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I really like long submission matches. Into erotic play as well. I really enjoy giving and receiving schoolboy pins :). Headscissors are amazing too.



  1. USA - Virginia, Harrisonburg
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Age: 18-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 250 lbs (113 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

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Ryaryab is recommended by shortnhusky81

Really friendly guy; he was a pleasure to wrestle with. Very strong legs so beware of those; once you're between them, you might not get out! Got to spend a good amount of time with him chatting afterwards and was overall great to be around. Looking forward to our next match! If you have a chance to meet him, definitely don't pass him up!



shortnhusky81 is recommended by Ryaryab

He's a super sweet guy on the outside, but he's a strong heel on the outside! Really strong and put up a great challenge for me before falling victim to my scissors. Can't wait to meet with this guy again!



Redmond40 is recommended by Ryaryab

This guy was my second match and woowee was a great wrestling partner! I was able to learn so much from him as I was being completely dominated haha. If you’re looking for a challenge don’t miss an opportunity to get with this guy for a match!



Ryaryab is recommended by Warner

Great guy. Pleasure to meet. Excellent wrestler and very considerate. Polite and on time. Highly recommend.



Warner is recommended by Ryaryab

A super fun and strong guy that I got to take on during my winter break. Don’t pass up an opportunity for a match with this guy! I promise you’ll have a great time! I hope to have another match with him soon!



Ryaryab is recommended by slandon23

Today is Thanksgiving where most of us look forward to a turkey dinner I got to look forward to meeting and wrestling Ryaryab for the holiday this young lion was looking for match and knew that I was decided to take the drive up to me for us to wrestle he is a strong young man and has some pretty powerful legs if you get caught in them if you get a chance to wrestle this young lion take it .



Ryaryab is recommended by zeev

It was great to meet this young and enthusiastic wrestler. He is very serious about wrestling and one of the nicest guys I've met on this site.



Ryaryab is recommended by Spruceman

I was really happy to host this four-day newbie to the site and to (5/28/2018). "Try whatever you want below the head" (only after a detailed safety briefing). Like to find out what "nature/genetics" have conveyed to a newbie.

He sure did not disappoint me. Quick learner. Bills himself as a jobber; but will suddenly try to "turn the tables on you." I showed him a decent number of holds/tactics, and he was using every one against me, including counters to some of mine.

He's a really nice guy, quick learner–very quick ("Any move you teach, can and will be used against you."), and a strong desire to learn more.

Take him on; train with him. He's welcome back anytime; and he returned on Nov 9, 2018, and he seems to have remembered what I had shown him just over five months ago..



Spruceman is recommended by Ryaryab

What can I say, this guy may look nice but he’s SUPER strong. Really, don’t be fooled by his age, he is crazy. He taught me so much and I am excited to learn from him some more. Highly recommend.



Ryaryab is recommended by FlDean2012

Ryan is a great guy and a fun guy to wrestle. He is new at this so he is learning but can learn quite quickly. Hes a fun guy to roll around with in the water and we had 120 minutes of pure enjoyment. If you get a chance meet him and show him a move or two.



FlDean2012 is recommended by Ryaryab

I had a great time with Dean for my first workout session. Water wrestling is no joke! He is a very strong guy and you will not be disappointed! Everyone who gets the chance to wrestle this man should! I can't wait to go back,