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I am 45 years old, i love being punched and i can take a lot punches at abs and pecs. My muscles are hard as rocks, you will love punching me.



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Age: 47-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (184 cm), 243 lbs (110 kg)

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bubanoribubaberi HardMuscles Punchgiver


MuscleDaddy is recommended by HardMuscles

Woow this man is a gorgeous muscle stud. I punched and wrestled him for 3 days. He is so strong and has hard muscles to break. Me and his son punched him for hours and they punched mine... MuscleDaddy amazed me with his strength and hard muscles. Who wants to punch or wrestle hard strong muscles this is the man the strongest man with hard rock muscles..



MuscleDaddy is recommended by bubanoribubaberi

I have punched his abs for 1 week now every day 10 sessions a day. He is the strongest and toughest man i have ever seen. His muscles are so hard so strong as steel. I punched his abs with all my strength, kicked his abs i used my elbows my knees i even jumped on his abs and he still is unbreakable. He is the first man that broke my abs he knows how to punch but most importantly he resists a lot as hell. I couldn't feel my fists after punching his abs for a long long time. I punched his big pecs too he is just awesome and so strong and tough. The strongest man on planet earth the real Superman. Punching his abs and pecs is like punching a big wall. I recommend MusscleDaddy to all of you who wants to punch abs all day long.... I even punched his abs with my friends (6 men) and he resisted all of our punches one by one, and we punched him as long as we wanted...



bubanoribubaberi is recommended by MuscleDaddy

This guy is very muscular, lean, strong and very tough... I had the chance to punch his abs and pecs he can resist a lot a lot of punches. His muscles are very hard. He has a very great shape and he is supper strong. I wrestled with him too he has very great tecniches and so tough. I recommend to you all who wants to punch abs for a very long time. This muscular boy is very very strong and tough.