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Looking for fun. Love rolling around with older fit guys



  1. USA - Georgia, Marietta
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Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 6'5" (196 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

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Marietta1969 is recommended by Pecsalot

Met Marietta1969 and had a blast flexing, showing-out and tossing him around. He is a great communicator and easily accommodating on location and time to meet; great personality and friendly, easy to get to know kinda guy. He can take some punishment and made me work up a good sweat. For a laid-back, no pressure, relaxed good time, flexing and rolling around, and exchanging holds, Marietta1969 is a fun opponent.



Pecsalot is recommended by Marietta1969

I met Pecsalot a couple of weeks ago, and what an experience. He was a great communicator, so meeting up was very easy. Once we met, it felt like we were long time friends. He's a great guy with an INCREDIBLE body. His pics don't do him justice. On top of everything, he's got incredible wrestling skills. I was no match to him, but he made the experience a memorable experience.
I had a great time. If you are ever in the Savannah area, then make sure to meet Pecsalot. He's a great guy and I hope we meet sometime soon.



Marietta1969 is recommended by DBALSTOM

Met up with B in Ft. Lauderdale - He is a BEAST at arm wrestling - his forearm was at least 4 inches longer than mine - lots of leverage. Plus he has impossibly strong "tennis arms" - He crushed me arm wrestling. I will return the favor when he stops by and we roll on the mats. Left handed arm wrestling was fairly even. Highly recommended.



DBALSTOM is recommended by Marietta1969

I apologize. I should have written a recommendation many months ago. D and I talked a good while before we met up. We had a lot of fun banter - it was quite funny. We finally met in FLL and it was worth the wait. Hotel room wasn't a prime setting for wrestling, but we had a lot of fun. We arm wrestled and wrestled, and he is very good at both. If we had more room or proper mats, then he would been very tough opponent. I highly recommend him for wrestling, banter, and hanging out. D is a great guy. I look forward to round 2.



Marietta1969 is recommended by BullCop

Big, strong, energetic fighter. Fun rolling in combat, trying new positions and testing strengths. No match for this well-leveraged and strong arm wrestler, but the grappling was more evenly matched. Off the mats, the man is pure pleasure, from travel tales to southern good ole boy stories. Sign up immediately if you get the chance.



BullCop is recommended by Marietta1969

Bullcop was nice enough to host me for a couple of hours of pure fun. On the mats, he has impressive skills and strength for any age. This guy is a beast, and I can't wait for round two. He's got the physique of someone 20-30 years his junior. Off the mats, I could talk hours to him about most anything from travel to work to sports.
If you are in his neck of the woods, then make sure you add him to your list of things to do.
Great guy. I hope our next round is sooner rather than later. Sorry for the delay in writing this rec.



Marietta1969 is recommended by MississippiJock

Wrestled Marietta1969 at his place on his mats..This tall (always nice for me to look eye to eye at someone), strong man has been an athlete much of his life, and is now taking up wrestling. While he lacks experience/training, he has good instinct. Was a pleasure chatting with him as well, and is a super nice guy. Will be interesting to wrestle him again after he gets more experience..



MississippiJock is recommended by Marietta1969

I had great opportunity to host MississippiJock. I can fully understand why so many people have such good things to say about him. Although he completely outclassed me on the mats, he was very patient and gracious in giving me pointers and suggestions.
Not only, was he fun to wrestle, but we had a great time talking. I highly recommend him to all levels of wrestlers. He is a class act. I look forward to our next meeting when I have more experience. I will get a "real" submit. 😜