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Hello everyone hoping this site will provide me with others into boxing..and I mean REAL boxing. Not interested in cyber or phone. REAL meetings with REAL boxing. I can go from with light sparring in big gloves or fight in small gloves ..mildto all out fight to ko or til one quits. But open to whatever my opponent wants. I have tons of gear for two people and I am open to box anywhere from a ring if we have access, hote/motel room, basement, wherever we can put on the gloves and have fun. I can do full gear all the way to a nude fight also. I do travel so guys hit me up for a match.dont want sex



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Relationship
Fetishes: Want sex, Boxing gear


  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
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Age: 52-year-old Gay Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

Gear: Boxing Gloves, shoes, mouthpiece, trunks, nude, jockstraps

Boxing Boxing

Last login: 1/03/2018 11:04 PM Idle

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Start of membership: 7/23/2010 2:48 AM

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PittsburghBoxer is recommended by glovelover

A very great boxer and cocksman, KO cumshots sexpected from the champ



PittsburghBoxer is recommended by PhoenixBigBear

My new friend Jason combines the skill and mastery of his sport with the gentlemanly sportsmanship that is often too lacking in this era. He's not only a first-rate boxer but a first-rate, manly, heartfelt human being, and I'm proud to know him and be a friend. He's the ideal boxer for a newbie boxer like me to engage with in the sport of boxing, and I am looking forward to many more bouts with this great and decent man in the years ahead.



PhoenixBigBear is recommended by PittsburghBoxer

I got to know Bear this week he is a wonderful man strong good boxer, With more training he will be a a wonderful tough but fun guy to box with.....I look forward to meeting him again one day....Sweetheart of a man he is lets box again Bear.



PittsburghBoxer is recommended by ctrwash

Jason is a smart blocker, hard puncher, very skilled boxer...excellent gutpuncher too! But he is so much more: fair, decent, honest, a very wonderful guy. His reputation follows him from his years of boxing training and experience. He is serious about it, so don't take him on lightly. I had a rewarding time.
Thanks, Jason!



ctrwash is recommended by PittsburghBoxer

Ctrwash was an awesome opponent...good, tough guy with solid punches in both hands for body boxing...tough good prowess with boxing....and overall wonderful guy. Will recommend anyone to meet this guy guy for some awesome body boxing.. you will not be disappointed.



unclegary is recommended by PittsburghBoxer




PittsburghBoxer is recommended by SurreyGuy

Jason is quite strong and skilled but adapts to your level. I had a great sparring session with him, he's also a good guy to hang out with for a post match beer or two too. I'd recommend him and hope we can have a rematch at some point.



SurreyGuy is recommended by PittsburghBoxer

I highly recommend Surreyguy we met towards the end of August of 2105 and I cannot wait to meet him to meet him again. he is a good strong boxer.. yet a nice man you would to hang out with outside of the gloves and trunks. Wonderful Man.



PittsburghBoxer is recommended by wrestlerpgh

Jason is such a skilled boxer but can box at most any level. Always fun!



wrestlerpgh is recommended by PittsburghBoxer

WrestlerPgh is an awesome wrestler strong.. knows his wrestling.. wonderful man very great friend here in Pittsburgh. As a boxer he is tough, wont back down very impressed with him



yonkerswrangler is recommended by PittsburghBoxer

Yonkers is tough.. good fighter he wont let you down.



wreslbear is recommended by PittsburghBoxer

WreslBear is a very good opponent..strong, comes to have a good time. you will not be disappointed.



PittsburghBoxer is recommended by PHLBoxer

Jason is one of the first guys I met when I "came out" on the boxing circuit, and has been a favorite ever since. He's tough, highly-skilled, and hit likes a mule. But he's a real sweetheart, and can adjust his intensity to whatever level you're looking for.



pghwrestle430 is recommended by PittsburghBoxer

Pghwrestle is tough, strong, I had a good match with him, and looking forward to meeting him again for more matches.



Boxingrob is recommended by PittsburghBoxer

Hello everyone..I met Rob some years back when I lived in Michigan. tough, durable fighter, who can take punishment and give it right back..never backs down. I will say he is only the second man to put me on the floor in a boxing match. Highly reccommended.



PittsburghBoxer is recommended by louisfight

very nice guy !! strong and tough!!we must meet again !! hope till ko!! great fighter



PittsburghBoxer is recommended by Boxer Daddy

A great friend and tough boxer! Can't wait to mix it up in the ring again.
Keep your guard up and come out punching.



PittsburghBoxer is recommended by Rusnak

Jason is a great guy. Very skilled in boxing. Has all of the gear. He is patient and able to dial down his initensity for newbies like me. I'm looking forweard tio my next match with him, for sure! More experienced guys,yu will not be disappointed!



Rusnak is recommended by PittsburghBoxer

Hello everyone. I had the honor to meet Mark at wrestlefest. Mark is a fine man and good boxer. I am very impressed with him...his power his skills...which will get better as he learns. I recommend anyone who boxes to meet this man because he wont disappoint you when the gloves go on, you tap them and start boxing.