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Wrestling newcomer but learning more. Style is negotiable. A little experience with sub, a little with pro; I'd like to learn freestyle. Roles aren't set in stone – happy to mix it up as the mood takes. Looking for wrestling basics: grappling in matches, rolling on the mats, trading holds, putting you in them and being put in them, playful grappling, learning holds, light competition. Can't deny the erotic appeal of wrestling either. Looking to learn more about wrestling from guys with no attitude and nothing to prove. Seriously competitive? We can talk. Not into pain; this is supposed to be fun. Longtime swimmer, now a regular at weight training, newcomer to yoga work, biking and hiking when the weather permits. I have a fair amount of endurance. Down the road, I'll have increased flexibility and strength. Don't travel a lot, but I might be in your area. But if you're ever in the Northeast, let me know. Nice guy on and off the mats, but more aggressive than you might think. Feel free to drop me a line. Friends are great, and I've got plenty of other diverse interests.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Folkstyle, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Spandex, Leather, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Rip and strip, Muscle worship


  1. USA - Maine, Augusta
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 56-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 160 lbs (73 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, trunks, Speedos, pro gear

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Mainewrsl is recommended by atwoodfred

Had a good time boxing and roughhousing with Mainewrsl. He's a hard-charging guy, always on the attack and coming back to dish out more. He gets an A+ for aggressiveness. I enjoyed getting to know him and hope to meet him for more.



atwoodfred is recommended by Mainewrsl

Introduction to boxing with AWF! Despite his modesty as a boxing coach, he knows more than he lets on, so I now have some basics of sparring and throwing punches under my belt. You'd have your work cut out for you trying to get AWF to let up because he has endless reserves of energy. I gave out long before he did. And he's the nicest guy you could meet besides. It was great sparring with him, and I look forward to more lacing up with him in the future.



Mainewrsl is recommended by lb200

Mainewrsl is a nice and good fighter with solid experience and strong scissors. He also has an adaptive wrestling style easy to learn and get along.

Mainewrsl is a great guy all around to wrestle!



lb200 is recommended by Mainewrsl

What a great wrestler! Forget the "Loserboy" name – LB has killer scissors, and if he gets you in them you're a goner. He's got really great instincts in the ring and is a patient teacher. We had a blast going back and forth for two hours, trying out holds and making each other submit. I got a few submissions in but not many because LB is way more skilled than he lets on. Add to that the fact that we laughed a lot is icing on the cake. LB is serious fun, so if you're in Montreal or he's traveling and you can find the time to take him on, do so. Looking forward to round two . . .



Mainewrsl is recommended by dcgrappler

Great guy with loads of stamina and fun disposition. Highly recommend this wrestler for those looking for a good time. Looking forward to our next match!



dcgrappler is recommended by Mainewrsl

Grappler is a ton of fun in a match. He's strong and skilled, has plenty of gear and looks great in it, and has a really nice set-up for wrestling. We went back and forth, and he went easy on me. If he'd gotten serious about taking me down, I would have been a goner. Next time we get serious; I want a rematch. And he's interesting and gracious off the mats. Highest recommendation.



Mainewrsl is recommended by nhgrappler

Have met Rob several times over the years. He loves to wrestle and always brings his A game. He says he's a novice but don't be fooled by that. Give him a chance and he will turn the tables on you quickly. Great guy both on and off the mats! I highly recommend him.



nhgrappler is recommended by Mainewrsl

Mike is a blast on the mats. He's strong, aggressive, and loves to work over his opponents. And he's great company pre- and post-match. Get him on the mats if you can.



Mainewrsl is recommended by joewrestler

Mainewrsl is a great guy, fun and very enthusiastic about wrestling. We habd a great match up – with plenty of pins, holds – good struggle for control. Aside from being exhausted from traveling in from overseas and a full day work conference, Mainewrls still met with me and made sure I had a good time. Great guy on and off the mats – I'm sure we will be having more matches.



joewrestler is recommended by Mainewrsl

Joe is strong, fast, and tenacious. He really puts you through your paces to get a submission, and he just keeps coming back for more. And he is a terrific guy off the mats as much as he is on them. Meet him if you can!



Mainewrsl is recommended by riwrestlebuddy

Mainewrsl is a blast on and off the mats. Do not be fooled by his size gents. He's strong, tenacious, a quick study and just keeps coming back for more.
Fiercely intelligent and terribly witty. Always a wonderful match and I am proud to call Rob friend. Very highly recommended.



riwrestlebuddy is recommended by Mainewrsl

Everything you have heard is true: Riwrestlebuddy is wonderful competition on the mats. He is tenacious, ridiculously flexible, strong as an ox, muscled, and very fast. He's also a great, patient, and very knowledgeable teacher; I learned more about wrestling moves, attacks, and counterattacks in one afternoon with Daniel than I did in a year of having matches. Plus he looks great in gear. Off the mats, he is gracious, funny, and utterly charming. My best matches, bar none. HIGHEST recommendation.



Mainewrsl is recommended by dc wrestle

Don't pass on the opportunity to wrestle Rob. His energy, quickness, and agility present a fun challenge. Also, as others have commented, he looks great in his speedos. Off the mats, he's engaging, smart, and a gentleman. Highly recommend!



dc wrestle is recommended by Mainewrsl

Joel is seriously fun on the mats. He's got strength, moves, and plenty of stamina. I had to work constantly to get the upper hand – not that I minded in the least. Very nice, intelligent man off the mats. Tough competitor on them. And he looks great in gear. Wrestle him if you can!



Mainewrsl is recommended by dadwrestle

At the very last minute we were able to fix a meet, and I certainly had no regrets! Although there was a considerable weight difference, we had a great to/fro bout, exchanging holds. Don't be fooled by his size; this is one strong, feisty lightweight!! He has a good, firm, well muscled physique, which he uses to good advantage. Off the mats he is intelligent, interested and interesting in his conversation. He also has a a fun sense of humour! What is there not to enjoy? 100% recommendation! I hope we get to meet and wrestle again!!



dadwrestle is recommended by Mainewrsl

I met Dadwrestle on short notice in London – and am very glad I did. He's big and tough, respectful of limits, and knows his moves very well. I had to work to get any kind of submission, and he made me submit over and over. Nothing more a littler guy could ask for! Highly recommend, so meet him if you can.



Mainewrsl is recommended by ukrassler

Mainewrsl visited me this autumn for a weekend, and we had fun on the mats and touring the Lake District. I'm heavier than him, but he's no pushover and we had a good match. He looks good in his trunks too. I hope he comes to see me again next time he's in England, and I hope to visit him sometime in the USA.



ukrassler is recommended by Mainewrsl

UKRassler is very skilled; he knows how to adjust to an opponent's ability (he's more skilled than I am), and he will give you a run for the money. We had a great set of back and forth matches. Really, seriously nice man off the mats as well. A great wrestling experience.



Mainewrsl is recommended by Rassle4Fun

Rob and I challenge each other for some time, but once we met, I knew he is a great guy on the mats as well as a nice guy and a true buddy.
We strip to our speedos and lock for a good sweaty match, fun to wrestle, and he wrestled back to make me struggle to pin him and make him submit, but always getting back at me to make me earn his very HOT body. I could not just lay down my effort because he turned the tables on and worked me over a couple of times before I recover my upper hand and let him know who was the boss...
I have to say, I am looking forward to wrestling Rob again when I come back to ME because was FUN and HOT and he is a great guy on the mats and off the mats.



Rassle4Fun is recommended by Mainewrsl

Rassle4Fun is a blast on the mats. He's bigger than I am, so even though I could fight back, he overpowered me and made me submit multiple times. He's big, strong, respects limits, and looks great in gear. His recommendations–and the fact that there's a lot of them–speak for themselves. If you can meet him, do so; you're in for some fun.



Mainewrsl is recommended by alpinisto

I had been talking with this guy since I had been discharged from the hospital following the blood clot I was struck by in 2013, hoping that one day we could meet in person. And this finally happened two years later when he was visiting the UK. If he could go there so could I, and we finally met in London for a hotel wrestle.
Although he was a bit short and light for me and both of us generally jobbers it was nice to wrestle him, for in spite of his size he was remarkably strong, probably from being a swimmer for many years, so unless I made use of my weight advantage we had a quite even match. I had a very good time with him, both in and outside our match, and I am looking forward to our planned serious meeting in Maine next year.



alpinisto is recommended by Mainewrsl

Alpinisto is a lot of grappling fun – we went back and forth, and even if he is bigger and stronger than I am, he was respectful of limits and a seriously fun challenge. Meet him if you can; I'm glad that he travels a lot!



Mainewrsl is recommended by enthusiast

Fun on the mats, gave it his all!



enthusiast is recommended by Mainewrsl

Strong. Tough. Persistent. Great fun. What else could you want on the mats?



Mainewrsl is recommended by DCPanther

Had a great time with Mainewrsl. Very good workout and a super nice guy to boot. I hope to meet him on the mats again.



DCPanther is recommended by Mainewrsl

Great fun to roll with DCPanther. Plenty of energy, sweat, and grappling. Great guy off the mat as well, but a tough competitor on it. Meet him if you can.



Mainewrsl is recommended by Sam

Nominally a jobber, but given the chance he'll become a vicious heel. Very nice guy on and off the mats. Meet him; you won't be sorry.



Sam is recommended by Mainewrsl

Sam is a gentleman off the mats and tough as nails on the mats. A great wrestler and a serious workout. If you can wrestle him, do.