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In 2019 I would like to get back to wrestling more, and meet some passionate, strong guys. Hit me up!

I am a strong, energetic man living in Copenhagen. I am interested in male to male contact and love being challenged by strong men. I usually end up being submissive (I haven't been wrestling for too long), but I fight against it to create a passionate, challenging power play.

I like exploring different fantasies. I like mature, I also like younger. Age doesn't matter if there is passion, lust and power behind the action. I am not looking to get injured, but I like it somewhat rough - but always safe!! I'm open to different rules; gear or no gear, heel/jobber, stakes, CBT - you name it.

I love heel/jobber scenarios, CBT-fights, worship, schoolboy pins, camel clutches, boston crabs, sleeper holds, choke holds, full nelsons, backslide pins, testicular claws, fish hooks, and so on.

I have had one unpleasant experience here, and due to that I want to be extra careful who I am about to meet. It's just being sane, not suspicious. Please respect that.


I like to describe myself as an aggressive jobber, but that does not mean I aim to lose! My strong personality never lets me give up, and as you can find out from my recommendations, it's almost impossible to make me tap. Wrestling is all about powerful body contact, and who gets to be on top. I am a very dominative person, and therefore get the kicks if someone succeeds to dominate me instead. Due to my profession, that is a bit of a fantasy of mine as well. But please do not think that I'm just a lazy bag in the ring - that I'm most certainly not!

Please do not get offended if I am not always available. I am very serious about my profession and my work always comes first. And I am ALWAYS genuine and honest. I'm also in a relationship, and that always comes first. I love wrestling, and if I tell you we'll meet, we will eventually meet. Let's be honest and adults.



  1. Denmark, København
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  2. Finland, Helsinki
    (I'm here between 4/08/2019 and 5/28/2019)
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I am willing to travel 300 kilometers


Age: 31-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (172 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Finnish, Swedish

Gear: Singlets, underwear, speedos, nude, whatever - imagination is the key

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PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by Brentford

Naughty gentleman with a good, bad attitude might describe this savvy provocateur. Certainly engaging off the mat and engagingly certain on the mats. Knowledge and skilled so don’t be fooled, this lad leads you to believe you’re driving but can handle what you are delivering and in a way that suits him. Tough guy but sophisticated in his approach yet playful when and where it counts. Good fitness so be prepared to go the distance and enjoy a sweaty, challenging and rewarding rumble with a personable, professional and genuine fan of the sport. No losers in this match.



Brentford is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

Brentford is a nice, genuine, and friendly man who loves body contact and being on top. He has a strong figure, and he is a heavy man :) But all in every possible positive way. He is fairly new to the scene, but extremely passionate and into wrestling - he will be a tough opponent to many here in no time. He has a dirty mind, and he put me into holds that were extremely imaginative and hot. Off the mats, he is a gentleman, a friendly, warm little giant. Nice to talk to. I'm looking forward to meeting him one day again.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by Buster97

This dude definitely proved me why his username is PassionatePowerPlay, i mean he was so into the bout! He took quite a ball bashing and afterwards told me that i could have given it even harder!

An extremely nice guy, very friendly, time flew by going between sweaty wrestling and chatting. Was fun humiliating the hell out of him and end up winning 3-0. Next time i won't go so easy on him!



Buster97 is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

What a nice man. Has lots of energy, and really loves wrestling. It’s nice to meet people who are devoted to the world of wrestling, and like similar things with me. He is a rookie, but has a kinky mind that makes fighting with him a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to meeting him someday again.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had a blast to wrestle and dominate this man in London ring !! I applied all my wrestling arsenal holds for pinning and squashing this man! Had lot of fun! He is fantastic jobber ! He give me a good challenge, but i completely dominated him with my tough hot Pro holds! I finished him with a hot happy ending hold! : )
He is very great guy, lot of fun to wrestle and very friendly Had amazing time with him on the mats! Forward for a rematch when i will go back to London! Highly recommended!



Marcwrestler is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

I was honoured to wrestle this legend. This was my first time trying pro wrestling, and he made me feel safe, and wild at the same time. I really enjoyed being the jobber for him, and I'm pretty sure my interest towards pro has awaken. He is a nice man on & off mats, extremely sexy, and a pleasure to wrestle with. I hope I get to meet him again and again in the future. He really knows how to dominate and control in the ring.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by Jagoan

Meeting PPP was the best ever. He is very relentless and definitely passionate about going full on, on the mat. We wrestled for some solid hours, barely stopping to take breaks. It was awesome, LOVED every second of it. Very personable, nice and kind off the mat. I would definitely meet him again if time permits. Looking forward to another round of passionate power play :)



Jagoan is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

I had a huge privilege to wrestle this handsome man. He is much more handsome than in his pictures, and he is much stronger than he lets us know in his profile.
I must say, I had the time of my life with him. He was such a nice guy, knew exactly how to dominate on the matts, and he was very passionate when it comes to going full out. I LOVED our match, and he was one of the the best opponents I've ever had. Strong, sexy, and wonderful. Our match ended up being a passionate power play. I can't wait to meet him again. WOW!



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by boston kid

Wow what a fun time I had with Sam - a friendly communicative fun guy with a very sexy pair of legs and a handsome face... he also is a good jobber - able to take prolonged tight holds and enjoy this. He looks great in his tight gear and I certainly want a rematch soon!
The other nice thing is that he is bright and great to talk to so we had a good talk after about life the universe and everything - a nice combination of wrestling horniness and a friendship developing.
Highly recommended.

Update June 2017:
More fun... our second meet and this went even better than the first. Sam is a great communicator so we both knew what we wanted and had the max fun. He looks hot in his gear too.

Meet him!!



boston kid is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

This man is a treasure. What a kind, nice, open man, who treats you as you had been friends for years. Amazing hospitality, and a nice personality. He was very on top of his things, and we had fun trying out different holds to make the jobber (me) suffer. His physique is very good, and he is in great shape. Strong, passionate, controlling. Exactly what a proper heel should be like. I had lots of fun with boston kid, and will have in the future as well.

EDIT June 2017
I have wrestled with Boston_kid for couple of times now, and it only does get better. He is an inventive, resourceful heel, who knows what he wants and what to do. Strongly recommended.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by Kevin

This guy really reflects his profile name. He is passionate and powerful. I drained myself trying to dominate him because he gave intense hot fight. He was just full of energy and it was absolutely great fun experience to be having match with him.



Kevin is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

I had lots of fun with this nice guy in Bangkok. He fights well, I had the size advantage, he had fast moves and strong legs. We had an energetic match, and he was great to talk to as well. Good guy!



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by teemu

Perfect opponent to someone who really wants to heel someone. Yes, he is saying he resists hard, but test yourself! Very nice guy!



teemu is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

Great guy. Good to talk to. Great wrestler, very skilled and strong :) Was very when teaching me, and very nice. I didn't stand a chance. But had fun.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by wrestr

Had a good fight with him. He is a good wrestler and a nice guy to talk with after the match.



wrestr is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

A very nice, handsome man. He was amazing enough to travel to the same country where I was visiting to meet me! Wow, respect. He has great manners, and is very nice to talk to. On the mats he is a beast - surprisingly strong, dominative, and aggressive. In a positive way. I was actually helpless most of the time, but I did fight back quite bad. I'm looking forward to another passionate, sweaty match with wrestr as soon as we are in the same country again.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by training and fight

Passionate and steady fighter. Never wants to give up. Will give you a great time.



training and fight is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

Good guy, nice to talk to, and a really passionate fighter. He was very much in control, and really wore me out. Recommended for passionate, and intensive matches.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by pojtsu87

Despite being kinda nervous about my "first" match, things went great and what a match & opponent!
He was very persistent even when losing. He didnt want to tap/quit anytime. Very good sport and easy to talk to. Likes his trash talk :D

Hope we have a rematch sometime!



pojtsu87 is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

I had a nice match & chat with this great guy. He was very polite, open, and friendly. Had a sweaty bout, me suffering from recent lack of exercise... I did not stand a chance, but next time - he'll suffer. I must get my game back. Good guy!



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by indigo88

Have been meaning to wrestle him for a while- and it finally happened in a hotel in London. Long sweaty match but I was probably stronger, but had an enjoyable experience. Very nice guy to speak to off the mats as well. Recommended



indigo88 is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

I had a fun meet with indigo88. Nice guy, with good stamina. Funny, and unexpected guy, and very polite. Good guy, and am happy to see a newbie who is going to be a great fighter in no time!



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by Bi-Curious George

I had a great time throwing down with PPP. On the mats he is strong, determined and looks fantastic in a singlet. He showed great determination in even the nastiest of my holds and managed to maintain the same great energy throughout the contest. Off the mats he is warm, funny and is great company. He is a thoroughly likeable and intelligent opponent. If you get the chance to wrestle him don't hesitate!



Bi-Curious George is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

Had a nice bout with neontoby and Bi-Curious George. Nice guys, and very competitive. BCG has clearly learned some techniques and is hard to control. Then again neontoby was more even with my skills, but in the end I succeeded taking control over him. When this match turned into a 2-on-1 match, it got very intensive and exciting. I was very happy to meet up with these guys in such a short notice, and hopefully we'll get to see each other again.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by Odiom

Great fight, with good fun. Sam helps to to get into a tough and sweaty fight :) but always pays attention to the other. We sure ended up sometimes in weird positions but it was even more fun !
Hope to meet him again. Invitation sent to come to Lyon :)



Odiom is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

Very nice man. Wicked mind, also a beginner - but knows how to shift his weight right. Imaginative moves and holds. Sometimes I had no idea how we ended up in some of the interesting positions, but that was pretty exciting. He was also a very nice guy to talk to. Hope to meet him someday again.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by readyforit

Had the horny pleasure to wrestle PPP in the Grove Park pro ring and used all the tricks, including the ropes to make this rookie submit.
A feisty, sexy, bright guy, totally sorted and who knows what he wants. Pure lusty joy.



readyforit is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

This intense, sexy wrestler was such a pleasure to fight with. He is viciously inventive, incredibly fit, fast, and has a wonderful dirty imagination. I was first completely dominated by him, but I succeeded having couple of victorious moments and put this experienced soldier to his place. It gave me unexpected pleasure to show him who the boss is (couple of times only!), but eventually got my ass kicked thoroughly. I was entirely hooked by his horny holds and confident, masculine way of being. The day after, I'm bruised. Aching for more. I have a feeling (and I hope) we will end up being good friends as well. Lovely, sexy guy with a great imagination. Yes please!



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by finest

Really pleased that we got to meet though a huge shame that he is leaving London for 6 months.
This is a wrestler who is a real competitor, he may enjoy being dominated but you've got to be on top of your game if you're going to get him to tap! Strong and feisty with good speed/cardio and aggression meant we were able to wrestle for ages.
See if you can get a match in before he goes, otherwise visit Finland ;-)
P.s. Trash talk works a treat when you've got him immobilised in a hold or lock. It wound him up so much that it made me dish out more!!!



finest is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

This man. This man is something. Extremely nice, extremely handsome, and extremely talented when it comes to wrestling and domination. He showed me who the boss is immediately, and during our long and intensive bout, he put me to holds I've never been before - and absolutely loved them! Being bound and controlled by this 'greek sculpture' is possibly the hottest experience I've ever had. My body is aching, but I would do it again and again in a heart beat. He seemed to enjoy controlling me, and making me helpless - and I sure did. To me it felt that slowly we created some sort of a connection, passionate connection, and the rest of the time it was wild, primal and really really hot. Intense. This hit me like a drug.

Finest is such a nice man. I hope I get to spend lots of time with him - also outside the mats. There seems to be many wonderful qualities in him, and I hope I get to learn him better. Someone will be the luckiest man in the world to catch this sweet mans heart one day.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Had a great match with this plucky guy. Was very easy to arrange the match which we began the armwrestling. He gave it all he had and was shocked and frustrated when he came up short, way short! Nevertheless he kept trying again and again.

In our wrestling match he proved his determination , stamina and jobber credentials as I showed him what years of wrestling experience and real strength can do to cocky little punk kid but he is no wimp. When I had him in a painful arm bar, i was slightly out of position and so only had it 90% he steadfastly refused to tap so I had to release and beat him with something else. Every hold I put him in needed to be muscled hard to force him to tap making it a really good match despite the mismatch in skills.

He is a great guy off the mats too and thoroughly recommended for anyone. I am sure he will quickly pick up more skills and will soon be a tough opponent for most guys he meets.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

What a nice guy. First of all he is generous, polite and civilised. His secret cocky-attitude is revealed when he shows you his own wrestling database, and score board, where he lists his results. He absolutely defeated me in armwrestling, and boy did that make me angry and frustrated. I had many reasons to try to make him submit once we began wrestling properly, but this little fucker is quite strong. His experience against my blind attacks did work out for his benefit, and I found myself from multiple holds where I couldn't get out of. Imaginative, kinky, and cocky. He also ruined my underwear, and gagged me in the end. Hot. Cocky. Fun.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by Londonlatino

Although Sam is a relative novice to wrestling he is strong and fit and keen to learn. He is very friendly and open, and I found him interesting to talk to. I really enjoyed wrestling him and I would gladly take him on again.



Londonlatino is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

Londonlatino was one of my first opponents in the UK. He is friendly, calm and really nice to be with. We had a nice match, and he was surprisingly strong. I had a nice time and really enjoyed our match. And we had a good chat after the game. This man is a good guy!



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by DenverWrestler

I had a wonderful ring match with this surprising young man. He's very much the 'young punk' type when you first meet him, but there is so much more to him – a mature young guy, articulate, very personable, bright, hard-working and ambitious. He's in very good shape, stronger than you would expect, and keeps coming back for more when you submit him. For an 'old guy' like me, it was hot as hell to try to submit him and work him over, and then have a lot of horny fun with him. I recommend him to anyone on this site – you can't go wrong with an all-round good like him. I wish him all the best in his professional and wrestling endeavors and certainly look forward to another match with him.



DenverWrestler is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

Ok, I am not very experienced at this point of my wrestling journey, but... ok, wow, let me explain. I met this wonderful man after a long series of messages trying to fit the schedules together. I am so so so happy we finally found a time together in London! This man is not only very handsome, and in a very good shape (especially considering his age), but he is THE BEST opponent I have ever had! Not many on my list, but my expectations did rise extremely high after meeting DenverWrestler! He was kind enough to teach me some useful holds, and how to avoid getting into them - and the way of teaching was just amazing and really helpful, and hot. It is easy to have erotic submission matches when you find the other one attractive, and he made me really excited by putting me into multiple, very erotic hold, and dominated the hell out of me. I must say, that I was also impressed that I did give him some sort of a challenge - this muscular, extremely experienced man sometimes had to struggle a bit because of me and my stamina. Anyway, wonderful, wonderful match, 2,5 hours just disappeared and I wished the match would never end. Finally he got me into very erotic holds and forced me to let him use me and my body. Loved it! Simply loved it! No-one has been able to do that properly before. Aftermath: I learned a lot, met a wonderful man who I hopefully can call a friend, got manhandled in various fantastic ways, and simply enjoyed every nano second of the match! Could not recommend him more - he does not have a reputation of the master for nothing. Do not miss a fight with this man! What a guy, what a match! Can't wait to see you soon, mate!



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by Wrestler

I had an incredible time with this Norwegian guy. He tried to aggravate me by his trash-talking but this only made me more determined to take him to the cleaners. He will not roll over and let you dominate which makes for a more fun and competitive bout. This guy can endure a long fight which was good to see and is a very quick learner.

He is a great competitive jobber and I enjoyed showing him who the boss really was. This guy is awesome off the mats and we had some deep conversations with each other. His level of English is extraordinary, considering that English is not his mother tongue. PassionatePowerPlay, when is round 2?



Wrestler is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

I had a privilege to meet this fun, very polite and generous young MAN, and have a good match with him. He looks like a softie, but he definitely is not. His strong handshake already convinced me that this guy is going to be a challenge. And he surely was. His headlock is destroying, and my neck is still aching. But just wait for his strong, strong legs. Once you get between those handsome monsters, you are screaming for help. If he doesn't cover your mouth. Wrestler is a safe and sane man, who respects you and your limits, and is a great dominator. I had no chance against him, and boy that turned me on. Unfortunately we did not go to erotic play (and I totally respect his decision, no worries), but I do hope that this man will soon discover the wonders of a kinky play as well :) I really recommend this man for a great, competitive heel/jobber scenarios!!