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Pro, fantasy, erotic wrestling, boxing & test of strength gutpunching. Would like to get some tag team matches as well so if anyone wants to get some matches together give me a shout out. I'm pretty open to matches and styles.



  1. USA - Florida, Cape Coral
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Age: 33-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

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No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Magneto is recommended by Gabe Steel

Man fuck dude this was a great match . We been trying to lock up for a while now but this time I was determined to wrestle this stud and everything just fell into place and we got to meet . Really nice guy bro. Was able to have good conversations before our match up . Then we got down to rumble very much fun give and take. Now don’t let him been a super chill fun guy fool you . When it’s time to roll he’s ready worked me over pretty good man we went at it for hours u til we were both sore only to do part 2 next set days . Highly recommend guys . If you get the chance don’t miss out wI’ll be your loss for sure and my gain you know I will have at it lol . Steel gives two thumbs up awesomeness



Gabe Steel is recommended by Magneto

What can I say other than this was a clash of the Titans! We had chatted back and forth and finally everything lined up. Had such a great time that we followed up with another intense match a day later. Gabe can definitely sell a match while giving out plenty of punishment and take it just the same. He’s super nice and good conversationist with a great personality. We wrestled for hours and continued to increase the intensity until I finally broke him! And that was so hot! :) Yet my chest is still on fire from the onslaught my pecs took from your man Gabe. I’d definitely recommend him and can’t wait until our next match up! He’s the kind of bro that I’d wrestle every day is we lived closer!



Magneto is recommended by briansp

Magneto is a big, strong guy! He wrestled to my ability - when we saw each other I didn't have as many matches under my belt as I now have, so I might give him more to worry about in our next match!



briansp is recommended by Magneto

Very good wrestler. Enjoyable match. Highly recommended. Strong and in good shape.



Magneto is recommended by Mattboy259

Magneto is a great wrestler. Gave me a workout. Can't wait to wrestle him again. If your looking for a strong wrestler definitely contact him



Mattboy259 is recommended by Magneto

Have had some great matches with Mattboy259. Always up to roll with him and looking forward to getting either a tag team or 2 on 1 match together soon.



Magneto is recommended by CubanBeef

Great Guy!!! Power House Wrestler! An intense back and forth and always kept me on the edge. Fun and Articulate! Looking forward to our rematch!



CubanBeef is recommended by Magneto

Great guy and a great match up! I had a blast! Totally enjoyed our back and forth camaraderie! Definitely knows how to get the upper hand. Can't wait for our next match!!!



Magneto is recommended by Wrestlessnohio

If you're looking to get tossed around with the greatest of ease AND learn some pro moves in the process wrestle Magneto. Very knowledgeable and fun. Gracious host on and off the mat. Strong, strong man he is!



Wrestlessnohio is recommended by Magneto

A great guy with a fantastic body and superb wrestler. Would definitely recommend him to anyone and hope to roll again sometime soon!