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Update as of 5/10/19. I've been doing wrestling since my early teens. It is the best cardio workout there is.

I prefer a slow holds, methodical style match where a wrestling hold is slow worked for its weakening effect on the opponent. Prolonged punishment over duration of the match. Repeated usage of a hold that is working. Apply the hold, work it, release, reapply. Over/over again. I blend in rule-bending as well. I need the holds to be sane, but real & overall effective.

Favorite holds used and worked are headlocks, dragons, sleepers, bear hugs, claw/nerve holds (wrestled guys who taught me how to work these very effectively), torso/head scissor work, barefoot stomps. Firm believer in the working the opponent's body until one prevails over the other. Wrestling is the most primal and healthy sport one can do.

DO NOT send me a message if you don't have a RECENT pic available in your profile. Not having a RECENT pic is beyond unacceptable & earns you the ignore button. Some guys' pics on here are at least 25 to 30 years old. How do I know this? Because I have been on here and the site before this one that long, so have they. We all age, including you.

What I do not enjoy/will not do:

  • Wrestling involving females in any sort of way
  • Fetish for sweating in a match
  • Fetish for gut-punching
  • Fetish for wearing speedos/gear fetishes
  • Face sitting
  • Pro obsessed
  • Listening to endless chat that leads to j/o for you
  • No phone chat – no privacy for that
  • Rude jack asses

What I very much enjoy:

  • Old school pro matches
  • Holds such as head/neck work, claw/nerve holds, bear hugs, ab stretchers
  • Most holds that are worked to weaken a body part sanely
  • Verbal during the match

My purpose and goal in life is not to be here to get you off until the next time you need release. I am not on a "jerk chain" where you dictate and demand what I do. Rude jackasses earn the ignore button quickly. I have found that button most helpful and quite effective.

If you have made it this far, I think the above is clear enough a profile to give an idea of what I'm after. If that is you, feel free to hit me up. I might also suggest that many of you consider creating a detail profile so guys will know what you are/are not into.



  1. USA - Georgia, Hawkinsville
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Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 161 lbs (73 kg)

Gear: briefs/boxer briefs

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