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Hey folks,

I like wrestling for the erotic and domination-related aspects. Apologies for my nondescript torso shot; I have face pictures available upon request.

I'm into headscissors, sleepers, bearhugs etc. As long as there's body contact and some kind of power exchange I'm into it. I'm mostly a jobber so I'm more interested in being on the receiving side, but I do like to try my best to win. I can also get into more Dom/sub stuff with the right guy: spanking, bondage, stuff like that.

As a heads up: I'm in an open relationship with a great guy and he doesn't mind my being on this website. Also, I can't host and I prefer to be discreet and very safe.

I'm not too picky about ages or build. I'm open to all ages, but would prefer someone in the 18-65 range.



  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, University City
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  2. USA - New York, Nassau County
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I am willing to travel 20 miles


Age: 26-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Briefs, Jockstrap, Singlet, etc.

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MlkshkFan is recommended by heterosp

Super sexy, deceptively strong, and wickedly funny... and has a hidden heel side so watch out! Recommendation for days



heterosp is recommended by MlkshkFan

A nice guy and a great jobber; he brought out a heel side to me that I wasn't expecting. Recommended!



MlkshkFan is recommended by NJWoodbridge

I had the pleasure of heeling this durable jobber boy this past weekend for almost 4 hours. He took camels, Bostons, various scissor holds, bear hugs, body slams, and supplexes with aplomb and was ready for more. Also great to chat with and engage his intellect. I look forward to meeting him many times more.



NJWoodbridge is recommended by MlkshkFan

A great heel, a great coach, and a great guy; I highly recommend meeting up with him if you get the chance. I look forward to meeting with him again!



MlkshkFan is recommended by slandon23

had a match set up for today however the match got canceled sitting home bored and out of the blue MlkshkFan sent me a message asking if I still wanted to set up a match I told him yes and he said he was available and he would come over after talking we got into our match he's no pushover he took me by surprise a few times it was a long exhausting submission match and quite the workout still feeling tired from our meeting if you get the opportunity don't let him pass you by we communicated months ago but could never get anything scheduled I have to say it was worth the wait and hopefully we can do it again.



MlkshkFan is recommended by dcwrestler

We met up over the holidays and had a GREAT match. The conditions weren't ideal, but given the space constraints I think we both had a fun time. He's stronger than you might think, prepare to work up a sweat when facing him.

Off the mats, he's a really chill guy too. Glad we had the chance to meet, we'll definitely be rolling again sometime soon.



dcwrestler is recommended by MlkshkFan

We met up around the holidays, and had a really great match. He has some genuine wrestling experience, so he can take amateurs like me down. All around good guy, and would definitely like to wrestle again.



MlkshkFan is recommended by dylan138

Had a great promission heel/jobber match... one of the best matches I've had. Really nice guy off the mats as well!



dylan138 is recommended by MlkshkFan

A great heel, and a great guy in general. Highly recommended!



MlkshkFan is recommended by weholooker

Fun, young and enthusiastic, MlkshkFan is a great jobber - no slouch or pushover, and thoughtful tactician, but knows well how to suffer and submit. :-)
Fun to hang out with and talk to "off the mats" - just try to get him started on JRR movies - I can see why he's such a popular opponent. Looking forward to making him tap (over and over again) soon.



weholooker is recommended by MlkshkFan

A friendly, smart guy off the mats and surprisingly brutal heel on the mats.



MlkshkFan is recommended by licyberfighter

Great guy on and off the mats, really fun to talk to! Awesome jobber who can fight back, and can trade holds really well too! Had a great time.



licyberfighter is recommended by MlkshkFan

Cool, friendly guy to wrestle with. We traded holds, and he was both a great heel and jobber. Highly recommended.



MlkshkFan is recommended by BOSSMAN

Totally enjoyed dominating this handsome,sexy,smart jobber! And I hope to have many, many more matches. Great fun with a great guy!



BOSSMAN is recommended by MlkshkFan

Bigbeef8 is an extremely nice, goodlooking guy, but is still aggressive and relentless on the mats. He was pretty much the perfect heel. Can't wait to meet with him again.