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I really like long submission matches. Into erotic play as well. I really enjoy giving and receiving schoolboy pins :). Headscissors are amazing too.



  1. USA - Virginia, Fairfax Station
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  2. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
    (I'm here between 10/18/2018 and 10/20/2018)
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Age: 18-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 250 lbs (113 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

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Ryaryab is recommended by Spruceman

I was really happy to host this four-day newbie to the site and to (5/28/2018). "Try whatever you want below the head" (only after a detailed safety briefing). Like to find out what "nature/genetics" have conveyed to a newbie.

He sure did not disappoint me. Quick learner. Bills himself as a jobber; but will suddenly try to "turn the tables on you." I showed him a decent number of holds/tactics, and he was using every one against me, including counters to some of mine.

He's a really nice guy, quick learner–very quick ("Any move you teach, can and will be used against you."), and a strong desire to learn more.

Take him on; train with him. He's welcome back anytime; and he returned on Nov 9, 2018, and he seems to have remembered what I had shown him just over five months ago..



Spruceman is recommended by Ryaryab

What can I say, this guy may look nice but he’s SUPER strong. Really, don’t be fooled by his age, he is crazy. He taught me so much and I am excited to learn from him some more. Highly recommend.



Ryaryab is recommended by FlDean2012

Ryan is a great guy and a fun guy to wrestle. He is new at this so he is learning but can learn quite quickly. Hes a fun guy to roll around with in the water and we had 120 minutes of pure enjoyment. If you get a chance meet him and show him a move or two.



FlDean2012 is recommended by Ryaryab

I had a great time with Dean for my first workout session. Water wrestling is no joke! He is a very strong guy and you will not be disappointed! Everyone who gets the chance to wrestle this man should! I can't wait to go back,