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Hi i am sportive doing judo for 4years and wrestling for 6years, I also like gut punching.
See you on the mat.



  1. Italy, Rozzano
    My town
  2. USA - New York, New York
    (I'm here between 8/30/2017 and 9/04/2017)
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I am willing to travel 500 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 44-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 198 lbs (90 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Gear: Singlets

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Judo Judo

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Milan fighter is recommended by maeCR1

He was a very good host. Very easy to set up a match. He picked me up from the metro station. A gentleman in that regard. Now... he looks way better in person and his pics don’t make him justice. He was safe and very into a rough manly match. It was nice meeting him.



maeCR1 is recommended by Milan fighter

great guy, really well built with big biceps and handsome body. he is really strong whem using his strenght at the ground and doing choke. we had 2 hours sweaty match with lot of action, we did draw as i was abke to immobilize it but i had to use a lot of energy. really relaxes and nice guy out of the mat, enjoyable and really good person



Milan fighter is recommended by boxer1985

Super strong guy especially in mma and wrestling! I punched him strong in the solar plexus and I can say he can take a lot!
He is also a really nice person



boxer1985 is recommended by Milan fighter

Really good in gut punching.. he beats strong especially in upper stomach.. harmful and it is difficult to beat in gut.. but I won in freestyle wrestling.. really sweaty and nice match



judokamad is recommended by Milan fighter

Really tough guy, he has strong biceps and a great hug to submit. He is really competitive and hard to fight, it was sweaty match.. I lost but he is really difficult to beat



Milan fighter is recommended by erialc

E is a very nice guy, cool, genuinely easygoing and relaxed and fun to be round with a sharp mind. Wrestling wise has a background in martial arts and wrestles in a mixture between submission and freestyle wrestling. Towering him with plenty of solid strength which makes him tough to overpower. Yet much enjoyed a fun intense and aggressive but safe match with him on the mats, trying my best to dominate and keeping up. On a nice sidenote, very pleasantly found his French to be impeccable (better than the French) and discovered a hidden talent for singing which one day I imagine might be as fab as his fighting skills. Recommended :-)



erialc is recommended by Milan fighter

Really well trained, he has good technique , so a really good challenge. Of course I took advantage of the difference of the weight but really tough match. Very recommended on the mat and outside, really é joyful and pleasant, a great person.



Milan fighter is recommended by Georgeath

Really good fighter.Strong, with a muscular body.On the mats he is a beast, with his huge legs he can lock you easily.Be aware of his big arms! Off the mats he is a nice company and a well educated man.

Did I mentioned his super hot body?!?!



Georgeath is recommended by Milan fighter

Good match.. he is white new as a wrestler but really giving the best.. using all the strength he has.

So do not under evaluate George, as he is a competitive guy!



Milan fighter is recommended by sicwre88

Very strong opponent, can lift you very easily without almost any effort. An animal when wrestling, relentless, quick and with good stamina: it's almost impossible to keep him at range. However a safe and sane wrestler, had no worry about the big strength and size differences. A nice person to talk with as well. Recommended.



sicwre88 is recommended by Milan fighter

He is good skilled in submission and grappling, really good technique and good oppponent. I met him 2 years ago and also now, he did a lot of progress, really compact body with 60 kg of energy.
Cool guy in the mat and outside, enjoyable and want to have Match for hours, really good endurance



Milan fighter is recommended by hardfight87

Le foto corrispondono a cio' che vi troverete di fronte.
Un avversario tenace , molto resistente , ve lo raccomando.



hardfight87 is recommended by Milan fighter

Strong opponent , he is experienced and tough fighter , really resistent .
Good guy to talk with and pleasant chat , a good person, really motivated in fighting and like get right to the point



Milan fighter is recommended by hunkydory

he's very strong, skilled and experienced: I had a great time with him, and he was ready to adjust down the pace and the intensity of the match to make up for my lack of experience, and he gave me plenty of useful suggestions and tips to improve. Very nice guy outside the mats as well, I can only highly recommend him!



hunkydory is recommended by Milan fighter

Strong and well built, good with submission. really difficult when he blocks your head with his arms.
Very nice and friendly guy, we had sweaty training and good time to do technique.



Milan fighter is recommended by lusowrestler

Milan fifhter is an excelent freestyle wrestler. He knows how to throw you down and pin you to the mat. Quite strong and fit. We had a great match and I can't wait for the next one. Recommended.



lusowrestler is recommended by Milan fighter

Luso is strong wrestler ,with stamina and good submission tecnique, strong if takes you with his arms.. Good match .. Nice time ! See you soon



Milan fighter is recommended by n2rassle

could briefly face this muscle thick legs skilled wrestler in a group meeting in milan and wish we had had more than just one bout to face offf. we tried to go for the moves, but immediately could not but go for the real strength test. it was awesome to watch him show his skills on others too. quite a show of know how. go wrestle this italian any chance u got!



Milan fighter is recommended by Cet03

The guy is definitively not my size - sort of a giant next to a dwarf - but we tried and it was so much fun. He is very strong, big indeed and undoubtedly skilled. So he's a great challenge for big trained guys and a bound-to-lose match for those who like me got stamina and enjoy a fight anyway in full safety and respect. It took me days to recover from the effort of just not giving up. He is definitively a nice and down-to-earth guy, such a pity there is no chance for real competition here



Cet03 is recommended by Milan fighter

He likes wrestling and give the best for it. We had sweaty training and enjoy ed a lot, also really strong in gut punching.. Just had a beginning training and was very funny. Good guy really emjoyanle