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I like many styles, erotic pro, pro mission, erotic submission, sexfights/cockfights … Prefer men OVER 50 yo and definitely OVER 210lbs… Dad v dad, heel v heel, bear v bear, top v top... I really get into Tag Team matches too, which can be tough to put together. I secretly love some nude sumo too
I have also been looking to photograph mature bigger wrestlers in action... 420 friendly

NOTE TO TOURISTS: Please don't expect me to drop everything to fit into your very small window of time, with last minute notice.

I was recently informed by two doctors that I am past my wrestling/physical prime, so that lowers the intensity of a bout but do love the competition.




  1. USA - California, Palm Springs
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (193 cm), 249 lbs (113 kg)

Gear: speedos, nude, jocks, thongs but really prefer naked... barefoot or booted

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PSSam is recommended by Rob3811

Sam and I had many great fun matches in the handsome masc intelligent trustworthy guy and great wrestler ..luvs the close sweaty contact of old school heel jbr and that male bonding that accompanies it. Highly recommended !!



Rob3811 is recommended by PSSam

Rob is a great guy!! We had some very hot wrestling matches in the past. He really liked the heel/jobber matches that we had. He was a super jobber and did what it takes so that both wrestlers were enjoying themselves. I high recommend him and would love another go at it....



PSSam is recommended by Pomonabear

Extremely strong wrestler with good moves and a tough opponent that I want to wrestle with regularly to build up my skills and competitiveness. Off the mats hell of nice guy, very well travelled, well educated, cool dude to get to know, global traveller. Shares my interest in old time REAL matches during the 50s/60s and European matches also. If you're going to Palm Springs make a point of contacting Sam for some great mat time, you'll be glad you did.



Pomonabear is recommended by PSSam

An all round great guy to get to know. This wrestler has the great basics of a hot wrestler with strength and agility on the mats with wisdom and tact. Off the mats, Marty is very easy to get to know with a sense of humor and a true gentleman. I look forward to getting back on the mats with him and working out on a regular basis. If you have the opportunity to meet him, don't hesitate since he is the genuine deal and I was lucky to establish that friendship. I highly recommend meeting him when the chance arises.....



PSSam is recommended by MAwrestler

Sam was the original model for the blond bombshell. Long blond hair, deeply tanned, he was one hot ticket when we first wrestled long ago in Boston. The match was great and ended in a draw as I recall, neither of us convincingly dominating the other, but that is what made the match so special, for me at least, because it flattered me that I could even hold my own against him. We only recently became reacquainted online and I hope we can meet up and settle this draw once and for all when he gets back East for a visit to his family. Recommending him to one and all goes without question.



MAwrestler is recommended by PSSam

We met when I lived in Boston and this guy really knows his stuff... He is a good wrestler, on time and great looking... I had a blast with him and highly recommend him... I would wrestle again with Patrick!



PSSam is recommended by PacNWBulldog

Sam is a great wrestler with a nice set up to wrestle. He is strong and skilled on the mat, and gentle and kind off the mat. I look forward to a rematch with him anytime.

Also a damn good tennis player too!



PacNWBulldog is recommended by PSSam

Hey Guys... Robert is a big guy that loves to wrestle.. just my kind of guy! He is great guy on and off the mats with a safe and sane approach. I highly recommend him! Would love a chance to lock up with him again...



PSSam is recommended by northernfun

fantastic guy, love to meet up again..



northernfun is recommended by PSSam

I had a blast with Northernfun.... A real sexy gentleman that truly loves to wrestle. He is safe and sane, I highly recommend him to anyone...