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Himbo Pro style jobber gear head seeks PRO/Rec Pro style Heels for pro matches.

seeking Pro style heels into spandex, tag teams, 2 vs 1 matches, speedos, bondage and role play. Let’s gear up and rumble!

Clash Of The Titans ATL board member
Head of Pro Division.

Sorry no Submission Wrestling or UFC style wrestling .



  1. USA - Washington, Seattle
    Looking for pro matches
  2. USA - California, Santa Ana
    (I'm here between 11/29/2019 and 11/30/2019)
    Setting up ring matches Pro Only
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


Age: 44-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (193 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Gear: Pro trunks. Pro Boots. Kayfabe.

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Slater J is recommended by WADaddy

Got the chance to work over this jobber. What a great guy. I never forgot he chooses to be a jobber. He has a lot of experience and he made the match really fun. This is a guy I hope to become friends with.



WADaddy is recommended by Slater J

Updated: 2nd match with WADaddy and man he demolished me after suffering some in my punishing claw, which he ended up using against me and adding a crotch claw as well. Handsome and nice AF. You want a sweaty gear drenched match, this is the man.

I walked into the ring against this brute of heel and got a lesson in pro punishment! Frank The Tank is one hell of a wrestler. Muscles, heel attitude and hot in his wrestling gear he was a blast to meet and wrestle.

If you get a chance to take him on DO IT! Jobbers delight and can handle his own against heels. Look forward to the rivalry erupting in the rec pro scene!



Slater J is recommended by RJinSeattle

Had a nice intro to pro with JobberPro. He really know his moves, and rocks it in his gear. All-around good guy.



Slater J is recommended by SeattleWrestler3

JobberPro is the real thing when it comes to pro-style matches. He is excellent. Despite a big difference in size between us, he made it fun for both of us. Always up for another match with JobberPro.



SeattleWrestler3 is recommended by Slater J

Skilled and fun, he knows his stuff. A blast to wrestle with and great communication before the match. Top notch! I look forward to our next rumble!



The Face is recommended by Slater J

I got a chance to rumble with The Face and he is one heck of a pro! Always up for a good challenge and face/off! Embodies what makes a good pro wrestler. Skills, fun attitude and can wear a pair of pro trunks and boots like nobodies business! Handsome as AF. If you get to square off with him you’ll realize why they call him one of the best looking guys on the scene!



Slater J is recommended by Tanker

Met JobberPro at the Clash Of Titans in Atlanta, Georgia in the summer of 2015.
I didn't know anyone and he very kindly took me under his wing, introduced me to other wrestlers, got me into the ring, invited me to join him and some of the others for a meal and gave me a couple of lifts to and from my hotel.
Very tall and wiry, was a tad nervous when he challenged me to a pro match in case he threw me over the top rope or piledrived me! (We were the first match and had heard Americans did pro to a high standard!)
But I was quite safe and it was good to wrestle such a skilled and stylish opponent (He won the best dressed grappler award that year).
In conclusion very nice guy, excellent wrestler, do take him on if you get the chance!👍



Tanker is recommended by Slater J

I got the chance to wrestle Tanker in a pro match at Clash Of The Titans in ATL. Handsome pro with good skills and a few tricks up his sleeves! If you get a chance to climb in the ring with him don’t let the opportunity pass you by!



bna37 is recommended by Slater J

BNA37 is a blast to climb in the ring with! Sells its well while looking good in pro gear. Extra bendy and lots of fun, definitely one of the finest pros on the scene! Catch him if you can!



Ace King is recommended by Slater J

The man! The Myth! That mouth! Ace King is by far one of the hottest and most fun pros on the scene. Epics battles have fueled our rivalry! Super skill set and always willing to teach you how to do a hold or sell a move. Can’t wait to take him on again. The battle wages on! P.s. looks fine AF in trunks!


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Slater J 7/16/2019

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