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Travel plans: Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Cape Town Anyone want to fight?

Genuine and friendly guy into different varieties of man-to-man matches - all safe & sane of course!
Flexible on gear, style and rules. Can get into anything from friendly roll-arounds to rough submission fights with bodypunching.
Some experience but not all that skilled. Prefer even match-ups for plenty of give-and-take. Not into all-out competitive these days, and erotic is definitely on the cards if we click.
Big interest in boxing too, and have the gear. Anyone want to glove up and go at it?
Overall, I'm a friendly guy, a bit shy, but that can change once the action starts. Verbal too.
Can host in West London, but also travel frequently worldwide.



  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Ealing
  2. Germany, Frankfurt am Main
    (I'm here between 2/23/2019 and 2/27/2019)
  3. Netherlands, Amsterdam
    (I'm here between 3/17/2019 and 3/19/2019)
  4. South Africa, Cape Town
    (I'm here between 3/20/2019 and 3/25/2019)
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I am willing to travel 300 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 157 lbs (71 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Jeans, combats, bike shorts, jocks, nude - anything!

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Boxing Boxing

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MikeUK is recommended by hertsdog

27 Jan 2019: Second time we'd met. Fantastic guy and experienced boxer. Mike really knows his stuff and is a challenging sparring opponent. He keeps it at the right level and is a safe guy to spar with. A massive boxing fan and really nice to talk to. Recommended!



hertsdog is recommended by MikeUK

Where do I begin? HD is a decent guy who is great fun to put on the gloves and box. He keeps it safe and sane, but puts up a vigorous give-and-take fight. He’s not afraid to mix it up.

It goes without saying that his experience with gut punching made him invincible to any of my body punches. Zero effect! Ade is friendly and (very) fit, with incredible stamina. A nice guy with no attitude.



MikeUK is recommended by Bikerguy516

Fought with Mike at the NYC Wrestlefest and boy did we have fun! Some rounds of regular sparring, some rounds of gutpunching, then had some punch for punch sessions including unleashing a barrage of punches at each other (taking turns). That was REALLY fun. I was in his hotel room WAY longer than I planned and had a ball. If you like a good hard exchange of punches, I recommend Mike highly. I hope he comes back next year.



Bikerguy516 is recommended by MikeUK

Where to begin with this smart, friendly,fit and fun guy? Chas and I spent an amazing time together changing up the fight styles and gear. I enjoyed the many exchange of punches, and my limits were pushed in the most enjoyable way. Chas knows what he likes, and is considerate on your needs too, which guarantees a great time for both. He can take a lot of punishment, and dish it out too. The fight was arranged at short notice, and I’m glad it all worked out as he is one not to be missed. I look forward to another fight with this super guy.



MikeUK is recommended by surylightweight

Had a fantastic and well-matched wrestle with Mike. I agree with Mike's review in that we didn’t really know exactly what we were doing right or wrong but it all worked out well and was a lot of fun. Mike is agile, more skilled than he thinks and is a good match for a range of sizes but especially for the lightweights amongst us. Also a great guy to talk to and have a laugh with. I really am really glad to have met Mike. I can definitely recommend him. I guarantee you will have a lot of fun.



surylightweight is recommended by MikeUK

Ray was really fun to wrestle. We were fairly evenly matched and had a short but spirited back-and-forth fight. I don’t think either of us knew exactly what we were doing right or wrong. It didn’t matter as that was half the fun. He is stronger than you expect and has the right amount of aggression to make it a good competitive challenge.

As an added bonus, he was great to talk to, and is very down-to-earth. A real find. I am hoping for a rematch so we can both up our wrestling game.



MikeUK is recommended by btler

Met up with Mike this Monday and had a great match up. Sparred a number of spirited rounds. Moderate skills but with lots of heart and grit to make it a great hookup. Very nice guy, safe, sane and would recommend highly. Look forward to next time. Suspect we'll roll next time as well.



btler is recommended by MikeUK

Met Frank a couple of weeks ago, and have good thoughts about a great session. Sparred a few rounds, and worked up a good sweat. Clearly better than me, but Frank paced it to my level, and a good time was had by both. Highly recommended. Nice, friendly guy too - when he wants to be ;)



MikeUK is recommended by dadwrestle

Despite the weight difference, we had a great bout! This guy packs a good punch too!! Sane, safe, reliable....strongly recommended.



dadwrestle is recommended by MikeUK

I was a bit apprehensive due to the size difference. But I needn't have worried. Paul is a fun wrestle, and knows how to pace it at your level. A formidable opponent, and a great guy too.



MikeUK is recommended by ozboxer

Thank you Mike,
It has been a few years, but we got back together again, and had a great match.
Mike is the perfect host and a charming man, who obviously loves boxing. We had many rounds of sparring, he keep on coming, he does not back down, and will give and take a good punch. A real pleasure and I look forward to our next match. Recommend totally!!!



ozboxer is recommended by MikeUK

Can't argue against any of the many comments made here. Met Chris again after many years, and we picked up where we left off. A real gentleman - but when the gloves are on, he's one tough boxer. Looks the part, acts the part, skilled, fun, and safe. Adjusts to your level (that is down quite a few notches for me!) Looking forward to round three.



ldn fighter is recommended by MikeUK

Don't let his nice disposition and character fool you. When the action starts, he's all business.
Mark is tough, energetic, and with a great devilish attitude. Highly recommended.



MikeUK is recommended by tigered

should have written ages ago - great guy for a meet, for a grapple and a box - fun, genuine and great fun. recommended.



tigered is recommended by MikeUK

What more can be said that hasn't been already? Tough - yes. Skilled - highly. Fit - absolutely. Safe - always. Don't be fooled though by that friendly exterior. He fights to your level, but there is always that little extra in him that if you trigger it, puts you down on your arse, or makes you submit. If you are looking for a tough match, want reliability with no attitude, then Ed is your man.



scotch2012 is recommended by MikeUK

A great meet. He's definitely a big boxing (gear) fan, and isn't afraid to put on the gloves and have a few good rounds of tough sparring. A nice guy, and totally safe and sane.



MikeUK is recommended by matguy

Mike's a friendly, hospitable guy with good mat space and some great videos to get things going. Had a good hard evenly matched session with him, hope we shall do more.



matguy is recommended by MikeUK

A great find. Evenly matched, with a healthy mix of competitive wrestling and easy-going roll-around. Nice personality, reliable, and friendly attitude. Looking forward to a rematch!



MikeUK is recommended by Tyger

had a great time fighting mike the other day! a real gent, on and off themat.



Tyger is recommended by MikeUK

Huw is strong and tones the style and intensity extremely well. Very much enjoyed our bout, and a nice guy too.



MikeUK is recommended by northfighter

I've had some great, horny boxing scenes with Mike over the years.