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Since I was a kid grew up watching prowrestling, I love prowrestling, I am a jobber, I am not that great at wrestling yet. I want to get in the ring, and play beat the heck out of anyone. I do have trunks in singlets, knee pads, and boots, I have to dig down in my kick ur patui, oldschool chest box. Continuing on, where I will show u a thing or two. I think thats all I got is a thing or two? That's why I just maybe a natural jobber? Idk until I put the pressure on all u want to be like me, greatest can be, WHAT EVER I MAYBE ????? Also face sitting on yours not on mine unless u have a vajayjay? Then I welcome u?
P.s fyi I don't have any favorites at this time, I am just keeping those near me just incase I have to make myself known.



  1. USA - Nevada, Las Vegas
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I am willing to travel 300 miles


Age: 45-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 230 lbs (104 kg)

Gear: Trunks, singlet trunks, speedo, shorts

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nels11 the mask jobber


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nels11 is recommended by Shorty

I saw nels in person I new I could get him. But he came out on top quite a few times. In fact I never got that Jabroni once. My second match ever on this site. Nels is a good guy I recommend him he will fight u for awhile. Shout out to awill92 he was there filming and a cheating ref, who help nels in the end.



Shorty is recommended by the mask jobber

Shorty our new wrestler in Las Vegas he would be a great heel but he's also a great jobber very strong and showed up on time in hot gear



the mask jobber is recommended by Shorty

I wrestlers the mask jobber good guy I will wrestlers him again of course. Very skilled. Good Matt energy