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Searching for good Submission / Pro / Promission matches.

No cyber chats, no living room matches, just real wrestling, that's what i want.

Additionally i am searching ONLY for muscledads who wrestle. There may be exceptions, but only may!

IG: @severinbreitkopf
FB: severin.breitkopf



  1. Germany, Müllheim
  2. Canada - Ontario, Toronto
    (I'm here between 11/02/2018 and 11/11/2018)
    Toronto Warehouse Wrestling
  3. Spain, Madrid
    (I'm here between 8/30/2018 and 9/01/2018)
    Short wrestling Trip
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I am willing to travel 300 kilometers


Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 6'5" (196 cm), 265 lbs (120 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German, Latin

Gear: Singlets, Pro outfit

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Wrestlecub is recommended by MasherGER

I have met Wrestlecub at Toronto Warehouse Wrestling. A huge muscled guy that fits totally into the pro wrestling scene. We got trained for 5 hours in pro wrestling, and that leaded us to do a lot of pro moves to each other. Too bad we just had one possibility to step into the ring, but I am looking forward to meet him again in 2019.

If you want to have a massive, friendly pro wrestler as opponent - there he is! Get him, before he gets you.



MasherGER is recommended by hiwrestling

Those pics don't lie, Severin is a beast. He is one huge, strong, powerful wrestler. It was a pleasure seeing this guy tower over me and even more so to test each other's strength. Can't wait to throw down again big man.



hiwrestling is recommended by MasherGER

CJ is a super funny guy - but nevertheless he is a good opponent in the ring. His height is perfect to be a powerhouse - what he already became Respect little man - we see us definetely next year in SF.



MasherGER is recommended by gutcheck

Met Mashger at Coach's ring in Toronto. He is pretty imposing when he climbs in the ring. Yes, his muscles get bigger every day, but he was also much taller than I was expecting. Made the wrestling more exciting in a way.
I gave him a few pointers about pro, and he was eager to master them. We ran an ongoing match incorporating the learned techniques as we went. Mashger was an intense, fast-learner, and we had a lot of fun throwing each other around. So, if you like towering opponents with thick arms and pecs, you definitely want to wrestle this big man.



gutcheck is recommended by MasherGER

After 3 years, we finally met in the Toronto Warehouse Wrestling Ring. He is a perfect pro wrestler, who really knows what pro means and how it is done. So after giving me 5 hours pro wrestling lessons together with his partner. Did i mention that they are both sexy and a perfect couple?

Great work Gutcheck, you conveyed the nature of pro wrestling to me like no one does before.

Hopefully meet you again in 2019 big men!



COACH is recommended by MasherGER

You ever get to Canada / Toronto ? Then you shouldn't miss to wrestle COACH. Bossy, pretentious, merciless - those words describe the perfect heel - so he is!

He does not torch for long and brings you faster down than an eye can blink. High skilled in any variation of wrestling - whether Pro, Sub or Promission - he knows how to tear you apart. If you gently ask for some wrestling learn session, he maybe give you some - but, only maybe.

His and Matrats warehouse (was) the perfect ambience to fill hours and hours with wrestling pure! I never have been at a place like that before to wrestle.

Just Perfect!


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MasherGER 10 days ago

Another round for COACH

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MasherGER 17 days ago

COACH kicks into Mashers back after he had choked him out

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MasherGER 18 days ago

COACH chokes out Masher

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MasherGER 22 days ago


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