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  •  ‒ Uploaded on 11/15/2015
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Hi. Swedish Guy here. Mostly into schoolboypins and headscissors.



  1. Sweden, Göteborg
    (I'm here from 9/28/2017)
  2. USA - Florida, Miami Beach
    (I'm here between 11/16/2018 and 12/01/2018)
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Age: 34-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 159 lbs (72 kg)

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daniMadrid darkJR Grip Headscissorfan st7

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Phunkjunkeez is recommended by darkJR

Very energetic, handsome, muscular guy. We had a short meeting but it was really nice. He's really into some holds, you'd better use them ;)

You'll really enjoy the meeting with him!



darkJR is recommended by Phunkjunkeez

Met this great guy in Barcelona. Extremely friendly, funny and cool guy. His body is really great and it was a pleasure Wrestle him. Would recommend him any day any time. Hope to meet again.



Phunkjunkeez is recommended by st7

Somebody asked me about this stud today and I realized I never wrote him a recommendation. And what I said was: I had a super fun time with this guy. He has an amazing body and legs to die for and was an immense pleasure to give him hell in all kinds of ways. And I would like to repeat. ASAP. He mentioned he would like to gain some wrestling knowledge and that will only mean it gets better. Woof



st7 is recommended by Phunkjunkeez

Had a match with this guy yesterday. He is very strong and has some great holds to use. Extremely nice guy with a great body. Don’t miss out!



Phunkjunkeez is recommended by Headscissorfan

Met this guy couple of times a few years ago and when we met again today I was really impressed how his muscles grew. He is a maskuline hunk with incredible strong legs and he made me suffer in his scissors for a long time. If you visit Göteborg, don't miss that guy!



Headscissorfan is recommended by Phunkjunkeez

Met this guy a few times. Really fun jobber to demolish. ;)) He is also a very very nice guy. Sane and safe. Meet him, you’ll have lots of fun.



Phunkjunkeez is recommended by daniMadrid

Después de mucho tiempo tuvimos un encuentro muy divertido y caliente hoy. Phunkjunkeez es un tipo estupendo, muy bella persona y con un cuerpo muy proporcionado y atlético (excelentes piernas). Tenemos gustos muy similares para luchar y adoramos las headscissors. Es una pena que mi inglés sea tan básico y no pudiésemos mantener una buena conversación, fue el único obstáculo para un encuentro perfecto. Gracias y espero aprender más inglés (por que el sueco va a ser más difícil jejejeje). Muy recomendado!



daniMadrid is recommended by Phunkjunkeez

What a Nice guy! Met DaniMadrid today. Really hot meeting with lots of worship and hot holds. I really recommend this dude. Hope to meet him again sometimes.



Phunkjunkeez is recommended by Grip

An all around great guy, we had a very nice session of trading holds. Good sense of humour, hot body and well... legs to die for. :) Hard to decide if it was more fun to be pinned by him or being on top. Highly recommended.



Grip is recommended by Phunkjunkeez

I had a really cool meeting with this dude. Trading holds for hours and I can assure you this guy is strong. Legs like iron and when you get stuck, you r stuck. Very nice person and easygoing. Don't miss out on a good fight if you have the chance.