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Into mutual ballbusting. If interested please contact me on my email parisbb (@) .



  1. France, Paris
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I am willing to travel 5000 kilometers


Age: 45-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 364 lbs (165 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

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Parisbb is recommended by stomachchallenge

ce mec est tout simplement génial!
il est ouvert d'esprit sympa et j'ai fais pour la première fois du ballusting c'étais wouiaaa et c'est surtout son kiff!
il est aimable agréable et respecte son adversaire!
il as aussi son petit côté très câlin et tendre à la fois malgré son gabari baraké! et il as de grand et beaux pieds hmhmhmhmhqui est trompeur comme on dit gros nounours choux et calin il est chaud bouillant comme mec! il peut faire tout ce que vous désirez le plus important c'est le désire et le respect de chacun et il est toujours à l'écoute de son prochain il as une grande facilité d'écoute et de conversation! franchement je vous le recommande! je me réjouis de le revoir! je t'envoie plein de gros bisous!



stomachchallenge is recommended by Parisbb

Met stomachchallenge for a couple hours... Did a bunch of trampling and gutpunching!
Part of what I LOVE!!!
He is really nice, can take a lot!
He took easily my full weight (165 KGs or 365 Lbs) on his guts. REALLY cool, and perfect.
Beside that he is a very cool guy, can talk on a lot of different subject! Can't wait to remeet him!



Parisbb is recommended by MKEwrestlebear

After surviving a harrowing series of transit misfortunes, Paris arrived in Illinois tired and without luggage but full of sardonic wit. Having been everywhere and done even more, he's a pleasure to talk to, and though he says he's not a wrestler, this dude put up a serious fight. He held back some of his more extreme inclinations (I would not have survived some of the rougher activities this man regularly seeks out), and we had a fun couple of rounds of submission wrestling followed by some gutpunching. I'll definitely reach out the next time we're on the same continent.



MKEwrestlebear is recommended by Parisbb

MKEwestlerbear... is a first class fighter!
I would highly recommand him to anyone who wants to spend some VERY good time... Obviously he adapts himself to his oponents... Which is REAL cool as, in wrestling, I have nearly no experience. I did try all my best to resist... But he is strong! And trust me... Ballbusting is also his stuff (even if he doesn't really know it yet)... I want to meet him back, in better condition, and get more fun!



ARGONSA1 is recommended by Parisbb

Une rencontre tres instructive... Meme si cela a du etre different de ces autres rencontres... Du ballbusting a gogo... Dans le domaine il assure bien!
En plus tres sympa et plein de conversation en dehors... Tout parfait.
A quand une prochaine rencontre?



Parisbb is recommended by bigchicago

Parisbb is such a nice and welcoming guy. Vary great at conversation and extremely accommodating.



bigchicago is recommended by Parisbb

Very nice meeting!
Lots of bear hugs... some ballbusting... Just what I like.
Bigchicago is also a very nice guy (very cute face)... Can talk about various subjects...



Parisbb is recommended by Someoneian

If you're into ball busting, then you need to meet this guy !! enjoyed every second with him. I had alot of bearhugs and ball busting actions, edging and post cum torture.... And what I liked about him was the fact that he tried to understand what I like first and then delivered to me, it was all about me :) !!! He was also very knowledgeable in Ballbusting ;) learned so much from him ... I can still feel the pain "ouch"...

PS. If you like to punch, squeeze, kick and knee balls THEN THIS GUY IS THE MAN !! IRON BALLS !!! No limitation !!



Someoneian is recommended by Parisbb

Someoneian is really a great personn.
Started light, we went into some good bearhugs, for long time.
We saw each other on the thursday AND the friday night.
He is strong enough to give you some good (and hard) time.
He still need to improve in ballbusting (but who don't?) but with his will I am sure he will!
Open minded, you can ask him a lot of stuff...
A very nice and strong body...
Outside that he is a very nice guy, with whom you can speak with on multiple subjects.
Next time around where you are.... I definitively want other meetings with you!



Parisbb is recommended by mekmall

This guy knows a lot about ball busting. He can do whatever you want him to do. He is there to make sure that you enjoy the session. I would highly recommend him if your are a novice or someome with years of experience. You will not be dissappointed.



mekmall is recommended by Parisbb

Mekmall is a tuff guy... he took good baseball bat hits in his guts... and his balls can take good beating.
Just for those into real ballbusting... he managed to cum handfree having his nuts bongered (by a bonger massage tool)... and you all know that is not for beginners!!!
I highly recommand him!!!
He is also a very good guy to speak with on tons of various subjects...
Have fun!



Parisbb is recommended by Txbigb

Parisbb flew from Paris France to Shreveport Louisiana for a weekend of ball busting and bearhugs. He is a complete gentleman and a master of ball busting. I have never been in a ball busting match before and Parisbb was more than happy to coach me and test my limits. We worked both our balls with pressure holds, punches and knee shots. In between ball busting sessions we had bear hugging contest and full body squashing sessions. Parisbb is 100% genuine and a great guy. I strongly recommend him to anyone into ball busting.



Txbigb is recommended by Parisbb

I went to shreveport to meet this guy.
I always wanted to test bearhugs but I never found guys into that... till now... I LOVED IT !!!
He is a real pro! I am overweight... and that was not a problem for him to completely control me!
I made him discover ballbusting... But he got very good natural skills for that! If you want to do a squeezing contest with him... Just be aware.... He might surprise you! And trust me he is not shy! He made me discover that I good take rather hard punches in the balls... Next time I'll ask for harder blows!!!
Between the ballbusting and bearhugs sessions (started friday evening, ending sunday evening), he is a great guy to speak with. Good conversation, lots of interest... Just perfect!
I totally recommend him! You'll have a blast with him!!! And I promise to come back to sooner to do that again!!!!