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Into pro fantasy style matches with other likeminded guys. Matches have to be fun for both of us. Not looking for anything too rough, just fun playful matches. Guys who can sell through out the match to the front of the line. Trash talk, flexing, humiliation and domination make it all that much hotter.



  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
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Age: 39-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 250 lbs (113 kg)

Gear: Singlets, briefs, masks, shorts

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MaskedMayhem is recommended by santadestroy

A great guy! We finally managed to get our schedules together, and the resulting match was fantastic. He was a great wrestler, and a cool guy off the mats!



santadestroy is recommended by MaskedMayhem

Had a great match with this guy. He’s strong and a lot of fun! If you have a chance to meet up with him, don’t pass it by. I’m looking forward to another match with him when I’m back in NYC!



MaskedMayhem is recommended by shortnhusky81

MaskedMayhem doesn't disappoint. Very friendly and considerate, he was an excellent opponent. While our match wasn't very long, it was a lot of fun and MaskedMayhem went out of his way to ensure we both had a good time. I'm looking forward to another bout with him!



shortnhusky81 is recommended by MaskedMayhem

Even though we didn't have a lot of time, our match was a fun time. Don't let his size fool you, he definitely knows how to handle himself and can quickly turn things around and keep you on your toes. Shortnhusky is a great guy. You should definitely wrestle him if you have the opportunity. Hope to wrestle him again sometime soon.



NJPiledriver is recommended by MaskedMayhem

What can I say about Youngjobber? He's the perfect jobber. We have wrestled many times over the last few years. He's a tall, solid and strong guy. He sells like a pro and can take a ton of punishment. If he has the opportunity to take control, he does it and will quickly have you on the defensive. This guy has a great personality and is an all around nice guy. If you have the opportunity to wrestle this guy, don't pass him up!



MaskedMayhem is recommended by tycoonboy

We met years ago and have been eager to meet again. He's a fun, playful opponent who also has a mean streak. Need to set up another meeting with this guy!



tycoonboy is recommended by MaskedMayhem

We wrestled a few years ago and it was a great time. I'm definitely looking forward to meeting up for another match sometime soon. Tycoon is a nice guy off the mats and is fun and tough on the mats. Not a bad combination!



nikeWr3stlr is recommended by MaskedMayhem

Wrestling this guy is always a lot of fun. He's strong and fast and knows his stuff. He's a real nice guy off the mat, but will control you on the mat in minutes. I can't recommend him highly enough. If you're looking for a fun, sweaty tough challenge, you better not pass this guy up!