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Despite my screen name wrestling has always been my first love. In my younger days enjoyed wrestling competitively to submission (as well as boxing and sparring) but these days I'm more into the sensual side of wrestling. I like wrestling in as little clothing as possible and my goal is to get as much skin to skin, muscle on muscle contact with my wrestling partner as possible. The more body contact the better. I'm hoping to meet a local like minded guy into muscle flexing, posing, mutual muscle worship and skin to skin wrestling.



  1. USA - New Jersey, Freehold Township
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Age: 65-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 215 lbs (98 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: barechested

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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BobL1957 Brawlbrad Shoot Tank turnbuckl


NJSpar is recommended by turnbuckl

Brawny barrel chested tough man. Chest pounding delight. Hope to see him again



NJSpar is recommended by Tank

Was in the late 90's when I met NJSPAR We are scheduled for another brawl late August 2017. By far one of my favorites to brawl with safe and sane and intense as it gets. Can definitely fulfill your wrestle/fight fantasies with this guy.



Tank is recommended by NJSpar

Me and Tank wrestled back in the 1990's when we were both in our mid forties. Twice we met up and fought all afternoon. Twenty years later both in our mid sixties we connected again on this website and met up again to brawl it out muscle vs muscle. Tank is the perfect name for him, he is solid and strong. When I walked in he had UFC fights on the TV wearing fight shorts and wrestling shoes. We skipped the handshake and bumped chests and got right in each others faces. Chest to chest I could feel how hard and strong his chest was. We stripped to bare chests and stood shoulder to shoulder in front of the mirror flexing, posing and trash talking each other. We're almost identical in height, weight and age. It was a classic pose down. Then we moved to the table for arm wrestling (he beat me both arms). Then back in front of the living room mirror for a overhead finger lock up test of strength which went on for 10 minutes. Neither man could outmuscle his rival. After some sparring we slipped off the gloves and charged each other slamming chests and locking up in strong mutual bear hug. And that's how we fought, no ground fighting, just stand up toe to toe slugging and locked up in bear hug trying to crush the life out of each other. We are so evenly matched we fought to exhaustion with no clear winner. I can't wait for our rematch.



NJSpar is recommended by Brawlbrad

PRIMO NJSpar is a legend for good reason...