjoy tangling with him. He is more than three times the wrestler he was back in February of 2016, when I first met him. He's far more serious competition for me now (in spite of my gains) and will be for you. One of my best friends; and the coaching is symbiotic – with me giving him tips in submission wrestling, he helping me out in Free style – his forte.** Recommend you take him on; and don't be surprised if you get pinned, makes you tap, or "kicks your butt."

(Feb 2016) Hosted Dan here at the house for the first time. He is a very strong man (not only for his age, but in absolute terms) – keeping himself in really good shape. He knows some rather unbreakable (or requiring brute bust-out strength) holds. We spent a couple hours on the mats doing both submission and exchanging holds. The best thing one can say here about him or anyone else is "I want to wrestle him again and again" – hope and expect that to happen as his schedule permits – especially come spring and there is space in the yard to really go at it with some judo mixed in.



Spruceman is recommended by ctrwash

Hey men,
You want a match with an unstoppable bull of a wrestler? Then you've come to the right man. Take my word, and look at Just Dan's recommendation if you want further proof. I'm not the greatest wrestler, but I've met guys equal to or less powerful than I. But holy hell...I was NO MATCH for Spruce! This guy is formidable on the mat. Not only that, he conditions daily with 1000 to 1500 ab crunches, giving him a high-charged and balanced core he uses to the fullest. Age doesn't matter. He can wup anybody. Give him a try and be prepared! He is a great guy, a solid friend. Take him on!
Update 4/5/2018
Oh thought my existing recommendation was over the top? Then hear this: Since last year, Spruce has been consistently training harder, and he is so damn tough and strong I CANNOT budge him! Absolutely solid in the gut and abs, my fist stops cold at impact; not a brick wall, but close. The hardest gut you will ever encounter. Add to that much more developed biceps, triceps, and forearms, and you have a tank of a wrestler. I am extremely proud of this man's diligence and dedication to his health. And what a friend. You need to wrestle him; he is quite unbelievable.



ctrwash is recommended by Spruceman

(Spring 2017 & 2018) Ctrwash spends several days here at the house on his annual Amtrak trip East; giving me opportunity for several matches – competitive wrestling, gutpunching, and oil wrestling. As to competitive, he put up a great resistance to my takedowns and holds.

As his profile and other recommendations indicate, his forte is the ability to deliver and withstand gut punches. He has one strongest set of abs on this site– almost like a rock – trained by RadnerBearman (my trainer as well)– the toughest abs I have yet to encounter, To top things off, I had a threeway-oil wrestling session with him in 2017 and a competitive 3-way with him and another guy in 2018..

Where he is also absolutely stellar, and in the top one-tenth of a percent category. He is one of the most personable, friendly, genuine human beings I have ever met – the kind of person who easily could be a friend for life. Upbeat in all respects and never a discouraging word from him during his entire visit [hopefully only the first of many more.

To sum it up – a solid one-hundred-percent recommendation. One of my best friends, who like me, like to rough it up safely and a hard gut punch is the replacement to "hello" and "farewell" handshakes.



Spruceman is recommended by wrestlerarl703

Had a really good time with Spruceman. I am new to wrestling and Spruceman took his time and eased me into wrestling. He made me feel right at home and calmed my fears. He has a nice mat room in his basement. Spruceman himself is very strong and you learn a lot from him. He definitely is a great teach and I look to meet up with him again soon. to He is very friendly and respectful especially with me being new to wrestling. Contact him if you want someone with experience to give you instruction.



wrestlerarl703 is recommended by Spruceman

Had the pleasure today (3/29/18) this brand new gentleman to both wrestling and the site. Took less than an hour from first contact on line to taking the introduction to the mats. He is in great shape (gym-built bod) and hopped right into action at the get go after the usual health/medical questions and apprising him of a few safety protocols.

What can I say other than he's brand new to it, is a really nice guy, wants to learn, wants to do things safely, and is in shape. What more do I need in someone I would be glad to mentor into the scene? I hope he wants what little coaching I can render. I don't think it would take long for him to get into the full swing of the site.



Spruceman is recommended by mikey3458

Knowledgeable, fun, and full of energy that's how I would describe Spruceman. We had a match and it was so much fun, he was concerned about my limitations and kept within them. A safe fun guy to be with. I can't wait till our next match. If you get the chance definitely meet up with Spruceman he is well worth it."



mikey3458 is recommended by Spruceman

Really happy to meet Mikey at the UCW open house he and his staff hosted on March 24, 2018. Was great to have a light playful wrestling session with this man of decades of experience. Here's a man who welcomes and can take lots of abuse with a glean in the eyes and a smile on the face. Got for it. Grab a friend or two to make it more lite 'n' lively.



Spruceman is recommended by hashbock

I recently managed to re-connect with Spruceman. He's got great strength and endurance, and is safe and sane on the mats. He's also improved a lot in his skills over the last 10 years, especially his defensive skills. It was great to get on the mats again with him, and I'd recommend you do so also.



hashbock is recommended by Spruceman

Met Hashbock more than a decade ago in Indiana PA; and got to meet up with him at the UCW get together April 24, 2018 in Claymont DE. This man is not only skilled, but he seems to be telepathic – knowing every offensive/defensive move you might be considering to use against him ten moves down the pike. He has a counter to anything I was thinking and a counter to any counter I was thinking about his offensives.

Don't let his age or size fool you – guaranteed that if you are standing after a minute on the mat with him, it is because he is letting you to be standing. That's as far as wrestling is concerned. He is also skilled at judo; and I hope next encounter (not a decade later, I hope), I don a gi and see how few nanoseconds it takes for him to take me down. Extremely highly recommended.



Spruceman is recommended by DCJobber

I am glad Spruceman is back wrestling. He is a super-nice guy and has a great body that puts most 30 yr olds to shame. A workout fanatic that can also wrestle ! We've wrestled quite a few times over the years. Wrestle him if you get the chance. He's pretty darned good......



DCJobber is recommended by Spruceman

I would be remiss if I didn't occasionally bump this gentleman's recommendation to the top of the pile; as he is the first guy I wrestled more than ten years ago. He has spent more time with me, shown me more moves and holds, and tried to make me a wrestler than any five men combined over the years. Great man.

We date from when he hosted a wrestling club in Washington DC for many years. Super with beginners, works well with guys of all, ages, builds, and experience. You can trust him on do's and don'ts and any limits. A natural teacher, and a good friend. Looking forward to being on the mats with him many times again over my forthcoming decade, no, make that my forthcoming 25 years of wrestling..



Spruceman is recommended by ringmaster

I saw Spruceman at a wrestling party last weekend after many years. He had not changed one bit. Clearly submission wrestling is his game (but not mine) and he
still has a fire lit to do it. He wrestled most of the other submission guys there,
regardless of shape or size or age, and had a great time. He was still there after
4 hours when I had to leave. You should take every chance you can to wrestle this
living legend.



ringmaster is recommended by Spruceman

March 24, 2018: After more than a decade, I got to tangle today with this skilled wrestler, at the UCW Open House in Claymont, Delaware. He is every bit and then some as skilled, and strong as ever and still can overwhelm more on the mats, . Nice to say, though, things are not quite as lopsided as back then. Also more of the time was taken up with welcome pro instruction and action; as I'm one never to turn down free instruction/training if I can get to it. :) This guy is still a master at the sport.

[Original, part)Travelled to Annapolis on four occasions between April 27 and September 15 of 2006 to hit the mats with ringmaster. That was right after I had first taken up the sport and he was recommended to me as someone who is a wrestling expert. I was told truthfully; as he sure let me realize how new I was at it. He has a great setup with a ring in his basement. It was an honor to meet with one of the most experienced wrestlers in the area. Try him. You'll quickly find out your areas which need improving – He is a good coach to meet and have as a friend.



Spruceman is recommended by samfighter

Had a great time with Spruceman. He's an all-around nice guy and I had a great time teaching him some basic boxing skills. He's also a great teacher, very patient, and willing to break things down for a beginner! He's super strong too, but willing to adjust if needed. Looking forward to putting on the gloves with him again.



samfighter is recommended by Spruceman

Rode up with ScrimmageJock to Baltimore to meet Samfighter yesterday (March 10, 2018) for some boxing and wrestling in a ring. Really great symbiotic session, with him teaching us boxing and with us teaching him submission wrestling.

Samfighter is a phenomenal teacher, very instructive and even more so patient with this relative newbie to boxing – it was matched by his interest in learning wrestling. I want encores; and I recommend him highly as a top-notch boxer and an eager-to-learn wrestler/grappler.

On top of that, he's a great person, hospitable, and willing to go out to eat afterwards at a place on his block in downtown Baltimore.



Spruceman is recommended by virginian

Don't let his age fool you, Spruceman is strong as an ox and stubborn as a bull. Lots of fun to wrestle in his well-appointed basement mat room. He's a great host and wrestling partner. He certainly put the hurting on this out of shape guy. Hope for a rematch soon.



virginian is recommended by Spruceman

Had the good luck to host this new-to-the-site, former youth wrestling coach, for his premiere engagement as a MeetFighters member, here in the matroom . We rolled an hour with his showing me the freestyle from his coaching background (WOW. So many things I do which are 'illegal' in freestyle) and my showing him some of the 'dirty stuff' we submission style guys do – along with apprising him of what we never should do intensity/duration wise. A very symbiotic thing;

A very enjoyable experience meeting him, with hopes of more visits to continue this symbiosis of learning wrestling styles. Look him up and ask for a match. He is one really nice guy. You will enjoy meeting him on the mats.



Spruceman is recommended by Boxer VA

Spruceman is a fantastic wrestling partner. I've known him for about 10 years, and have nothing but the highest opinion of him. Tough, strong, skilled, and a true gentleman off the mat. Very highly recommended.



Boxer VA is recommended by Spruceman

I owe it to BoxerVA to update you on how this wrestler I'm mentoring has improved so much over the years and recently. Had a match with him yesterday (Feb 19, 2018) as was so impressed how his already hard body had become so much harder and his skillful wrestling had become so much more skilled recently. I've tangled with him for over a decade; and he keeps getting de facto "younger," stronger, leaner, and more skilled.

I recommend this really nice person to anyone from a total newbie to the very experienced. I trust him enough to have been the first guy to box with and to mentor me at it. He can work the full light-to-heavy action spectrum.

He has gone to great efforts to meet me so many times over the years – a friendship which will last our lives. And you can bet he will be one tough boxer and wrestler 10, 20, 30 or more years from now. Go for it! But be real; because he can (1) spot phonies and (2) can throw one of the hardest punches I've taken. Check my blog for more about him.



Spruceman is recommended by DenverWrestler

It's a real pleasure to see an 'older guy' take up wrestling and show such enthusiasm for it. Spruceman has created an excellent wrestling space with double-thickness floor mats and mats along the side, and he's very eager to improve his skills and host matches. He learned good defensive skills even before I came to take him on, and it takes considerable effort to get him to submit. We practiced a lot of BJJ moves, including some to add to his offensive arsenal, and he quickly put them to good use. He has strong forearms, wrists, and hands, which makes it difficult to break through his guard and apply a lot of submission holds. On top of all this, he's a genuine nice guy who loves wrestling, and I encourage anyone who wants a good workout in a great wrestling space to set up a match with him. Any young guys who don't think he would be much competition should take him on and find out for yourself.



DenverWrestler is recommended by Spruceman

WOW! No wonder he is top dawg on this site. Hosted him and ScrimmageJock in my matroom; and we had a great time over a span of 3-1/2 hours this afternoon (2/11/18). Guess what folks? He is everything good, strong, talented which the scores of past opponents here have already said. He is virtually invincible with the tap-out ratio easily being ten taps by me or Scrimmage for every one of his (the one usually being permissive).

Denver is strong, stronger than he appears, quick, and – as hundreds of others can attest – capable of making just about any of the men on this site tap out like woodpeckers – and do it safely without causing injury (other than maybe to ego)

He's was great at teaching me and Scrimmage what and how he was doing it, how we enabled it, how to avoid it in the future, and having us try it on him – several times. Wish I had a recording of our encounter to go over all the great teaching he was doing, reminding me of the teaching skill and patience that Redlandguy has – another great man here on MeetFighters among my recommendations .

I want an encore, next time he's in town. Probably be amending this as the welcomed "shock and awe" from this man's talent mitigate.



Spruceman is recommended by redlandguy

Nice guy, good wrestler, in incredible shape for his age. Stronger than he looks. Proof that it's never too late to wrestle. Has no fear of big guys. Genuinely enjoys the sport.

Stay strong. If I'm in as good shape as you are when I'm your age, I will be luckier than I deserve to be.



redlandguy is recommended by Spruceman

Dare I call it a match; it was a crash course of instruction. You probably have seen new guys' written reviews of some typical wrestler – how they were so awestruck with what his opponent knew? A run-of-the-mill, typical wrestler, such as I, can be equally awestruck by Redlandguy. We all need that kind of humbling from time to time–I sure as hell was.

He is wrestling raised to the tenth power; as I was helpless versus him . He could counter every move I tried before the mere thought of making the body to execute them. The competitive phase of the match ended within a few nanoseconds and the instructive phase began.

I heard/read about how well he can teach–every word of praise of his abilities to instruct, with living examples, is gospel truth. In an hour and twenty minutes, he imparted more info as how to be a better wrestler than any ten hours I have ever received. The is one of those times I will use that generally overused word –"AWESOME." His ability on the mats is something for everyone to look up to and to strive to achieve. Very highly recommended.



Spruceman is recommended by ironranger

If you're thinking wrestling a 70+ year old will be a cake walk, meet Spruceman. He's a fitness fanatic, still pretty strong, and tenacious. He was quite a handful. Safe, sane, a gracious host. And a fascinating conversationalist. Go for it.

Round 2: Not quite 2 years since our first match, and I can tell you that Spruceman has gotten considerably stronger. His grip is vice-like! And he's definitely added speed and skill. What hasn't changed is his love of the sport and the competition. Don't let his age deter you. He's a well seasoned, strong grappler who can certainly keep up with the youngsters.



ironranger is recommended by Spruceman

After nearly two years since meeting Ironranger last, got to host him, along with ScrimmageJock for three-way action (two at a time) in my matroom. Iron is indeed still an iron man when it comes to wrestling. I'm stronger than in 2016 but he still, as he me tapping decent number of times. Instruction session as well, sharing his knowledge.

A perfect way, this time, to end a three-week wrestling drought. Every bit as strong, more skilled, even more friendly than in 2016. Both of us enjoyed his being on the mats here. Wish I had a neighbor like this guy (but I wouldn't get in a dispute with him about plants in our yards. :). Take him on. Might whip your butt, but won't break it. Am proud to have him as a rasslin' friend. Hope it's not almost 2 years for the next time.

... Part of Original 2016 post below:

Ironranger was the perfect way to break a five-week famine

He is strong, much stronger than suggested in the pictures. Although he said he doesn't have a whole lot of experience, his great wrestling talent must mean he is one of those "naturals" who could sense my next move and counter it. He was in control about 99.7 percent of the encounter; but the workout was, to say the least, exhilarating–all wrestling, all workout, no nonsense.



Spruceman is recommended by WrestleBob

Solid bod, like wrestling a rock. Tried some pro on him and he put a few mma moves on me. He will work on relaxing his reflexive "got to win" mindset from mma to the more "go with the flow" pro style and I will bulk up by 50 pounds to be competitive. A gracious host with a neat mat room, and a sense of humor you might not expect from his postings. He totally followed our agreed upon guidelines and skillfully moderated his weight, strength and skill to a comfortable level, beginners have no fear. We had fun. Spruce is a unique wrestling experience you should enjoy. /// That damn poodle has been trained to attack when I yell for help. Think he was intimidated and just faking sleep.



WrestleBob is recommended by Spruceman

Hosted WrestleBob today (1/9/2018), and had a real fun time with him trying to get me more into pro action. Hew as trying to work me into the genre; but I am so tied into the resistance learned doing submission and mma that I doubt I was all that appropriate, give our weight difference.

He is a great guy, friendly, cheerful, and playful in the wrestling Department. I sure want to see him again, come warm weather when we can do an oil thing in the backyard. Given the 43 pounds (20 KG) difference in mass, an oil-the great equalizer match would be far more appropriate, at this stage of my learning pro action.

I like the guy. He even brought his well-behaved poodle with him, which mostly slept during the two and a half hours of fun wrestling after wondering WITF are these crazy humans doing. WrestleBob is fun. Recommend you meet up with him for some playful pro.



Spruceman is recommended by LuckyLarryLoser

After 2 years making excuses I finally agreed to take the 2 hour drive to Arlington to meet Spruceman. Why did I wait so long?
He is a bull of a man. Powerfully strong. Great biceps. A stomach of steel And legs that would make a python in the Amazon jealous. I am a jobber that will resist and Spruceman is wrestler who will meet you where you are. I like to be squeezed. I like to feel the power and the masculinity of another man as he puts me in holds and I am left with no recourse but to submit. He did not disappoint. (He is very, very cautious and will ask many times if you are OK and if you want him to continue.) My head is sore. My jaw is sore. My ribs are sore. My waist is sore. All from the leg scissors and head locks and choke holds that he had me endure. He is a gracious, funny and caring man. If you are ever in the Mid Atlantic, please connect with him. It is worth the experience. Don't wait 2 years like I did!



LuckyLarryLoser is recommended by Spruceman

Hosted LLL today (12/3/2017) matroom, and was pleasantly surprised. His pics here do not do his justice. Much more handsome face and the bod is better built – leaner & more muscled.

Had a lot of fun wrestling him down and locking him up (he was in seventh heaven) and letting him throw punches at my gut and other areas [razzing him along the way, by saying "You can start punching anytime." followed by taking him down and rendering some of those quintessential pro-style fake punches.

He is a jobber in excelsis enjoying just about every hold, twist, and turn I could imagine using on him; but with him putting up enough resistance and aggression to make it a viable matchup for me.

In summary, he is playful, yet versed enough to add enough promission realism to label it a dom/sub or heel/jobber encounter. I recommend him both as a new friend and wrestler with whom I want an encore(s). Add him to your "want-to-meet" list.



Spruceman is recommended by jiminmaine

I enjoyed meeting and grappling with Spruceman during my trip to DC. He is an experienced wrestler and is strong and capable. Don't let his age fool you; he is still competitive on the mats. He has a nice set up at his home and is very welcoming. Three of us wrestled together, practicing holds, giving each other tips, and doing some one-on-one grappling. It was a great time.



jiminmaine is recommended by Spruceman

Here's a man whom one might not assume, by his outward appearance, is the very skilled, strong, wrestler that he is; but looks can very deceiving. He's good, real good; and he had me and my wrestling protégé (Scrimmagejock) tapping almost like two woodpeckers, the evening of November 17, 2017. The three of us were on the mats for almost three hours, taking turns wrestling and closely observing; while Jim was letting us know by word and deed, where we were doing something amiss and what/how we could be doing it better.

There is little more I can say other than hosting him was a perfect way to spend an early Friday evening, learning how to improve one's skill, and having a real fun time doing it. The time really flew in the presence of this strong, skilled, patient wrestling guru. Hope to host him the next time he's in town. He is one man you should connect with on the mats and strive to emulate.



Spruceman is recommended by boombambam

Such a great guy. Don't let his age fool you. Rock hard stomach, great skills. Willing to teach or roll with you. Has mats, can host always a great option if you're passing through the DC area.



boombambam is recommended by Spruceman

I heard he is strong; and it's true. He is probably twice as strong as his profile picture suggests. Love the strength and his scrappy use of it.

Showed up on time, was ready to hit the mats right quick; and spent a great couple hours wrestling and trading holds and escapes. He is enthusiastically seeking coaching (per profile) and is very appreciative of what I provided.

I hope he visits the area again soon so I can spend more time with him. Great friendly personality; and, I repeat, as well as seconding other recommendations of him, STRONG. Give him a try; you'll enjoy taking him on.



Spruceman is recommended by Hymalayan muscle

I met up with Spruceman and was impressed by the overall knowledge of wrestling that he had. We rolled for a bit and had an overall good time. He is a very nice gentlemen and has great mat space for wrestling with an inside and outside arena. I would recommend meeting up with him for a nice role on the mats.



Hymalayan muscle is recommended by Spruceman

Here's a rather new guy to the site who is a lot stronger and better a wrestler than his profile might suggest. In our encounter he was "X" percent better than I, as I am to a typical new man on board who has never wrestled before. I was thinking WITF? Am I that bad at it. And I started feeling really down for not knowing some of the things he was doing handily.

THEN! The info started coming in the course of talking, especially while walking him back to the Metro ---- wrestled in high school (that's probably 100 hrs training each year. A good friend training him now – a black belt in martial arts. Gawd knows what else? OK! Now I don't feel so bad about myself for falling short of all the stuff he has under his belt – my feeling now's replaced with envy..

Take what's in his profile, and take those abilities up an order of magnitude. Skill wise, he's more than merely the middle of the pack here.

You'd be a durned fool if you don't try taking him on. Go for it regardless of your level.



Spruceman is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Strong and tough guy. Nice mat set up. He can take a lot of gut punching. Strongly recommend



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by Spruceman

This guy arrived better than merely on time; and ready for mat action right quick. Strong, talented, quick, per all his previous recommendations – as one would expect from a man with so many past opponents. An honor to be his 100th on this site. I would welcome an encore any time



Spruceman is recommended by Navyguy

Finally had the opportunity to get back on the mats with Spruceman again after about ten years had passed since our first meeting. We did a round robin series of freestyle wrestling bouts with a third guy present. Spruce has gotten stronger, fitter, and more technically skilled since our last fight. He's a strong, agile fighter who can deliver and take hard punches. He has a great mat room setup at his place. Don't let's his age fool you, Spruce is a legit fighter. Take him on if you get the chance.



Navyguy is recommended by Spruceman

NavyGuy was one of the very first guys I wrestled in an earlier phase of wrestling/grappling life – back in 2006. We were somewhat evenly matched then; and despite improvements in both of us, still rather even. Hence, it was a delight to meet him again today (Oct 15, 2017). Just a he was back then, he is a friendly, vibrant man and fun to wrestle. Great to host him in the matroom.

It was mainly a freestyle-oriented thing as a third party present is a freestyler; adding to the excitement for me. He is strong, skilled, quick, and 100 percent respectful of limits and tapouts. He is also good at both give and take in the Gutpunching Department. I hope, a vastly shorter time passes before joining him again on the mats.



Spruceman is recommended by dcsteven

For anyone that is considering a match with Spruceman, I encourage you to “just do it”. Don’t be fooled by his age, he was a formidable opponent, while at the same time being incredibly patience with me as I tried to replicate a hold he used on me. He did start off our session with a bunch of questions designed to determine both my skill level and my strength level. I must have convinced him that I wasn’t a complete newbie because we wrestled in his basement, rather than the outside ring. Overall, we focused on practicing holds and building up my stamina for approximately two hours. It was a great two hours, and I definitely intend to see him again.



dcsteven is recommended by Spruceman

Steven is such a great guy during our first two-hour encounter today (10/7/17). He is eager to learn wrestling skills, as he is relatively new. In reality, he is stronger and a better opponent than he believes he is; so don't let that he is humble in that regard lead you to believe he is a pushover – He is not.

The session was hitting the mats and going at it, with my leaving openings and letting him find and exploit them – alternating with practicing holds and defenses.

A friendly man with a good sense of humor, whose company you will enjoy. We clicked well enough that we have scheduled an an encore in seven days. Thus, I have a gut feeling I will be needing to update this report.



Spruceman is recommended by gutpuncherVA

Had a great time with Spruceman today. He is strong, has skill and despite our weight differences gave we a very good wrestling workout. We also did gut punching (me as a puncher and he as punchee). He has both very strong abs and a high pain threshold. Second toughest gut I've worked. He let me work over his abs with medium and hard shots and took whatever I threw at him. In addition to all this, he is a really nice guy. Looking forward to our next session.
06/09/17: I had my second session with Spruceman.. Better than the first time and that is saying something. He took 100s of gut shots from me and kept asking for more. Definitely impressive. Also, he is an easy guy to get along with.. .
10/04/17: Another excellent time with Spruceman; this time at his outdoor mat facility. Both his indoor and outdoor mat setups are really good places to wrestle.



gutpuncherVA is recommended by Spruceman

Mayday 2017---It's good that gutpuncherva has returned to this site. I am far from his first encounter, as the record of his past almost 40 men was lost when he had left the site. This guy can throw a great punch–more like some hundreds of them. If you don't believe me, take a look at the pic of me with the red (and obviously somewhat worn to flaccid) gut in my profile. I let him 'go to town' on me and he did. All were done (as I requested) bare knuckle.

Although I'm not gung ho on the gut thing per se, I do realize a tuff gut begets a tuff chi, extending to the entire body [or so it has been theorized]. And gut punching on a flexed gut (also exercise) begets a tougher gut, leading to stronger wrestling. Yes. We did a bit of that also during today's nearly two-hour session – Hopefully more in the future.

Just as important, or more so, he is a great guy. Friendly, and prepared to work the gut the minute he arrived. He's also safe – very careful as to where to strike and (more importantly) not to strike. He'll help you get that resistant gut – which can send a big 'F-U' message to any belligerent who elbows you on the street or in a checkout line; and you merely smile at him :) .



Spruceman is recommended by ferdybear

I really have to say that I had an excellent surprise and an excellent classroom. We fight for several hours exchanging techniques, in addition to how great it is to be able to fight in adapted space.
Before meeting Spruceman I thought he was strong, both for the photos and for the recommendations, however it is quite more and he knows how to use it in his favor. I rarely got a meeting where I had to tap more than once. It was an excellent fight with a person who besides being experienced is kind, funny and friendly. Thank you very much. Highly recommended to fight and to know more techniques and punches.



ferdybear is recommended by Spruceman

Spent over four hours today with him at my place; and he is one real prize. He is stronger, more skilled, and versatile than his profile suggests. He sure was a pleasant surprise. Sure he likes to be a jobber; but with me, he was all competitive except for some gut punching back and forth. Very competitive with that pair of legs (watch out for them).

He is also a willing and quick learner, using moves and holds I showed him right away–meaning it's good I don't mind things I teach guys being turned around against me.

Pleased and proud to be his first wrestling encounter in the USA; and am anxiously awaiting his next trip here six or so months from now, when we can pick up where we left off today. Guys in Brazil and where he travels should try to meet up with him. He's a really nice man. I highly recommend him.



Spruceman is recommended by lehem15

Had a great meeting with Spruceman at his place. Genuine guy that is easy to set up a match with and able to host. The other recs on his profile are not wrong. His age shouldn't be a reason not to wrestle him. His grip is like a vice and he showed me some great moves and exercises. Impressive for a man of any age! Take him on at your own risk.



lehem15 is recommended by Spruceman

It was so great to host Iehem15 here in the matroom today (9/22/17). He might be relatively new in terms of the number of past opponents; but don't let that lull you into a false confidence that you are going to whip his butt. He is strong, quite quick, and senses what you might be going to try on him next.

We split our 70 or so minutes between showing him moves, defenses, etc. and competitively wrestling. (He's a quick learner also). We both got to do our fair shares of tapping. He is well muscled and stronger than one might expect.

He's a really nice, cheerful guy. Great to meet a man with a sunny disposition about everything. I sure hope he will want encores, whenever he can travel to the Arlington VA area.



Spruceman is recommended by heeltoy

Spruce man is a fun and strong wrestler. He kept me trapped and struggling in holds. On the mat, there is no escaping him. Off the mat, he is a really nice guy. Can't wait for our next match.



heeltoy is recommended by Spruceman

Heeltoy lives up to his name – a quintessential toy for a heel's delight. Normally I don't do the heel thing; but trying to branch out a bit. He put up enough resistance so I could make it clear to him who is top dawg (Get that pleasure of seeing him squirm and struggle where resistance is futile) – and showed him some ways to provide more resistance next time. We plan to meet again to put more gusto into the next encounter.

Recommend him for you heels, proto-heels, rolling around guys and experimental guys out there.



Spruceman is recommended by heterosp

After missing him on my last trip to D.C., I was glad to finally get a chance to meet up with this burly Yeti man! Friendly and communicative, his home is well equipped, and once on the mats, his trash talk was matched by his unnatural strength and skill... completely kicked my ass lol...

Would love to meet up with him again, highly recommend!



heterosp is recommended by Spruceman

Hosted him for a 2+ hours match in the matroom; and really had a great time with him. Tho he bills himself as being more jobber than heel, he was able to put up a good fight to make me earn the rights to dominate him.

He is everything his profile says he is, except he is stronger and can put up a better fight than his pictures there might suggest. Grappling with him gave me a good workout getting at muscles, motions, and angles not available with equipment. Time constraints prevented us from getting into everything we both would have liked to undertake – especially a match in the backyard; but we agreed on an encore encounter next time he's in town.

A great, strong, very friendly, attractive guy, who is good man to host here. Looking forward to an encore(s). I strongly recommend an encounter on the mats with him



Spruceman is recommended by josephrkaz

Had a great time with Spruceman this morning. Super strong guy, and definitely knows his stuff. Nice guy on and off the mat, but can dish out some real trash talk and punishment whenever he wants to. Also has a great place to wrestle in! Very respectful of limits. Looking forward to wrestling with him again sometime soon.



josephrkaz is recommended by Spruceman

Hosted Joseph in the matroom this morning; and to sum it up, this young man is stellar. It was really difficult to do heel-to-jobber trash talk to this guy; as he was simply too good on the mats to warrant it. How can one denigrate a man with a fighting spirit in him?

His profile suggested he would show no will to resist or fight back. Maybe so for the first few nanoseconds (a wee bit of hyperbole); but in no time at all, he was becoming a fighter – trying to resist my holds on him and fighting back trying to lock me up–and he kept at it well over an hour with only minor breaks for instruction and evaluation purposes and some wall work gut punching.

If he wants to, I would be most proud to work with this man and watch him develop to where he has me tapping and to wrestle in the mat room with some of my friends as well.

He also is interested in doing judo (and related) with me. I consider myself lucky to be one of this guy's first opponents.



Spruceman is recommended by FlDean2012

I only got to spend two days and one night with Spruceman in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Brawlmart was nice enough to put us up in a hotel who was joining his wrestlefest. We both had a great time there, and especially the time at night that I got to wrestle Spruceman again. He is fun to wrestle. He is full of energy and not to mention a handsome looking guy with enough fur and hair on him to keep you satisfied. It was one of the greatest nights that we had a chance to wrestle, sleep together in a wrestling position and then wrestle again in the morning. I hope I get the opportunity to be able to do that with him, and if you get a chance, please do not turn it down.



FlDean2012 is recommended by Spruceman

It was really great getting to wrestle/grapple with Dean at the hotel nr Indiana PA and at the site of the Wrestlefest as well. Dean is a strong guy (You know how those lean guys can surprise you how tough they are.) and very skilled. Back then I was quite dorky at wrestling and welcomed Dean's showing me some holds and techniques – even though he "owned" me doing it.

He is one hot gentleman; and I want to get with him again---hopefully to show him how much stronger and more skilled I have become compared. to back then–Confident he will be prepared for whatever I throw at him.



Spruceman is recommended by Ringenmann

great guy. He is really strong but held back so I would have fun. Very respectful of limits. I hope to wrestle him again and recommend him to all you guys out there.



Ringenmann is recommended by Spruceman

Happy to have hosted Ringenmann today, as he has returned to wrestling after a several-year pause---and his first wrestling match here on Meetfighters. His talents are still there, putting up a good resistance to my holds, surprises, and working on him. Good on the offense as well. Part of the session was more instructive in nature, with trading holds, and similar.

Very pleasant personality adding to the pleasure of my session with him. I hope to have encores with this gentleman; and I highly recommend him.



Spruceman is recommended by RuffFightChallenge

Spruceman has a great setup and is a very hot opponent. He doesn't submit easily and is a great opponent to wrestle with. Very strong abs and hot all around. Don't pass up a chance to hook up with this guy!



RuffFightChallenge is recommended by Spruceman

Mon 29 May 2017. Hey folks. This man is big, he is strong – a chest one can hardly get the arms to encircle and bi/triceps correspondingly large. He knows his wrestling; and had me locked in what seemed akin to 101 different inescapable holds...He also can throw some good punches, as I (comme d'habitude) insisted he throw some good hard punches to test out how hard my gut is coming along. Yeah, he can punch; but his profile makes that clear, already. He also took time to educate me some on escaping from some holds and to [try to] take control of a bigger guy on the mats.

So, if you are anywhere near his size and/or skill level, or even if not and want to do a lot of tapping out, look him up. More importantly, however, is you should experience men like him, if you want to become a better wrestler



Spruceman is recommended by usmcwrestler

Had a wonderful gupunching and wrestling session with Spruceman. He is a tough old bird with a hard gut that can take a good pounding. Solid wrestler, too. Worked me good on his mats. He is not out to prove anything but just to have a good roll on the mats and a good gut pounding. We put on gloves for a sparring session also. Spruceman is a great guy and enjoyable company. I want to have many more meetings with him. I know he will improve my wrestling skill. No one should be wary of his age. I also know that when we set a date, he will make it.



usmcwrestler is recommended by Spruceman

May 28, 2017 Got to spend almost five hours of wrestling, gut punching, and boxing with USMCwrestler. He was a lot of fun to wrestle, a great gut puncher (also solid punchee with a gut as hard as Gibraltar), and skilled at boxing (which I have durn little skill at). He put up a good defense on the mat–very strong arms; a hard hitting gut puncher; and gave me a number of boxing tips to move me along in that sport.

An important note is that he is a great person. Met him socially a couple months ago. He is every bit a good natured, fun person on the mats as he is off the mats. Today, we agreed to meet in the future so we can improve our wrestling and boxing skills and work over each others' gut muscles. I recommend him highly



Spruceman is recommended by Musclewrestler1

I had the great pleasure of wrestling Spruceman this afternoon. This guy is amazing! He is extremely strong and his abs are absolutely mind blowing! His are the perfect example of the term "washboard abs". I don't know how many times I tried to get him in a headlock, and it was virtually impossible. I have to admit that he had me beat from the onset of the match. We had a great 90 minutes of wrestling fun. Not to mention the great workout! Spruce is also a great coach. He gave me a lot of good pointers to elevate my wrestling skills. I am so happy to say that I have made a great new friend in the DC area and his name is Spruceman! We are going to have another wrestling/coaching session before I leave, and I look forward to wrestling him many more times on my visits to DC. Whatever you do, Do Not miss a chance to wrestle this guy. Also, if you need some coaching, Spruceman is your guy! He is amazing!
I just had my second wrestling bout with Spruceman, and it was as enjoyable as the first. This guy is great on the mats! I look forward to wrestling with him whenever I am in the DC area. I have also made a great new friend! Whatever you do, do not miss a chance to wrestle this guy! He will surprise the socks off you!



Musclewrestler1 is recommended by Spruceman

May 19 & 22, 2017. This man is great. He is a fun guy in that he is full of life (zest) and can pack the surprises on the mats (even if it's a talk break). So be prepared as it's open season if you are on the mat for any reason –(or even the second he walks in the front door :) ) which is a great way to prep oneself for the unexpected grabs, lunges, punches, and pulls from life's friends and foes.

Don't let his size fool you. There's good reason why 'muscle' is part of his name here; and he can come on quick to attempt a takedown. I loved every minute of his M.O. Got to the point of turning my back to him to see what next he might try for me to try to counter. I also enjoyed every minute sharing things I knew with him, and giving him opps to try them against me.

Go for this man. One of the best 90-minute sessions I've had recently. His second visit three days later was just as great; and will meet regularly when he's in the DC area. It's nice to have him as a new friend and look forward to his next surprise moves. Enjoy!!!!



Spruceman is recommended by roll

A gracious host with a nice mat set-up. There were 4 wrestlers working out and showing moves. One of the most enjoyable afternoons wrestling in a longtime!



roll is recommended by Spruceman

May 11, 2017 Roll is a very strong wrestler–had me tapping like a woodpecker the way he could tie me into a pretzel. Very gracious in showing things to help me improve my wrestling. Not only is he strong, but very experienced, and skilled.

It was an honor to host him along with two other strong wrestlers this afternoon. I hope to meet up with him so I can try to use some of the things he taught me "against him" :) Better yet if all three return on a day nice enough to have a session in the back yard. Don't let his strengths scare you – Short of paying a fortune for private lessons, the best way to learn is to wrestle men like him.



Spruceman is recommended by topboxer

He's in excellent shape and is quite a strong wrestler. Can probably hang with anyone in his weight class. Very strong and tough abs too, that can take a pounding without flinching. Just go see him on your day to do the heavy bag work.



topboxer is recommended by Spruceman

May 6, 2017. Hosted him in the matroom here. One of the first times I felt I met someone to do "go-at-it" boxing with the gloves on. He can hit hard. Then I, with my back to the wall, had him bare fisted work on my abs, gradually increasing intensity, to see how hard he could throw bunches to the gut. He's good at that, too. He's experienced, works out at home to keep in shape. Yep, he's everything that's in his pictures here. Look him up, and get with him.



Spruceman is recommended by boxerwrestler64

The Spruceman is incredibly strong and was able to take the hardest gut punch I was able to put together. He also showed me some of his ab-strengthening exercises. We wrestled and boxed, and he was a most gracious host. I slept over and he invited me to stay a second night. One additional benefit is that he has a resident photographer who took pictures that I will be posting here because my pictures are way out of date.



boxerwrestler64 is recommended by Spruceman

May 7, 2017–Hosted him in my matroom. Wrestled him for a real fun time; but most the time was spent boxing and gutpunching. Really incented me to put on the gloves and box more than in the sum total of the past 60 years. He is skilled and can throw the punches (He currently works out at a boxing gym) and was giving this newbie to boxing some good pointers. He was laying on the punches hard enough to stimulate boxing aggro in me I never realized I had. Thank you 64 .

Had him do bare-fist 'up against the wall' gut punches on me---and he kept them coming at me hard and fast---and took the ones I laid into his hard gut quite well.

Great, friendly, fun guy. You men in the NJ-NY area should plan on meeting this gentleman. He's welcome back to my place any time..



Spruceman is recommended by DCabspunch

Had a great match with Spruceman, he's a great teacher and a really interesting guy. Amazing shape and could take my hardest punches. I'm a novice in the wrestling department and he pinned me repeatedly but gave me some good tips. He's a great host and an all around nice guy. Limits respected



DCabspunch is recommended by Spruceman

I hosted DCabspunch in my matroom (4/20/2017) for gutpunching work on each other and a bit of wrestling. The main goal was to have someone here to go at me hard to see how much I can take . Ab punch wise, we probably put in a solid 20 minutes of gloved and bare fisted work having him go full force at me back against the wall mats. He can land good ones when instructed to go full force; so let him know how hard you want it.

We also did a bit of wrestling; as I had offered beforehand to teach him a few techniques. After all, his forte is ab punching; and is in learning mode as far as wrestling is concerned. It took more effort than I had anticipated to take him down to where I wanted to show him a couple things. He is good at avoiding being taken down.

My recommendation is meet up with him if you want (1) to do ab punching with each other (2) to wrestle him and be willing to show him a few wrestling maneuvers or related (3) to meet a really nice guy, who shows up on time and doesn't waste time between showing up and hitting the mats.



Spruceman is recommended by Celticgrapler

Spruceman is a truly great opponent. Had a great time taking it to the mats with him. He is the perfect example of "Never judge a book by it's cover." He is very skilled and strong. Glad to say that made a new friend in the process. Hit him up for a good match.



Celticgrapler is recommended by Spruceman

I second dcgrapler's recommendation in every respect here.***If you want to hit the mats with a big guy whose muscled arms and chest present a challenge in their own right, meet Celticgrapler. He is quite a handful to position where one can get him to tap out. I had my concerns about meeting a guy his mass; but within a few seconds in the house, I sensed this man would be a fun match–and indeed he is. He's strong, has good instincts when trying to take control of the arms, and can literally take one's breath away if he's turned 90 (so you can't roll him), on his toes while on your chest. [after I showed him that move].

More importantly, in my book, is that he's a really nice guy with a cheerful, fun, attitude, and not out to prove anything to anyone. I hope for encores, to work with him and have a fun time. I strongly recommend him



Spruceman is recommended by Dmvboy123

I had a great time wrestling and training with Spruceman, and I look forward to doing it again! He's very strong and skilled, and he was kind enough to guide me and teach me new things throughout our session. I highly recommend him!



Dmvboy123 is recommended by Spruceman

Dmvboy123 visited (4/2/17) for a mentoring session laced with some competitive action on the mats. This young man is stronger than he looks (good quick-twitch muscle) and fast. Very little past wrestling history, but a quick learner. He has good instincts and will become even better when he trusts those instincts more and do what they tell him. Give him a try, he wants the chances to learn – but don't give him a 'pity match.' Let him have real action and tell him where he's doing things right and otherwise. With mentoring and experience, he is going to be "the skinny kid who taps you out."



Spruceman is recommended by speedorassler

Met Spruceman and another wrestler who was visiting from out of town for an oil match. Great fun-everybody wins when you use oil. Also a great height and weight equalizer. Spruce is a very considerate host, in good shape and very strong. A pleasant afternoon all around.



speedorassler is recommended by Spruceman

A real fun guy. Did a three-way oil wrestling match with Speedowrestler and Ctrwash. I understand that Speedo... is mostly into oil recently; and was a perfect mate for my first oil experience. Very thoughtful, as he arrived with oil and plastic to protect my mats downstairs. Check out his profile.



Spruceman is recommended by Rusnak

Spruce man and I met a number of years back. He's a great guy. In awesome shape. Strong and fit and he definitely knows his way around the mats. People that are counting hunt him out because of his age make it a big surprise when you're tapping or napping at his hands. I highly recommend him to you. He's a good guy and flexible and at the end of the day it's all about having fun



Rusnak is recommended by Spruceman

What a great man to meet on the mats. Encountered him at Wrestlefests in Indiana, Pennsylvania; and I really enjoyed being on the mats with him. All I can say is that the other guys here who posted recommendations have hit the nail on the head. He handles himself well and can handle you too; as he is strong, skilled, and fast..



Spruceman is recommended by Roughmatch

Met at the annual Hillside Wrestling Weekend. He was a lot of fun. Skilled in submission; new to pro style. Really had some fun with him on the mats followed by some private horseplay.



Roughmatch is recommended by Spruceman

Wrestled with Roughmatch some years back at the Hillside wrestling weekend. He is one tough, fast, wrestler, with all kinds of quick moves. He can take it every bit as much as he can dish it out. A really fun guy on the mats and off. Sure hope he can make it my way one of these days for an encore..or two..or three.



Spruceman is recommended by Terryrassler

Spruceman was a great match, very strong. We wrestled off and on for 3 days, indoors and outdoors. He has great stamina and is tough. I would wrestle him any time.



Terryrassler is recommended by Spruceman

He visited me back in July 2006. Rassled both here in town and out at the very isolated mountain place in West Virginia. [He was man enough to go out there with me] Spend three days with me and did lots of match and back 'n' forth holds, etc. Shame his work schedule doesn't have him flying all over the country nowadays as it once did. Yes, I'd rassle him again at the drop of a pin if he comes my way again.

*****March 30, 2016 Supplemental. Got word from Terryrassler that he wants to do a 10-year reunion match series both here in town and again up on Spruce Mountain with me this summer over a four-day period – on 200 sq ft of matspace in my gym room, and several outdoor locations there . Looking forward to having a lot of fun smack-dam in the middle of nowhere, where satellite phone is the only viable means of communications. Bring on the fun.



ikf is recommended by Spruceman

Met and hit the mats with IKF at the Wrestlefest in Spring 2008. He was a fun and good wrestling opponent. A really nice guy skilled at the sport. I highly recommend him; and would gladly wrestle him if he comes again my way.



Spruceman is recommended by wreslbear

I wrestled Spruceman a few times at Wrestlefest. He was always a tough and safe opponent and quite skilled. He is surprisingly strong!



wreslbear is recommended by Spruceman

I hit the mats with wrestlbear on several occasions at those wrestlefests in Indiana, Pennsylvania. He's always willing to wrestle at any time; does NOT have a prima donna attitude some guys have; and is a fun guy to hit the mats with. Recommend him for those wrestling for the first time all the way to those wrestling for decades. He is one really nice, friendly guy, with not as much as a smidgen of negativism.



jerseybearhug is recommended by Spruceman

Wrestled Jerseybearhug several times in the previous decade at his place. He's strong, good on the mats, and a really friendly man. Recommend him for a good rasslin' time be you a beginner or advanced. If I ever get up to Jersey again, I'd sure want to wrestle him again; and he's always welcome here if he's in the neighborhood. If you plan on being in South Jersey, check him out.



Spruceman is recommended by hardonthemat

Spruceman is a tough opponent. Strong on the mat. Always guy who likes a aggressive match should lock up with Spruce.



hardonthemat is recommended by Spruceman

It was many years ago that I wrestled hardonthemat in several venues; and I remember he was good then – and have no reason to suspect he hasn't become yet better. He's quick, experienced, and knows his holds and tactics. Don't let his size give you false confidence, lest iit might take a month for the impression of his foot on your butt to fade away.



Spruceman is recommended by WrestlingCowboy

Had a wonderful time wrestling this man in his back yard battle ground. Bearhug combat in the barrels was amazing and we drenched in sweat, but neither man would give. Would fight him again in an instant!



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by Spruceman

Fun guy into long tight bearhugs. We even did a unique thing of standing in two buried barrels and bearhugging, grappling, in the bamboo patch that was in my yard back then. Still have some barrels above ground here for some more barrel-rasslin'