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I've been into wrestling all my life. Enjoy doing it for the workout it gives and the body contact. Looking for guys into same. I prefer a slow holds, methodical style match where a hold is slow worked for its weakening effect on the opponent. Prolonged punishment over duration of the match. I blend in rule-bending as well. All holds and work is real. NO fantasy stuff at all. Not fixated on cyber although I'm quite good at it. Not into the gear scene. Not into fetish over sweat in match or smell. Clean cut here and expect you to be as well. Not into women's wrestling, mixed m v f wrestling, or wives watching husband wrestle.

Favorite holds used and worked are headlocks, dragons, sleepers, bear hugs, claw/nerve holds (wrestled guys who taught me how to work these very effectively), torso/head scissor work, barefoot stomps.

Firm believer in the working the opponent's body (not into jobber/heel/face) until one prevails over the other. Wrestling is the most primal and healthy sport one can do.

Would enjoy doing a tag team match one day, but finding just one opponent is hard enough, much less 3 others.

Please do not send a match challenge email unless you actually are in my area. It is beyond idiotic to send challenges when you damn good and well know such will NEVER happen due to distance. This being str8-up with you.

Feel free to hit me up if you fit what I'm after. Trey



Match structure: Give and take, Tag team / group fights
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling
Fetishes: Jackoff, Nipple play


  1. USA - Georgia, Hawkinsville
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Age: 50-year-old Bisexual Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 160 lbs (73 kg)

Gear: shorts/barefoot - not into gear fetishes

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