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My favorite activity to do besides scuba diving is wrestling!



  1. USA - California, Santa Barbara
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I am willing to travel 5000 kilometers


Age: 60-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

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SBWrestler is recommended by Roodle0p

SBwrestler is such a gentleman off the mats, and an awesome guy who was willing to adapt to my level of wrestling.

His profile pictures do him no justice!! He is such a handsome guy, and has got really nice thick legs for scissoring. Don’t miss an opportunity to meet with this man if you pass thru santa barbara!



Roodle0p is recommended by SBWrestler

How can you not LOVE this guy! Daniel is kind, generous, handsome and intelligent. Extremely strong, yet compassionate enough to work around my having had open heart surgery.

We had a wonderful time going to the Santa Barbara zoo, almost wrestled in one of the unattended picnic grounds, we walked along the ocean and had fun going to restaurant after restaurant, having only one course per establishment as we checked out eateries on the pier and along State street.

Daniel is just as much fun on the mats as he is off the mats. Do NOT miss the opportunity to wrestle this strong but gentle man!



SBWrestler is recommended by Swenrique

SBwrestler and I had a fun and enjoyable match! He's a true gentleman on and off the mats and a pleasure to chat with!



Swenrique is recommended by SBWrestler

Swenrique is a dream come true! Of all the mamy years that I have met wrestlers through these types of sites, never have I encountered a greater grapplerr than was the occasion with this man. Tall, dark and handsome, this Prince among Men blessed me with his presence. Whether we were discussing different topics over dinner, exchanging strategies over a game of chess or tailoring his wrestling styles to make sure that wrestling was FUN for both of us, Eric was my knight in shining armor. My recommendation is that you wrestle any and everyone before you wrestle this beast. If you are like me, you will have no interest in wrestling any other.



redlandguy is recommended by SBWrestler

Although there was absolutely no competition between Evan and myself, I was thrilled to have Evan as my coach and for me to return to the very basics as a student. Evan was extremely patient and very careful to work around my physical limitations having been out of commission for the past five years due to injuries, open heart surgery and a horrible accident. Usually my experience with New Yorkers is that they are rude, mean and cold. Evan is the bipolar opposite of any of those qualities. Hoping to continue practicing and return to the discipline of mixed martial arts so that when we meet again, my coach and teacher will be proud of the progress I have made. When in New York, be sure to contact this incredible grappler.



SBWrestler is recommended by jtwrestle

I wrestled SBWrestler in Chicago a few years back. Had a blast. He's in great shape, fun to wrestle, accommodates kill level and style. I would recommend him highly. Quality guy.



jtwrestle is recommended by SBWrestler

Actually fell in love with this Man !...

What is there not to love! ....He is a perfect specimen for the picture perfect masculine wrestler. ..Look at him! ...What a Hunk of Handsome. What a mountain of muscle. JT can wrestle any style. He can wrestle mild to wild. On the mats, he is one strong bull that will challenge you and take you to your limits.

Off the mats, he is the sweetest guy and makes the best companion. JT is a Man's man. ...He will be forever a part of me as I changed my initials to his. ...What can I say besides that I am hopeless romantic!

Do not miss the opportunity to wrestle JT!



SBWrestler is recommended by kohl

i met this guy some years ago and was lucky enough to hit the mats with him. He is both skilled and strong and I would look forward to another match anytime. He handled me pretty easily back then and with his continued training but knew how to keep it fun for a newbie like me. I ld like another shot at you big guy -



kohl is recommended by SBWrestler

How time flies. Kohl was very new to wrestling and we wrestled at my home in Lisle, Illinois. ...Loved his enthusiasm and loved his willingness to give it everything he had. ...He took my advice and signed up for mixed martial arts training with wrestling and jiu jitsu. ..He is much more skilled and much stronger and I am looking forward to rolling on the mats with this guy when I return to Chicago. Nice guy off and on the mat.



SBWrestler is recommended by Leanmuscle

SBWrestler was my favorite wrestler when he lived in Chicago. We were evenly matched and always had a great time on the mat. More importantly, he is a good person, honest, and reliable. Don't pass on the opportunity to meet and wrestle with this guy. You will make a new friend.



Leanmuscle is recommended by SBWrestler

Where do I even begin to start with Leanmuscle? ....First, he may be the nicest wrestler I have ever known. Leanmuscle is definitely the most hospitable man I have ever known. ...Decades ago, when I was new to the wrestling world, I would not meet with anyone if they had not wrestled with him. ...He was the Mayor of Chicago wrestling and seemed to know everyone. ..Leanmuscle was incredible about booking and hosting guys from all over the country and world and would invite me to the tag team matches. .. Thanks to Leanmuscle, some of my best matches happened in his fully equipped gym with mats, weights and TV and video to watch wrestling tapes while wrestling. ....I can go on forever on what an incredible host he is. ...Regarding wrestling, although I have height and weight advantage, Leanmuscle is a force to be reckoned with. ...Stay away from his legs or you are toast. ...He can wrestle full speed or he can take it slow and give and take. ...He is most accommodating.....One of my favorite guys to wrestle and I am proud to say one of the best friends I have ever had!