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Simple and Funny guy who loves getting light pain and pleasure ... Mostly into bearhug, getting choked, getting squeezed and squashed btw legs , getting kick, knee, punch and tap into my balls with a nice squeeze ;) Muscle worship is a dream for me that will make me live happily every after :)

More pics available upon request Let me know if interested !! thanks



  1. USA - California, Glendale
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I am willing to travel 30 miles


Age: 37-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 240 lbs (109 kg)

Languages spoken: Arabic, Armenian, English, Persian

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grapewine Parisbb Rassle4Fun slandon23


Someoneian is recommended by slandon23

While I was on the left coast I got to meet and wrestle this beast of a man Someoneian, let me start by saying that I'm happy to call this guy a friend we communicated for months before my trip so meeting and wrestling him was great, this guy is a beast he is nice of the mats but a beast on them we had a down and dirty cbt style battle that we both felt the next day, even though he is a newbie to wrestling, you will never know it, if your visiting the Los Angeles area please make sure you reach out to this guy cause I'm happy I did



slandon23 is recommended by Someoneian

You’re into DIRTY fight ?? Then slandon23 is your guy !!! we communicated a lot before our meeting ... understanding what we both like ! Let me tell you he’s a beast !! Plays very dirty ! Be aware of your ballls !! Cause he has an amazing way of getting to your balls and squashing them like peanuts !!! Overall very humble and nice guy to talk and wrestle with 💪🤗💪



Someoneian is recommended by Rassle4Fun

I was in LA for work 3 nights and this guy contacted to challenge me. I was surprised he drove for 1 hour in LA (for LA 1 hour is normal) to meet in my hotel He is one of the nicest enthusiastic tough boy and always active to wrestle and didn't lay back, even if i have more experience and I am strong to over power this HOT boy!
I will wrestle this guy on my next trip, and I hope by then his balls r not sore ...after I just wrestled and dominated him hold after hold after pins and many head scissors.
And don't challenge my balls because I can PLAY THE FLICK GAME WELL... Ask him about THE FLICKS and find out U get sore balls...
I STRONGLY recommend meeting this boy because he is so much fun and willingness.
Looking forward for a rematch with this real NICE BOY!



Rassle4Fun is recommended by Someoneian

Don't judge a book by it's cover !! that's all I can say :)... Toughest yet the nicest guy ever, he does respect limits, yet he goes the extra mile and squash you .. from the time I entered the room he took over, wrestled and dominated me leaving me shocked ! never thought he would have that power ... but boy he was just WOW... Although I'm much more bigger than him however I was unable to get out from his holds, pins and scissors ... he DID make me his bitch boy !! 98% he was on the top of me, squashing me like I'm no one, while only 2% I was on top :(... during which I did my biggest mistake and tapped him in balls ... THAT WAS the end of my balls that day hehe I got several taps, hits, squeeze and FLICKS !! won't forget that pain and sore balls... I STRONGLY recommend you meeting him and if you're in BDSM than just hit him in balls and ask him to do the "Flick" game on you :/ ... Looking forward for more and more pain !!

P.S. despite all he's one of the nicest guy I ever met :)



Someoneian is recommended by grapewine

Someoneian and I had the chance to fight in my place. We focused on some basic judo ground moves and wrestling moves with the gi on. I was impressed by how strong he is on the mat. We definitely had a good and challenging match with chokes, submissions, bear hugs, squeezing, etc... until the mat and gi were drenched in sweat. It was quite a good work out and felt very relaxed afterwards. Also Someoneian is a very nice and intelligent guy that you can also develop a good friendship with on or outside of the mat. Hope to fight him again in the near future.



grapewine is recommended by Someoneian

grapewine is a great person, he welcomed me warmly into his house, took me over his place, made me very comfortable , explained me about Judo since it was my first time :) showed me some moves and then there we were on the ground wrestling in our Judo gi, he's strong and he knows what he's doing, I did my best to fight him back :) and I think I did win few times hehe he can squeeze and give pain ... other than wrestling he's a great individual to build a friendship with... looking forward !!!



Someoneian is recommended by Parisbb

Someoneian is really a great personn.
Started light, we went into some good bearhugs, for long time.
We saw each other on the thursday AND the friday night.
He is strong enough to give you some good (and hard) time.
He still need to improve in ballbusting (but who don't?) but with his will I am sure he will!
Open minded, you can ask him a lot of stuff...
A very nice and strong body...
Outside that he is a very nice guy, with whom you can speak with on multiple subjects.
Next time around where you are.... I definitively want other meetings with you!



Parisbb is recommended by Someoneian

If you're into ball busting, then you need to meet this guy !! enjoyed every second with him. I had alot of bearhugs and ball busting actions, edging and post cum torture.... And what I liked about him was the fact that he tried to understand what I like first and then delivered to me, it was all about me :) !!! He was also very knowledgeable in Ballbusting ;) learned so much from him ... I can still feel the pain "ouch"...

PS. If you like to punch, squeeze, kick and knee balls THEN THIS GUY IS THE MAN !! IRON BALLS !!! No limitation !!