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Hairy, stocky, masculine guy seeks fun wrestling action. Into 70s/80s style pro, pro fantasy and horseplay. Can be jobber or heel, also like give and take. Into all sizes and roles, including being jobber for smaller opponents. No pain or injury, all in fun. Can wrestle competitively, but only looking for pro fantasy fun. Grunting, groaning and taunting, as well as selling the holds, a plus. Erotic & submission with limits. Scissors, bearhugs, nelsons, headlocks, grapevines, full body presses, pinning combinations, bring it on. Slow paced a plus, the more contact the better. I do travel, so may be in a town near you.



  1. USA - New York, New York
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Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 235 lbs (107 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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NYPROCHAMP is recommended by North Shore Jobber

Nyprochamp has given me some outstanding wrestling matches over the years. He is a fun and charming pro wrestler who understands how to make a pro match into a wonderful, memorable experience. Highly recommend locking up with this champ for some intense pro action!



North Shore Jobber is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

North Shore Jobber is one determined, defensive minded classic pro guy. He has a good pro build and is quite hairy. He won't lie there and take it, you have to work for the win. Off the mats, he is reliable and a gentleman. All 3 meets have been fun.



StLouisHeel is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

We spoke years ago about a match, but distance was an issue. I was passing through the area and he drove 90 minutes to meet me. He is an intelligent and courteous gentleman in every way. We had a fun pro match. Although a heel, Mike wanted to be squashed this night and I was happy to oblige. He absorbed a barrage of attacks and played it up well. Next time, I would want to face the heel. I recommend a meet.



NYPROCHAMP is recommended by Playfight64

Great meet with NYProchamp. Enjoyed the 3 hour pro fantasy bout. Was jobbing but did like to heel occasionally. Great man to talk to and highly recommended.



Playfight64 is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

When you meet Playfight64, he is a regular guy. You are not prepared for the wild and hot wrestler within. We wrestled for over 3 hours. Pro fantasy, but a lot of real action as well. Don't let him scissor you, especially headscissors. His vice like grip can change the contour of your head. I expected to be the heel, but I had to give it my all. He took my domination and humiliation moves like a trooper and then turned the tables on me. He is so good at dishing it out, you will really enjoy taking it. What a hot, wild animal. Grunt and groan fest, as we worked each other. Always respecting limits, no risk of injury. Off the mats, a gentleman and a pleasure to hang out with.



NYPROCHAMP is recommended by steve50a

Had a wrestle with Dan NYPROCHAMP at his hotel. What a good way to spend a Sunday morning. We had a good tussle. He is strong and is a good opponent and we had plenty of chatting too. I am looking forward to round 2.



steve50a is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

Steve was a lot of fun. Nice guy, clean and prompt. My hotel room was small, but we made the best of it, exchanging holds. Steve is in good shape and handsome. He is strong and wirey, happy to be stretched out and twisted in all directions. Good match, do recommend.



David S is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

David and I had a fun pro match a while back. Give and take. Limits respected. He is strong and can clamp on the scissors, but equally enjoyed being on the receiving end. He is a good looking man and an interesting conversationalist off the mats. I recommend a match with him.



NYPROCHAMP is recommended by zhunter

NYPROCHAMP is a good touch opponent. Worked up a good sweat. He is a real gentleman and willing to wrestle again.



zhunter is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

zhunter is full of energy. He's hard to pin down with arms and legs flying in every direction. Fun, clean guy. Limits respected. He'll give you a great workout.



NYPROCHAMP is recommended by TDOG

NYPROCHAMP is a great guy to wrestle. He knows his Pro moves well and even though we did a back and forth pro style match, her really seemed to get more into taking the heel role and stretching me out. Had an awesome time taking on this grappler.



TDOG is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

T-DOG is a cocky Italian hairy hard body. He is a tough opponent. We had a fun give and take, jobber/heel pro bout. He is lots of fun and I would highly recommend meeting him.



Timnbama is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

Tim is hard as a rock and a real handsome hunk. He is loads of fun to wrestle. Beware, any dirty tactics you use on him, he will do back on you ten times worse! Real nice guy though. Be prepared to lose to this hardbody gentleman.



NYPROCHAMP is recommended by ringmaster

I met NYPROCHAMP for a hotel match on a very cold December night. Despite the late hour we exchanged pro holds for an hour and half. Very reliable. Check him out.



ringmaster is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

Met this wiley veteran for a give and take pro match. He is tall, strong and agile, so be ready.



NYPROCHAMP is recommended by yonkerswrangler

got to wrestle this guy after long time talking about it was a lot of fun too really enjoyed wrestling with him safe sane and a good time



yonkerswrangler is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

We had been looking to wrestle for ages and finally met. He picked me up at the subway and hosted on clean mats. YonkersWrangler is a fun and respectful guy, toning things down to meet my style. He is very strong and can tangle you up in all kinds of tight holds. YonkersWrangler is also a handsome hard body. He is highly skilled at sub, but wrestled pro with me. We had a lot of fun and had a pleasant chat after. I highly recommend a meet with him.



NYPROCHAMP is recommended by carolina wrestler

Had a great match with NYPROCHAMP...We wrested for hours and exchanged many holds. A great guy on and off the mat. I would have a rematch with him and recommend him highly. He was dependable and great guy and I would recommend Pro Champ to anyone visiting NYC.



carolina wrestler is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

Tom is a real wirey opponent. He is strong, fun and knows his moves. A real hairy beast, hard to pin down. Would wrestle him again, when he passes through town.



NYPROCHAMP is recommended by Didja1

Had a grest match with NYPROCHAMP.Lot's of moves, holds & sweat.
Our match went on for hours,Big guy with lot's of endurance.
I would recommend him.I would love a rematch.



Didja1 is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

He may be new to the squared circle, but he has great pro moves and tons of endurance. We wrestled for hours. Being a handsome, fun guy, I had to put him in tons of precarious holds, pins, scissors and more. He can take a lot, but watch out. He can dish it out too. Don't miss a chance for a bell time with this hot pro stud.



mikeswuk is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

Mike is a great guy. Although everyone else at the pre Wrestlefest gathering was into submission, Mike agreed to wrestle me pro style. We had a fun match. He is quite nimble and can wrap u up like a pretzel in no time. I would hit the mats with Mike again.



WillLondon is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

Will is a real animal on the mats. He is strong and, despite his novice status, knows some good moves. We had a great give and take match. He is also a fun guy who respects limits.



BobL1957 is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

Bob met as agreed. He is a good guy, respects limits and was fun on the mats.



NYPROCHAMP is recommended by HeadSqueezeKing

Had a great time with NYPROCHAMP. A fun wrestler, but knows his holds and how to keep a guy tied up for a while. Had a super time and look forward to a rematch!



HeadSqueezeKing is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

HeadSqueezeKing is a terrific guy. We had a fun match. He was respectful of me and of the limits we set. He had me in quite a few tight squeezes. All in a all, a fun match.