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Big guy, mature, into fun/erotic wrestling. Keep it fun. Not too competitive, mostly into the body contact and trading/mutual holds.



  1. USA - Illinois, Chicagoland
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 61-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 248 lbs (112 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Boxers, briefs, jocks, nude

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Past Opponents

Enerjizr patwrestler2 ripman2 tacitblue2 wjones


Snakee is recommended by Enerjizr

We talked and planned a match when I traveled to his area. He came to my hotel, even though we had limited time. We had discussed our match, and when he arrived we got right to it.

He’s strong, very clean, and gives a good bearhug. We locked up and struggled multiple times; we were both anxious for the next round. I wish we had more time to lock up. Highly recommended and I would love a rematch.



Enerjizr is recommended by Snakee

We planed a quick match but then time got even shorter because of my work. But we met at his hotel anyway. With time so short we got ready quickly and went right at each other. He is a good host and everything went exactly as planned. He’s a big strong and clean man and every time we broke apart we couldn’t wait to lock up again. I only wish we had more time to wrap up longer. Highly recommended and I would love a rematch



Snakee is recommended by wjones

This man is tall, strong and full of energy for wrestling and having fun with it. He does not back up and comes in a forceful way, making it all a lot fun. He is a happy going person with a big smile on his face. Don't pass the opportunity to wrestle him.



wjones is recommended by Snakee

Don't let his short stature fool you, this man is STRONG and knows just how to bring you down. Once he is in control, you have almost no chance of escaping. The few times I was able to get control was probably because he eased up. Good thing we were having a gentelmen's match, because otherwise he would have beaten me badly.
After many many messages our anticipation was such that we couldn't even wait until we got our slacks off to get started. Lots of energy, he kept coming back for more. He is as kind and interesting to talk to as he is a good wrestler. Well rounded and when we weren't locked in tight sweaty competition, we were talking and getting to know each other. A fine host as well. Highly recommended.



Snakee is recommended by patwrestler2

Laid back and friendly, but one hell of a wrestler. For the short time we had to wrestle, we made the most of it. Competitive the whole time, limits were respected, and it was just an all around fun match. Will be wrestling him again in the future



patwrestler2 is recommended by Snakee

Great guy, honest, sincere and fair. We had a small window of time and we made the most of it. Stripped down to our very skimpys and engaged without much small talk. Good back and forth multiple submission wrestling. Two big beefy guys going at it, primal yet structured. We both obeyed the others limits and had a good sweaty time. Added a bit of oil for the last fall.
Definitely want to/will wrestle him again. Next time with more time.



Snakee is recommended by tacitblue2

Great guy, down to earth, had a ton of fun meeting up. Candid and forward with what he is looking for, so it made it really easy to get on the same page and enjoy the time and contact we had.



tacitblue2 is recommended by Snakee

Great guy, great attitude, great match. We had some online messages and were very open and specific about the kind of fight we wanted. We both made it clear what the goals and boundaries would be. Other than age we seemed like a good match. So we met face to face, had a few beers, and quickly decided that age would not be an issue. Two weeks later we had our fight. It went smoothly and it was a blast. Proof that some planning and communication goes a long way toward a successful match. Super nice guy with a great attitude before, during, and after the match. We are already discussing the rematch. Highly recommended !



Snakee is recommended by ripman2

We have had 3 matches so far he won the first I won the second and the third didn't get to finish with our jobs we sometimes meet but their is times we don't have the time to finish he is a good wrestler(better than me) but I am better at ripping clothes off but we both enjoy ourselves when we can meet he has been a good teacher to me I would highly recommend him



ripman2 is recommended by Snakee

This guy is REALLY into rip&strip, but that's ok because it is fun. Our jobs enable us to cross paths occasionally and fight, but we don't always have the time we need to decide the winner. Newbie but what he lacks in experience he makes up for with enthusiasm. Quite a grip, watch out when he grabs for you. We have fought 3 times, I won the first, he won the second (with a move I didn't expect) and the third time was a draw. We are trying to arrange the tie breaker. Every match resulted in shredded shirts and shorts. Our size difference never is an issue.
Aggressive at the right time but never rude or pushy. If you get a chance give him a yank. I recommend him for a fun match.