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Enjoy a challenging wrestle with guys who in the same or approximate weight range as myself. Submission is my favorite wrestling past-time but I am open to other ideas and interests. Can do erotic depending upon how I feel, my opponent and the chemistry. Like long, sweaty submission matches with guys who are physically fit and enjoy the competition. Can be heel or jobber depending on the circumstances. Get in touch if you are interested in a wrestle.



  1. United Kingdom, London
    Central London
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 58-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 168 lbs (76 kg)

Gear: speedos, briefs

Submission Submission

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Reslo is recommended by Bigkahunnamb

It was a pleasure to wrestle Neil. He is a very skilled wrestler. Beware of his next move! (fox-like). Off the mats Neil is a real gentleman and superior host - great cook & conversationalist!
I give Neil a gold star recommendation!



Bigkahunnamb is recommended by Reslo

Really enjoyed wrestling Erwin. He's a big guy and very solid. He's determined and focused in his wrestling style and with more opportunity to wrestle competitively will make a formidable opponent. Really nice guy off the mats, thoughtful, considerate and a great conversationalist.



Reslo is recommended by edd

Very happy to have had a match with Reslo. He definitely had the upper hand and always seems to get out of a tight spot. Not sure if I was enough of a challenge for him, but would be up for a rematch



edd is recommended by Reslo

Enjoyed wrestling Edd he's strong and keen to learn. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in strength and persistence. More practice would help polish his technique and build his wrestling confidence. A nice chap to meet in the flesh



Reslo is recommended by madridwrestler

A determined and competitive wrestler. We had an enjoyable weekend where we could have the chance to challenge each other a couple of times and have a good workout. We have a similar approach to wrestling which made the encounter even more interesting. Off mats a really nice guy , excellent conversationist and an extraordinary host....and cook !! Rematch anytime...maybe with better weather next time ;)



madridwrestler is recommended by Reslo

Spent a weekend wrestling Joaquin and had a great time. He's feisty, aggressive, determined in his wrestling style and a good sport. it was safe and sane, energetic, good tempered and broadly balanced. He brings lots of attitude and hubris which helps to make the wrestle edgy and worth winning. I would thoroughly recommend him as a challenging wrestler and a great contender.



Reslo is recommended by Broc

Had a great little grapple with this skilled wrestler, who really likes to win. A charming and considerate host who was fun on and off the mats, despite me only having limited time. Watch out for the legs which he certainly knows how to use!



Broc is recommended by Reslo

Had a great wrestle with Broc. He is both fit and strong and a fantastic opponent if you are looking for a real workout. On and of the mat he's a really nice guy. A pleasure to wrestle.



Reslo is recommended by wrestle fun

I had the pleasure to meet Reslo today for a wrestle, he is a friendly guy both on and off the mats. He's an agile, fit and a skilled wrestler and knew exactly how to pin and roll me up despite my weight advantage. He also does a great head scissors. I hope to meet Reslo again for another fun wrestle



wrestle fun is recommended by Reslo

Had a great wrestle with Jon. He's a stocky guy with quite a bit of experience so the challenge was on. Both on and off the mats he was great to connect and well worth the time and effort to arrange. Hope to wrestle again on the future.



Reslo is recommended by Wrestlefun

A great fun wrestle and very friendly guy - beware the good good arm locks !! and very much give and take too - enjoyed myself a lot !



Reslo is recommended by John Fredman

Enjoyable sweaty grapple with Mr Reslo followed by well needed lunch. Made a big effort to visit so highly recommended.



John Fredman is recommended by Reslo

Wrestled with John a few years ago. Thoroughly enjoyed the match and eating together later. Worth then time to arrange and visit.



Reslo is recommended by squeezerian

Had the pleasure of meeting Reslo yesterday for a hot wrestling session. A very personable and friendly guy and would thoroughly recommend him as a worthy opponent if you happen to be in Newport Wales.



squeezerian is recommended by Reslo

Good to meet and wrestle with Ian after a long time corresponding. He's an interesting guy and knows lots of wrestling techniques and moves. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed meeting him



Reslo is recommended by WELSH WRESTLER

at long last met reslo on 28th june and it was worth the wait. a strong wrestler and a true gentleman. hope to meet him again.



Reslo is recommended by Superfly

Bad mistake underestimating this guy, strong technical and demonstrated excellent grappling skills. Had good stamina and was safe and sane throughout our bout. Match was easy to arrange and Reslo was a nice genuine and interesting guy, easy to chat with and looked good in his speedos. Definitely worth meeting him. Definitely would meet again. Recommended.



Superfly is recommended by Reslo

Had a great wrestle with Rob. He's strong, well skilled and enduring as a wrestler. It was a pleasure to pit my skills against such a generous and experienced opponent. A great physique and attitude to match. On and off the mats he was great fun and well worth the effort. Meet fighters at its best! I look forward to a return match in the future.



Reslo is recommended by andilupi

Cannot recommend Reslo enough - friendly, hospitable and totally able to adapt to his opponent for a long, sweaty, exciting match and using his skills and strength, particularly scissors. Would wrestle him any day.



andilupi is recommended by Reslo

Enjoyed Wrestling Andy. He was a great guy on and off the Mats.



Reslo is recommended by mackemsub

Wrestled Reslo at Long Eaton a long time ago! He's an energetic wrestler but came off worst against me despite his threats and banter! Really nice bloke and hope to wrestle him again



mackemsub is recommended by Reslo

Enjoyed wrestling Gary. He's a great opponent skilled, and experienced in his approach to grappling. Gave him the benefit of the doubt in the match - he was keen to fantasise a victory. Would very much like to wrestle him again



Reslo is recommended by wrestling4fun

Reslo is a very sexy, strong and competitive wrestler. We had a great matchup and enjoyed going at it for a couple of hours. I'd recommend this sexy, safe and skilled grappler to anyone who wants the type of wrestle that can be both playful and intense.



wrestling4fun is recommended by Reslo

Richard and I had a great wrestle this week. It was energetic and well paced, lasting almost two hours. He's a great opponent - fit skilled and generous. The match was an opportunity to have fun, to learn and test some of those submission moves that need regular practice. I would be keen to wrestle him again - to add icing to the cake he's a sexy, attractive guy as well



Reslo is recommended by Docklands Bear

Had an excellent hard wrestle with Reslo, who really made me work hard on the mat. Managed to get a couple of submissions out of him but fell victim to his speciality hold - wrestle him to find what it is - and try not to submit ! A special guy. Definately want a rematch.



Docklands Bear is recommended by Reslo

Had a great match with Docklands Bear. He was experienced, confident and enduring. It was an opportunity to practice some holds, use some new skills and improve my practice. He was a great guy to talk to sincere and down to earth. look forward to the next time!!



spirit6060 is recommended by Reslo

Had a fit and fun match with Martin. He's a genuinely nice guy. This is the second time we have wrestled and it was as enjoyable as the first. Martin is very solid and what he lacks in experience he makes up for in energy and stamina.



Reslo is recommended by figure4u

This guy is the perfect wrestle meet. On the mats he's physically fit and uses intelligent wrestling moves. Even if you have him caught in a hold you know that he will have an escape route. Off the mats he's a hospitable host and a entertaining and fascinating conversationalist. A pleasure to have have met Reslo.



figure4u is recommended by Reslo

Recently wrestled Figure4u and had a great match. He's fit and strong....... a great opponent to take on. Its evident he has technique and is well a skilled. Enjoyed the challenge of wrestling a confident guy who clearly at home on the mats. Outside of this, a really nice guy worth getting to know, honest and authentic. Looking forward to wrestling him again.



Reslo is recommended by musclemarkuk

Had a good match up last night with Reslo. Agree those cycle legs do come into there own and pretty good in headscissors. Reliable and great man. Looking forward to a rematch when i am next down in Wales.