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  • My ring debut against BristolSkin ‒ Uploaded on 10/29/2015
  • My ring debut against BristolSkin ‒ Uploaded on 10/29/2015
  • My ring debut against BristolSkin ‒ Uploaded on 10/29/2015
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I'm into BOTH semi competitive submission fights, AND Pro style wrestling bouts.

By 'semi competitive', I mean not going at it 100 mph. That way, for me at least, weight doesn't become as much of an issue, and I can take on guys heavier or lighter than me. Happy to take and dish out punches.

By 'Pro style' I mean classic pro moves (like single leg bostons, chicken wings, sideheadlocks, camel clutches, boston crab) but with a degree of real contact and real pain. I like to sell a move, and do understand Pro wrestling, but I also like to be made to really submit and I like to get my opponent to really submit.

Multiple submissions, multiple holds, long term holds, controlled body blows, verbal. I love being kept - or keeping someone - on the edge of submission - the more intense and long lasting, the better.

I find 'light-touch' pro frustrating.

I am totally open to Dirty Heel vs Good Guy Rookie scenes and any other variations you might have in mind. Can adapt to either role!

I can host and have mats set up in my loft.

Age and looks don't matter to me as much as a good attitude.

Definitely up for wrestling any out-of-towners who are visiting Eastbourne.



  1. United Kingdom, Eastbourne
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 53-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 166 lbs (75 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: trunks, singlet, knee pads, boxing boots

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PROMISSION is recommended by ukfighter

I had my first match ever with promission
he was friendly and much more experienced than i was, but he was patient and kind
We also i remember had an intense sweaty match,
Super nice guy, and not to be missed if you are in London
Highly recommended



PROMISSION is recommended by Wrestlg

Fun, smaller guy, but more Interesting than just some match up.
Good head on his shoulders and tough.
I hope to see him again!



PROMISSION is recommended by wrestlewanted

So sorry were cut short. All the potential of a cracking scrap. Good n rough. Tough guy I enjoyed scrapping with. Deffo can't wait for a rematch.



wrestlewanted is recommended by PROMISSION

Finally met WrestleWanted in his hotel in London. Though cut short, our scrap had the makings of a tough brawl. Grinding sideheadlocks, crushing smother holds, face mauling. WW made good use of his beard stubble in the clinches. I can't wait for round two. Hurry back mate.



PROMISSION is recommended by Subwrslrnyc

B was super fun to wrestle. We went for a really really long time and he was able to put up with all the punishment I gave him. He got more combative the harder I went on him, which caught me by surprise. I was completely exhausted by the end of our match. Afterward we spent a bit hanging out together and chatting. Was a great evening I hope to have again the next time he's in town.



Subwrslrnyc is recommended by PROMISSION

I had a great time with this guy. Really easy to set up. Nice trash-talk messaging leading up to him knocking on my hotel door. Smiley, friendly and gentle until Mr Hyde took over. Brutal, grinding sideheadlocks, tight chokes, suffocating body scissors. I've never sweated so much. It was the best fight/workout I've had in ages. I'm still 'thinking' about it now! Thanks M, hope we can do it again sometime.



PROMISSION is recommended by nywrestler

hot time, my balls hurt all night lol



PROMISSION is recommended by celtwrestle

Promission introduced me to the art of, well. promission. Fought a long exhausting bout swapping holds and pro-style heel tricks. Grateful he took me on despite him giving away at least 10kg. Also taking up the challenge dring my flying visit to London.



celtwrestle is recommended by PROMISSION

It was great to meet Celtwrestle on his recent trip to the UK. I was slightly worried he'd be too full-on submission for the style I like. We chatted about promission and he totally got it. And he totally nailed it. Great combination of tough, aggressive wrestling, mixed in with classic pro-style showboating. He was very convincing as the cocky heel, with a nice arsenal of dirty tactics and underhand moves. I hope our paths cross again.



PROMISSION is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Meet promission yesterday at his place. I didnt know what to except as he told that has been wrestling for years.
Promission is a skilled, very capable and loves a good submission match. It was like a classic heel v jobber match..rolling around on his mats, was the best saturday afternoon Ive had for ages! Not is he a great guy on the mats, but also an intelligent, knowlegable and can hold a great conversation off them. Would definately meet again and will highly recommend to my past and future opponents
Thanks 'prosubmission' for a great wrestle and afternoons wrestling...Thank you!!



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by PROMISSION

After a longish break from the mats, I got the urge to do it again. I traded messages with Megrapple and knew straightaway that we were into the same kind of bout - but that's not to suggest he or I are into just one kind of bout. To me, he looked and sounded the part. He's powerful but knows how to hold it back. We had a long, sweaty heel (him) vs face (me) scrap. It was the perfect mix of familiar pro moves, dirty tactics and brawling that I love. I ached from top to toe that evening and all the next day. I couldn't have hoped for a better encounter.



PROMISSION is recommended by polyethylene33

Great host, great place to fight, very high pain threshold and quite resilient : a great match!



polyethylene33 is recommended by PROMISSION

Had a brilliant session with B at the end of 2011. 10/10. Best bout I had all year.



HotSweatySubs is recommended by PROMISSION

We'd been chatting for a while before we finally met. It was a late night bout. H looked the business in his gear. The bout was intense. Give and take (ideal, due to H's weight advantage) submission style. Tight, crushing holds with the action getting dirtier and more underhand. I was buzzing afterwards. Awesome guy. Let's do it again soon.



PROMISSION is recommended by freshsub

really interesting guy to chat too, friendly and inviting. only had a quick match, but would definately take him on again...good fun.



freshsub is recommended by PROMISSION

Traded messages with FreshSub as he travelled around Europe, and then met him on 18 Dec 2011. Really handsome. Great legs. Very strong. It was a short roll around, and I'd love another go at him.



PROMISSION is recommended by Mark uk

28 Jan. Met up with Brion today after a long long time chatting. A hansome guy and good shape. Had a pro match which was awesome. Give and take to start but the big heel eventually dominated him. A good rough pro fun match from the old World of Sport days. Def a recommendation from me a rematch is already on the cards.



Mark uk is recommended by PROMISSION

I finally hooked up with Mark_UK. We'd first traded messages back in 2006, so the bout was long over due - but well worth waiting for. We had a tough, sweaty, promission scrap. Great give/take heel tactics. Spot on. Off the mats Mark is very chilled, confident and amiable. I can tell that our next bout will be even better. Bring it on big guy.