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Hey everyone,
Noah Samson here, thanks for taking the time for visiting my profile. Really into erotic pro style in sexy gear playing various roles but must admit I love being a Jobber. Very open-minded so send me a message if you want to chat or try to set up a match. You can find me on
Instagram: @noah_s_wrestler
Tumblr: noahsamson



  1. Canada - Quebec, Montreal
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


Age: 34-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Gear: thong, bodysuit

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
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Noah Samson is recommended by wrestleguy13

Had a great time taking down Noah. Super nice guy on and off the mat. A lot of fun to dominate him too. If ever in Mtl def hit him up.



wrestleguy13 is recommended by Noah Samson

I had a great match with wrestleguy. It was very sexual and sensual. I was supposed to be the heel but something happened and he totally ended up humiliating me. It was really hot. I would recommend a match with him if you ever get the chance.



Noah Samson is recommended by law306

Connected up with this hot, resilient jobber when visiting Montreal. The sexy stud is so flexible and can take a good beating, smacking, slapping, and grabbing. Very impressive! Super reliable and great body and handsome.



law306 is recommended by Noah Samson

Had a great match with him. He's a heel through and through, dominated me the whole time. Stretched me out in all sorts of positions and took full advantage of my body. Despite my struggling he was in total control. If you're a jobber looking to be put through the wringer set up a match with this guy.



Noah Samson is recommended by Prostylefan

Noah and I met many years ago in Montreal, so it was a bit of a reunion when we had a rematch when he was in Toronto. Both times were classic squash matches with me totally destroying and enjoying this excellent jobber. Noah told me what he wanted and I hope he'll agree that I gave it to him in spades. I think I did my job as he left our match with a sore body but a smile on his face. I enjoyed making him submit repeatedly and he's a joy to slam and rack.



Noah Samson is recommended by abuster

What a sexy jobber boy. I can't tell what was more fun. Having him in brutal holds, spanking tha hot ass, or working that huge bulge! Don't pass up wrestling this sexy man! Believe me you won't regret getting your hands on him 😈



abuster is recommended by Noah Samson

I loved wrestling abuster. He gave me everything I want as a jobber. Hot holds, humiliation and a sexy finish. Consider yourself lucky if you end up in a match with him. Even though he's a devil on the mats he's a super sweet guy off of them, just don't let him know I told you that.



Noah Samson is recommended by newstravel

I could spend hours writting a Recommendation for Noah because he deserve in so many aspects it but I will only say I had privilege to meet him in a three way match with Tommie Hawk and it was like wrestling in the champions league of wrestling. I hope this was the first of many more meetings to come with both of them.



Noah Samson is recommended by ParagonTO

Noah is a great jobber. Super nice guy. If you are ever in Montreal definitely set something up with him.



ParagonTO is recommended by Noah Samson

I had a great match with Paragon. He's fit and good looking and was a great sensual heel. He was able to trap me in lots of hot holds and really work me over. I'd wrestle him again for sure.



Noah Samson is recommended by Toronto25

Wrestled Noah many times over many years with his boyfriend and always very fun. Funny, smart, handsome dude off the mats and a blast to get rough with on the mats. Highly recommend!



Noah Samson is recommended by lutteuractif

Finally we could meet ! Had lot of great time to wrestle thong jobbers and his boyfriend during my stay in Montreal! I enjoyed a lot to squashing both with some painfull holds like camel, boston, surfboard...They are both nice and interestings friendly guys ! Lot of fun! Hope that i could wrestle there again somewhere (guys, you are more than welcome in France !!!!). Highly recommended if you visit Montreal !



lutteuractif is recommended by Noah Samson

Hot and nasty heel, wrecked my BF and I in lots of painful holds. Lots of submissions then he claimed his prize.



Noah Samson is recommended by Scooter

My husband and I have wanted to get our hands on Thong_jobber for a long time. We had an incredible tag match with him and his boyfriend in the window of our hotel suite high above downtown Montreal. It was one of the hottest tag matches we've ever had and made the trip to Canada well worthwhile. If you get a chance to get your hands on t_j, jump at it. He knows how to keep his heel happy.



Scooter is recommended by Noah Samson

Scooter and his husband totally squashed me and my bf. It was a super hot time. They both knew the exact way to treat some jobber boys.



Noah Samson is recommended by submuscle

Both guys were hot and fun to work over
Great jobbers
Looking forward to a rematch



submuscle is recommended by Noah Samson

Hot guy lots of fun. Really strong was able to squash me and my boyfriend at the same time. Would love to have another match.



Noah Samson is recommended by BenMonaco

Have squashed him and been squashed by him before. Either way, always a hot time with this young punk :) Hit him up for a match, you won't be disappointed!



BenMonaco is recommended by Noah Samson

Total nice and hot guy. Like he said we've squashed each other so he's really versatile and awesome at both roles. You'll be guaranteed to have a good time.



Noah Samson is recommended by Marcwrestler

Thong_jobber is probably the BEST jobber that i meet in my wrestling life! I know and I wrestledwith him since many years and i always have lot of great fun and hot time with him on mats! Grrrr !!! Love humiliate him with my arsenal wrestling holds! He's very flexible, great body,he like feel the pain and pression from the hot submission and pro holds that i apply on him!! Also.. he is very friendly and very reliable!!!! If you want a wrestling BLAST.. just put him in your schedule! : )
Can't wait here for another rematch with him! Grrrrrrr !



Marcwrestler is recommended by Noah Samson

Awesome guy we've been wrestling for years and always have a fun time. Very good pro style heel knows lots of moves and is very good at humiliation.



Noah Samson is recommended by polyethylene33

I had a fun and hot promission match with him and his boyfriend, they're both impressively flexible and make fun jobbers!



polyethylene33 is recommended by Noah Samson

Great promission heel/jobber match. Squashed me and my boyfriend, he has lots of skill and is super hot. Had an amazing time.