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Ny wrestler here looking to meet guys into wrestling. Mostly into sub wrestling but occasionally I get into pro. Also willing to do squash matches.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Online chatting, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Promission
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Wrestling gear


  1. USA - New York, Queens
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I am willing to travel 15 miles


Age: 30-year-old Straight Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 148 lbs (67 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Underwear, Speedos, mask

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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NYwrestlerman is recommended by shawty333

FIRST MEET: (2016)
NYWrestlerman was also someone else I been wanting to wrestle for the longest and my dreams came true! He's another cutie that I'd wrestle anytime! Oh, he's pretty tough though since he can eat my moves with no problem! Does he even feel pain?? I better be careful next time! :O

I think I did better against him this time but unfortunately I didn't wrestle him as much as the other guy we were with. He really opened my eyes a lot this time around... let's just say that me and the 3rd guy found out what makes him tick! Still, it was a fantastic chaotic 3 way match. I love it when 3 wrestlers can get along in 1 room without any awkward moments or drama!



shawty333 is recommended by NYwrestlerman

After a long wait, I finally got the chance to wrestling Shawty, and it was well worth the long wait! He's feisty, flexible, and stronger than he looks! He definitely has the energy to take on bigger guys like me lol! If he passes your way, don't miss the chance to take on this guy! I'll be looking forward to a rematch!



NYwrestlerman is recommended by averagejoe

Have known this guy for a while, and am psyched that I finally got a chance for a quick roll with him. He is feisty, loaded with energy, and has a good skill base. More importantly, he is loaded with good attitude and positive energy, so whether you are wrestling him, or just hanging out with him, it's pure fun. High marks for this guy. Will be looking forward to rolling again.



averagejoe is recommended by NYwrestlerman

I finally got a chance to wrestle Joe! It was a great short but intense match with lots of holds! He really knows how to pin a guy down, even when you think you have a chance to get out of whatever hold he has you in! Looking forward to a much longer match next time I happen to come across him :)



NYwrestlerman is recommended by westox

I had a fantastic match with NYwrestlerman. He is a great wrestler and very enthusiastic. Looks great in speedos and knows how to put the pressure on. Most of all, he is a really nice guy, friendly, good sense of humour and absolutely reliable. Watch out for his bearhugs! I totally recommend him if you are in NYC. I would love to have another match.



westox is recommended by NYwrestlerman

I had a chance meeting with Westox and it was well worth it. He has plenty of endurance and knows his holds. I got too close a few times and he was able to make me submit to his arm holds and bodyscissors. Definitely want to take him on in the future.



NYwrestlerman is recommended by Wrassleboi

Jason is an absolute pleasure to Wrestle! Super sweet guy outta the ring and a tough creative Rassler in the ring! Recommend him for anyone into fun pro wrestling or sub wrestling.



Wrassleboi is recommended by NYwrestlerman

Wrassleboi is a really energetic guy to rassle around with. Had a mix of submission and pro with him and loved every minute of it. He loves a bit of role play in pro so best be ready for the bell, lol. If you love a good match with energy and lots of holds, he's your guy. Always looking forward to a rematch.



NYwrestlerman is recommended by dadwrestle

This is one feisty lightweight! He NEVER gives up! He's strong, determined and skilled. We wrestled for a long time and he just kept coming back for more! Was a great bout. HIGHLY recommended...and don't be put of by his weight!



dadwrestle is recommended by NYwrestlerman

Nice guy off the mats but fierce on it, this big guy knows his stuff. Very skilled and very hard to make tap out. Highly recommended.



NYwrestlerman is recommended by lspowerhouse

Nywrestleman. I've wrestle him twice now and always leave wanting more. Great guy. Knows his wrestling and has a mean sleeper. Enjoys wrestling as much as me Rematch again for sure



lspowerhouse is recommended by NYwrestlerman

A great pro wrestler this guy is! He knows a lot of holds, made me work to apply a few of my own, and loves to show off what he's made of! I'd love to take him on again! Looking forward to a rematch!



NYwrestlerman is recommended by mikeswuk

a good wrestler, fun to grapple with, and a cool dude. definietly want to wrestle him again.



newwrestle is recommended by NYwrestlerman

One of the best matches I've ever had. He really knows his stuff. Strong and skilled, highly recommended.



NYwrestlerman is recommended by Ricotewrestler

This guy is one hell of a fun wrestler! Strong for his size and very resilient! Always trying everything he can while always giving you both a great challenge and lots of fun on the match! Every time I come to NYC, I seek the chance to meeting him over and over again!



Ricotewrestler is recommended by NYwrestlerman

I met Ricotewrestler in the ring three times already. He's one powerful and skilled competitor. He knows alot of holds and many ways to get out of them so don't be suprised if you find yourself on the defensive. He's also willing to teach if you're willing to learn. Looking forward to a rematch!



NYwrestlerman is recommended by JMM

Jason is a great guy. He is also a great jobber. He may be small but he is quick and has energy to burn. I hope to wrestle him again soon. If you get a chance for a match with him take it. You wouldn't regret it.



JMM is recommended by NYwrestlerman

JMM is one of the best heels I've ever met. He really knows how to pick apart jobbers. If you get the chance to meet him you should take it.



NYwrestlerman is recommended by ed516

very nice young man met him many times looking for more great matches with him – 3/11/14 we met again .. he is one of my favorite guys to wrestle with.. many matches prior and more to come..



ed516 is recommended by NYwrestlerman

Ed is a great wrestler. I've met him plenty of times and we had some great matches. Don't let his size fool you. If you let him, he'll take you down. Looking forward to a rematch with him.



NYwrestlerman is recommended by ascissor

Highly recommended, Jason has lot of stamina and he is a quick learner. Don't give him too many chances as he will find a way to make you submit and you will pay the price. I was looking up to meet him for a long time after seeing him on some videos and have not been disappointed. I am sure you won't be either if you can catch him!



NYwrestlerman is recommended by NickZ

Wrestled Jason several times, most recently at the NYC Wrestlefest; he's a good feisty & strong wrestler with lots of endurance (our last match was 2 hours long).



NickZ is recommended by NYwrestlerman

I've met and wrestled Nick on several occasions. He's strong, fast, knows lots of ways to keep his opponents grounded, and has plenty of ways to gain submission victories. This guy can literally go on for hours and not tire. HIGHLY recommended, especially for those looking for a challenge.



NYwrestlerman is recommended by calwrestler

We've wrestled one time....up again this Feb and lookin forward to it! He is tenacious and knows some learner,,,fun to hang with. Doesn't wear out at all, and like to wrestle guys MUCH bigger than he! Take this guy to the mats! Wrestled again today and had a great time....this guy has a great disposition and loves to take on BIG guys =) Watch out for his scissors!



NYwrestlerman is recommended by Brown Bomber

Jason and I have met 3 times so far and I actually beat him a couple of times..but as far as jobber versus jobber goes this guy gives you all he's got so don't be shocked if you look up and he's standing on top of you like he has done to me a couple of times. And I have seen in other matches that I wasn't the only one that happened to.



NYwrestlerman is recommended by Phillip

Wrestled Jason while visitin NY-nice guy, fun to wrestle!



NYwrestlerman is recommended by Mark uk

6 Aug 2011. Had my third match with young jason and still a blast to be with. Respectful and polite this guy is a dream to meet.... looking forward to the 4th match. Gets better every time i meet him. If your local or in the area give him a shot. cheers mark



Mark uk is recommended by NYwrestlerman

I've met up with Mark for a rematch and it was a blast. The man's just as strong as ever if not a little stronger. He's really hard to get a submission from and very talented at pro wrestling. Anyone living or visiting the UK or he visits your area should definitely look him up. You will not regret meeting him.



NYwrestlerman is recommended by Wrestlg

I enjoyed Wrestling with Jason. He's Smaller, BUT He can Take a Pounding!
I hope we can Wrestle again Soon!