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Update if anyone's interested. Feeling lots better
No surgery for back issues which is a good, have to live with the rest of it. Still want to wrestle! Heading to Texas January to March, Brownsville area. Can't host there.



  1. USA - Michigan, Midland
    (I'm here between 1/09/2020 and 3/31/2020)
    Los Fresnos, Texas
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 69-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos', nude,

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman

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MidMichWrestler is recommended by Beaker

Gr8 guy. Strong & powerful and willing to adapt to his opponent.

Aug 25 2018. Just had another meet with MidMich. STILL the gentleman he always was. So glad to know him and have wrestled him.



Beaker is recommended by MidMichWrestler

What a great strong wrestler - skilled and anticipates moves.....very strong legs and arms.....I had to work for every hold I tried to apply.



MidMichWrestler is recommended by malwrestlerm

midmichwrestler is a great guy to wrestle and I was tired when we were done he gave me a good workout.



malwrestlerm is recommended by MidMichWrestler

What an awesome match we had. He's strong, skilled and a lot of fun! Knows his stuff, wrestled to my ability and then some....a good challenge and a good sweaty match. Looking forward to many more since we live so close to each other.



MidMichWrestler is recommended by SilverFoxFight

MidMich is a fun and friendly guy and is enjoying learning wrestling. Don't pass up an opportunity to meet him!



SilverFoxFight is recommended by MidMichWrestler

1/14/17 - Met up with SilverFoxFight in Ohio overnight. Had a great time wrestling my buddy! Enjoyed showing him my improved strength and leg scissors. It was a great extended match lasting about 45 minutes. He made me work at what I got though!

SilverFoxFight was my first ever man-on-mat experience. An awesome wrestler very skilled and strong! We've wrestled several times over the past few years whenever I've been in the Cincy area. He's fun, tough and not an easy pin. All fun, safe and sane. Welcome the opportunity to take him on anytime.



MidMichWrestler is recommended by midmich65

Midmich was had first match on my mats, and was eager and ready to wrestle. He was much stronger than I expected and picked up holds and strategy quickly. Had some great back and forth action, I recommend him to anyone looking to work up a sweat.




midmich65 is recommended by MidMichWrestler

MM was my first opponent here in Michigan, he taught me some really great moves and holds, we had a great sweaty time, I was hooked and wanted more!!!. We wrestled a second time and it was just as fun and just as good, look forward to our next opportunity. He's a skilled man with lots of wrestling experince not listed here.



MidMichWrestler is recommended by nu2rasln

I wrestled MidMichWrestler and had a very good time. He is always ready to host a match, and give you a hard sweaty time. If you get a chance and are traveling near him, send him a shout out to wrestle. I have no problem reccommending him to anyone looking for a good time. I look forward to my rematch.



nu2rasln is recommended by MidMichWrestler

What a great man and wrestler. Awesome coach as well. Can wrestle to any man's level and then some - you want intense, he can meet the challenge! Want a good hot, hairy sweaty man time, he's more then able to accommodate! Has a great mat room set up. Great man off the mats too. Hope to meet up again soon!